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Reviews of Gray Ox Inn, Liversedge

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Review by john firth on 1st August, 2012

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Good food, very slow service (45 minutes for food to arrive). New Zealand sauvignon blanc was excellent, but over 9 for a large glass and over 6 for a small glass, far too much. I also did not see a wine list anywhere! We shall not return in a hurry.

Date visited: 01/08/2012

Review by ann shields on 26th February, 2012

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Visited the Gray Ox in a party of 6 for Sunday Lunch. The meal was excellent. The staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating. Even though it was busy there was no waiting around for orders to be taken and we were allowed all the time we needed to eat our meal. Would definitely recommend and visit again.

Date visited: 19.2.12

Review by jacqueline lyles on 16th November, 2011

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The Grey Ox is a regular eating place for me and friends over the past 4/5 years. We have eaten both lunch and evening meals on occasions. We find the ambience very good - in winter there is a welcoming fire in the grate. Today I have been with girl friends for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed both starter (fish terrine) and main (pork goulash). I am told the white wine (Stanley) was superb. We sat for a couple of hours enjoying the food and conversation with no interference from the obliging staff. I shall certainly be visiting again, and so will my friends.

Date visited: 16 November 2011

Review by Adam Hudson on 11th October, 2011

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We visited the gray ox on friday 7th Oct and can safely say we will not be visiting again due the poor quality of the food and disgusting customer service we recieved. The night started on good note with a female waitress quickly taking our orders and our starters arriving within 10 minutes. Although small (particularly the fish balls) the quality was very high. After waiting a further 30 mins we recieved our mains which consisted of 4 pork chops and 2 fish. To put it bluntly 2 pork chops looked delicious and the other two looked like they had been cremated. We asked politely for the chops to be returned and was told in a blunt and unprofessional mannor that 'you'll have to order something else, cos there the last two chops'. I find it hard to believe that they were ever brought to our table given the state they were in. We had to wait a further 30 minutes for the mains to be replaced, by which time everybody else on the table had finished their meals!! The finished plates on the table were also neglected by the incompetent waitresses. Although the bill was reduced due to the poor all round quality of the meal, this is an establishment i can safely say i will never visit again!!

Date visited: 7th Oct 2011

Review by Alison keeble on 2nd June, 2011

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We also went on 30 May, found the staff extremely helpful and food was lovely! My son, who owns a restaurant in Oxford liked it a lot but did wonder why were not offered any black pepper ( small thing really!) I had the mushroom starter which was delicious...we have been about 5 times now and would definitely go back, in fact we are booked for Fathers Day! It's really worth a visit!

Date visited: 30 May 2011

Review by G D Hall on 31st May, 2011

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We paid 200 for an evening out for four. The staff were miserable and the food was average. One small dish of vegetables for all of us! Certainly removed from our list of places to go.

Date visited: 30th May 2011

Review by D.Bateson on 24th March, 2011

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Not a friendly face, no amiability. The food was only o.k. and overpriced.

Date visited: 23/3/11

Review by stuart hartley on 28th February, 2011

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We visited the Grey Ox for our 40th wedding anniversary after hearing good reports, there were six of us with two parents aged 90. We booked late afternoon on the Sunday at 5.00pm. The car-park was packed with no obvious disabled parking places, when inside the place was noisy and packed, it was extremely claustrophobic and there was nowhere for the elders to sit, we managed to secure one chair near the door, the table was not ready and we had to wait half an hour, when shown to the table it had not been properly set, five seats I had to get another chair and ask for place to be set. The starter was OK, asked for more rolls never got them. The roast beef was reasonable, but only one large slice and small piece, but when she brought the veg she left a single portion, a small dish with four small spoonsful of four different veg, enough for one person. Waitresses seems to serve and then disappear, when we finally got her back she said that was the veg for four people! No offer of any more, I was amazed, luckily the parents ate very little. Lets face it veg costs nothing and the least they could do is make sure customers feel that they have enough, veg is by far the easiest way. One meal was lamb, she brough mint sauce in a jar and waited until someone had used because she wanted it back straight away! Sweets were extremely overpriced. The whole meal was far too expensive for what we received. The clientelle were not dressed for a Sunday evening, scruffy jeans and T shirts were common and one group looked like they had just come from working in the fields. The atmosphere was very noisy and overwhelming, it will be our last visit to the Grey Ox.

