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Reviews of Proctors Pleasure Park, Loughborough

Best rates for a Local Hotel

Review by Stu Miles on 1st May, 2012

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What a glitch on the horizon this place was, with the reviews we thought this would be a nice place to stay with our new Caravan, it was just awful, the toilet/ shower block was disgusting, the club house was a disgrace although the drunk locals seemed to enjoy it, we opted for a meal within the village of Barrow, within walking distance and where 'Normal' people live. We arrived back at ten in the evening with residents & owners arguing, dogs barking all night, we left asap the next day!

Date visited: 20/01/2012

Review by DEREK on 18th December, 2011

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Fantastis setting and village a bit more investment by the owners ie Good club house and bar and play area for children and toilet facilties improvement for the campers as well as the caravaners. I can stay on a caravan club site with all its excellent facilities cheaper than Proctors. Proctors charge 22 per night for 1 night 2 adults 2 children with eleci I stayed last week at Skegnees sands for 12.75 per night I love Barrow we came many times to Proctors excepted fot it was but then we bought a house here If the owners invested it would compete with the Marina site Barrow and newly Pilling Lock. Derek

Date visited: 30 years

Review by dave taylor on 8th January, 2011

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I think proctors is a great place plain and simple. On my second static van here and it isnt a heap of junk as many people have described the vans here. To be fair its newer than the van i payed over the odds to stay in whilst visiting friends in wales. Basic sit but nice owners and nice static owners.

Date visited: monthly

Review by amy on 22nd December, 2010

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I go to proctors most weekends as I have a caravan there. It's a great place for the family, it close to local places such as the co- op, post office and plenty of take- aways. The pubs around the park are nice country pubs that do good food. All the staff and are people staying on the site are so friendly and helpfull. There's plenty of room for children to play and it's really dog friendly. There are some great walks. The only negative is probably the showers and toilets, but what do you expect your camping. If you want a fun relaxing weekend proctors is the place whatever time of year. I love it.

Date visited: 2010

Review by Glen& Rob on 11th June, 2010

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Basic site we love it, thats why we own a static on site, the people on their are grt mates, and the owners are so nice so dont knock it. basic it might be but where else would you go for a serene lifestyle the canel, the village are all part of this hidden away site

Date visited: All the Year