Date visited: January 23rd 2011

Review by Julia Parkinson on 24th February, 2011

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Myself and some girlfiends have a get together every few months and this is our most regular haunts. We do like the food but we have however on many occassions not been very happy with the attitude of the staff, they really look like they don't want to be there and not a smile is in sight. Working in a restaurant is very much a customer facing job. Therefore if your not customer friendly then don't choose this career, is my opinion. We have on one occassion been asked to hurry up and finish our meal as they had people waiting for our table. What a cheek after just bringing our pudding. This put us off for a while and we have tried elsewhere. We will try again in the future but if the same applies they won't be give any further chances. In a climate where people are spending less they should welcome all trade with warm open arms. After all they are not the only restaurant around !

Date visited: January 2011

Review by C Carter on 8th February, 2011

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My wife and I have eaten quite regularly here over the past twelve months or so and thoroughly enjoyed the food although we found the majority of the staff less than friendly but it was not a major problem to us. However my last visit was a step too far as customer relations go, having spent 100 on food we left the table so other customers could eat and proceeded to what I thought was the public seating area and just about to sit down and enjoy a night cap when we told the seats were reserved ????? for other people who had left there table after us.Who were these special people I thought,anyway they were obviously more important than us as they were escorted to the seats by a member of staff. We will not be crossing the threshold again.

Date visited: 5th February 2011

Review by graham forrest on 1st February, 2011

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we decided go to the grey ox after being informed by friends they had been and how much they had enjoyed it. our expeience wasnt quite as good as theres however! having booked a table i expected the table would be ready yet i was wrong. little did we know our table wouldnt be ready until 25 minutes after the table was booked and the girl who had welcomed us (not very friendly may i add) wasted no time in telling us our table 'was still being used' and when i asked how long the table would be she mumbled something about them waiting for desserts and she didnt know. once we finally got sat down we was handed the menu and having asked 3 times we finally recieved a wine list. eventually the lady came to take our order. we thought she might have been the assitant manager, but that doesnt really matter as we found her rude and a bit unprofessional after over hearing conversations which we need not hear while waiting at the bar. our starters came and among the table we order whitebait, pate, and two mussels. all was very nice, full of taste and well presented however plates did feel a little greasy. we did also recieve a board of bread, tomato dip, butter and a garlic mayonnaise dip. all was very nice however the bread was bought from tesco which u could see through the window - made better by the fact it was complimentery on a sunday. mains came and we had two beef dinners, a lamb dinner and a chicken. the beef was overcooked and tough and chewy, the lamb was perfectly cooked for myself and not too fatty, whcih lamb can be. the chicken was served with gnocchi which sounds strange but went well together. but yet again the plates felt greasy and we did get a very small portion of vegetables for the 4 of us and when we asked for more we never actually recieved it. we decided to miss desserts having waited for 20 minutes for the menu we gave up. the visit left us very disappointed as we asked for drinks and never recieved them and when we final recieved them having asked somebody else the waiter dropped them on the table and he didnt offer to take any of the empty glasses which we had on the table. the staff all seemed tired and not interested. maybe this was because our table was booked at 4pm which i would suppose was half way through the shift. we did notice the manager pottering around - we pressumed he was the manager as he was differently dressed. however through out the visit he never once approached the table this is such a shame as the food its self was ok and the prices are very reasonable but we are very disppointed hense to say we left the 'loyalty card' as we will not be returning

Date visited: 30th January 2011

Review by P.Wilson on 10th January, 2011

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i'm a regular visitor to the gray ox and find it hard understand how people can have a bad word to say about the place! it's our local favourite, don't get me wrong its not cheap but its worth every penny, fantastic locally sourced food, well presented and delicious. on our last visit the pub was very busy however with this came a great atmosphere, we had to wait a little while for our table however we were kept informed and the team of staff we're fantastic, although young on the whole, very professional and well supervised. the gray ox has recently undergone a refurbishment and appear to have won some awards, - not one to be missed!

Date visited: 2nd January

Review by john lambert on 8th November, 2010

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went to the gray ox yesterday after being recommended and was not disappointed. food was fantastic and so was the service, the staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very warming. most definately go again and already recommending to others.

Date visited: o7/nov/10

Review by Stan James on 6th November, 2010

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After reading in the local paper, that the Gray Ox had recently won "food pub of the year" i had high expectaions of the place, but i came on here to read reviews on it and i had mixed emotions, all i can say is that in my view, they are unfair. The waiters/waitresses were young but full of charisma and charm also very helpful in choosing my main course. To the food, the pub deserves the recent accolades it has just recived, i had "pork on a plate" which as far as i could tell had every part of a pig on it! my wife had a seabass dish, which looked beautiful but i was not allowed to try it because she wanted it all. Desserts Banana and chocolate brownie with ice cream which we shared, and it was well presented and tasty. Food and service was very good, a lot better than some places that are rated higher, and i will be visiting again shortly

Date visited: 5 11 2010

Review by Lindsey on 24th October, 2010

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Just awful service! Young waitresses and waiters who forgot orders all night, not just once - we had the wrong tables food twice, ordered water and after asking 3 different people got it 2hours later from the bar ourselves. Ordered wine and coffee received after desserts (1hour) again after chasing up - we were asked if everything was ok and were offered free coffees but they even charged us for them - if there had been anyone who appeared to be in charge I would've complained to them but it felt like a sinking ship to me and will not be returning... Oh, the food was just ok too - 120 we won't be spending there again.

Date visited: 24/10/10

Review by Jackie on 2nd September, 2010

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A friend recomended the Grey Ox Inn,but after reading some of the recent reviews I was a little apprehensive about our visit.I enquired about the menu as I am coeliac and was told not to worry as all the meals are freshly prepared so can be adapted and the sauces made using cornflour or cream.We tried the early bird menu and found the food very tasty and also good value for money.We enjoyed our visit and I would reccomend a visit to anyone coeliac like myself as the staff were very helpful.

Date visited: 1/9/2010

Review by E,JONES on 26th July, 2010

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Had Sunday lunch for special occasion and was very disapointed with the service and food. We were kept waiting for all courses and when the food arrived it was not up to any standard them prawn cocktail has no garnish at all just a spoonful of prawns on a bed of limp lettuce another starter had pieces of black pudding on again some lettuce,very poor. The main course was again very poor,beef and lamb has no taste and the vegetables arrived 10 mins after the plates had been served, no condiments on the table had to be asked for.We asked for some more vegetables as the portions were very sparce. Considering the price we shall not be visiting again and would certainly not recommend the venu.

Date visited: 25/07/10

Review by Andy on 5th July, 2010

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This pub is our local, and we've been regular customers over the years. Never disappointed until this weekend. This pub has changed hands recently and it showed. Food was OK but not outstanding - but service was shoddy (no cutlery for main course, no condiments, forgot to serve main course and came to ask if we wanted deserts, side plates not cleared away etc). Other diners were complaining around us. Such a shame as this place had a great reputation that it always managed to live up to.

Date visited: 03/07/2010

Review by richard on 18th April, 2010

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Impressed,used the early bird food option @ 9.95 ea at lunchtime. Food excellent on our 2 course meal,service efficient. We will use again.

Date visited: 15/04/10

Review by B.Holden on 4th April, 2010

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went to the gray ox to-day because it was our 46th wedding aniversary we keep it for special times we have always enjoyed it but not to-day we booked 3 weeks before we went and thought we booked a nice table we ended up getting a table near the fire door I had to sit in my coat was so cold we asked to be moved to the table we had booked but was told it was booked turned out not to be true we did complain and was told if we go again we will get a bottle of free wine The meal was not what we are used to at the Gray Ox l had lamb it was not good neither was the starter chicken liver pate We will give it another try because l just love the place lets hope next time we get the table we booked

Date visited: 04/04/10

Review by Si Clarke on 23rd January, 2010

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I could sum this place up in just one word - 'superb'. It is a wolf in sheeps clothing. What do I mean by that? On the outside it look just like another remote country pub. On the inside though and the heart of this is the most wonderful tasty food. All the tradition of a country pub with a modern menu. Locally sourced produce and fine wine or real ales. It was my birthday treat and I had the steak of my life with a whisky source. For starters for for the spicy chicken livers. They will not be beaten. So whether its for a major occassion or Sunday lunch. You will not go wrong.

Date visited: 22nd Jan 2010

Review by Lorna Willoughby on 3rd January, 2010

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After looking at various reviews, myself and husband decided to give this ago. If you are wanting to relax,chill, enjoy the food presented then you will not be dissapointed. Yes you do have to wait, but I prefer this as they do not rush you to finish. Is this not the best way to enjoy a meal? Tai fishcakes were the best my husband had tasted and the Sunday Roast Beef, tender and very tasty. I suggest you give it a go. For a 2 Course meal for just 13.95 a head it was value for money. I would say it even beats the "Blackhorse Inn at Clifton".

Date visited: 03/01/2010

Review by B Hemming on 24th November, 2009

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Over priced Dried out Bouef Wellington (main) Dried out pigeon breast on sloppy rice puddinglike risoto(starter) A fishcake with salad (main) A mushroom filled with an unspeakable filling (starter) Local...well it didn't help Seated to suit the staff in a corner of the room which became stuffed with other diners who didn't seem to mind close proximity of wailing children. Most had fish and chips. I wish we had.

Date visited: November 2009

Review by Richard Everington on 3rd October, 2009

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We have just been to the gray ox, service was very efficient and friendly. I had sirloin rare and it came rare, my partner had pig cheek," very tasty ". The bread to start was fresh and a nice welcome. To drink sneck lifter bitter, perfect temperature and well kept, also a glass of chillian merlot,"fabulous" Over all very good and would highly recommend a visit to anyone, a good fair price too.

Date visited: 3 october 2009

Review by Russ Barton on 14th August, 2009

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We had lunch at the Gray Ox today. We were not really sure what to expect. What we got was a very busy luchtime service with 2 waitresses and 1 barman. We waited no time at all to be seated and get our first drinks then waited 35 minutes for our order to be taken. Less than impressive. The food was, in our opinion, pretty standard pub food fare, well presented to be fair but nothing special. The price for 2 people with starters, main course and 3 drinks was 45.00. We think that was a bit over the top for what we had. Less than 20 minutes away is the Lower Royal George at Scammonden which seves similar food, quicker and with a more personal service and at half the price. The Gray Ox is not somewhere we will visit again in the near future.

Date visited: 14th August 2009

Review by J.Hagan on 7th April, 2009

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Having visited the Grey Ox Inn on this dated. I can well recommend the food. It was really delightful and well presented. The service at the table was terrible. apart from delivering the food we were on our own more or less. If anyone wanted a drink it meant a trip to the bar, we started gathering the plate up before, somenoe decided they needed clearing.At the time we ordered the sweet we also ordered coffee. 30 minutes later we payed the bill and left, without the coffee, and between 15 and 20 glasses still tying around on the table.

Date visited: 6th April 2009

Review by Jonathan Greene on 3rd March, 2009

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My wife and I were recommended this pub by friends of ours who spoke very highly of it. We called in for a drink and to look at the menu. The bar staff were very friendly and efficient whereas the manageress with the blonde hair didnt welcome us with a warm reception and seemed to look down her nose at us. We only stayed for the one drink as the atmosphere was poor and the prices seemed extremely high for a small pub in this quiet area. Instead of eating here we went to the Black Horse in Clifton around 1 mile away from the Gray Ox and was treated very well by all the staff and had an excellent evening and the prices seemed much better than at the Gray Ox. To sum up we were bitterly disappointed by the "Gray Ox experience" but now eat at the Black Horse at least once a month. Regards Jonathan and Susan Greene

Date visited: January 2009

Review by steve newsome on 3rd May, 2008

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i took the wife for our anniversary dinner. very much not your average pub grub, classic english menu with a modern twist. traditional country pub with fantastic food and a very good but reasonably priced wine list and real ales. great service all round. after buying a bottle of very good aussie shiraz(13)we were shown to our table and provided with selection of olives and some bread while we waited for our meal. this was pigeon breast served on local black pudding with chorizo and thai fish cakes for starters followed by an extra mature fillet of beef which i could have eaten with a spoon, served with tattys,neeps and haggis, my wife had a fillet of lamb in a sort of salty crusting which along with the perfectly cooked seasonal vegetables was excellent.could not fault it. well worth a visit 10/10

Date visited: 25 04 08

Review by Gillian Squire on 2nd November, 2007

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Just thought I would add a review as we have enjoyed 2 Sunday lunches at the Grey Ox over the last two weeks. They are excellent value at 12.95 for 2 courses and you can choose from the specials board if you prefer but the choice is so good on the sunday menu you probably won't want to . The waiting staff are always very friendly and although young they are very professional and helpful despite being very busy. It would be best to book as it is busy. We often visit on an evening and love the tomato dip that comes with the olives and the homemade bread and reminds of good times in Spain.

Date visited: many times

Review by James S Kranky on 20th October, 2007

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I've visited The Gray Ox on many occasions with family and friends and have always enjoyed the food and service, but the other night was just remarkable, fantastic food and some great new wines too. Its been a while since we have visited but won't be leaving it so long next time, ring and book a table on weekends, round by the fire past the bar is our fav!

Date visited: 17 Oct 2007

Review by L.RALPH on 22nd June, 2007

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After stumbling across this lovely village pub, we popped into have a drink but ended up having the best meal we have had in a long time, the food is excellent, the staff are freindly and seem to know what they are doing, not like some eateries you visit. we also had a chat with the landlady, who is very friendly, and told us that they are tryin to use local produce as much as possible on there menu, nice touch, well worth a visit.

Date visited: june 3rd 07

Review by Lucy Grace on 21st March, 2007

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Dropped in for lunch with no booking, several tables were full but we were shown to an empty table at the other side of the bar. This pub has atmosphere, it was a chilly day and the roaring log fire added to the atmosphere. The food is excellent, with a varied choice. Service was quick and the staff were very efficient and personable. This is not the first time I have visited here as I only live a few miles away, the Gray Ox is tucked away in the little country hamlet of Hartshead, but in reality is only a few minutes from the M62 Junction 25. Well recommended, but would advise booking.

Date visited: 15th March 2007

Review by andy on 22nd February, 2007

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Visited this pub after stumbling across it. we didn't actually eat here, settling for a couple of pints by the open fireplace. The pub had Jennings Cumberland, Cocker Hoop and Wranghams Station Master, all of which were well kept if a little expensive at 2.40. Lovely looking pub in a nice setting.

Date visited: 20/2/07

Review by michael jones on 28th November, 2006

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hidden gem but only 5 mins from m62 roaring fires flagstone floors excellent food fab beers and wines exceellent cullen skink soup cracking fish and chips sticky toffee pud with homemade ice cream

Date visited: 30112006

Review by Anne Sharp on 11th April, 2006

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Great meal especially the 'Queenies'. Very disappointed not to be able to have a glass of wine with our dessert/coffee. Felt as if we were being rushed to leave. Moved on to another local inn to enjoy dessert, coffee and a glass of wine at our leisure.

Date visited: 10th April

Review by Gareth Gregory on 3rd January, 2006

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Five of us had a very enjoyable family Sunday lunch on New Year's Day 2006 at the Gray Ox. Excellent fresh food with very generous portions. We can certainly recommend the game terrine and smoked mackerel pate for starters and the roast pork and Yorkshire pudding for the main course, and not forgetting the ale ice cream. And the bonus was it was all washed down with great Jennings Ales from Cockermouth - we didn't realise that this excellent brewery had an outlet so far south of the Lakes. Many others had the same idea as us and the pub was packed. Friendly and helpful staff and warm open fires on a cold January day made an auspicious start to a new year. We shall certainly come again.

Date visited: 1 January 2006

Review by ian munro on 18th August, 2005

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excellent food homemade bread and ice creams combines quality a la carte with traditional bar meals pub sits on its own with fab views over moor only 5 mins from M62 recommend steak and ale suet pud served with a tot of guiness

Date visited: 16 05 2005

Review by Helen Chilvers on 8th April, 2005

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This pub is amazing and worth a visit no matter where you are coming from! It has just been taken over and the new people have made the menu fantastic and the food is fantastic! I would recommend this pub to anyone looking for a high class meal and decent prices. The service is top notch as well. I would advise to book in advance though as they seem to be very busy all the time ... no surprises to be honest! Excellent quality food, serving all from traditional sunday lunch to interesting dishes such as chicken stuffed with black pudding and the best garlic mushrooms you will ever taste! All the food is cooked to a very high standard, i will definitely be back again and again!

Date visited: 1st April & 3rd April

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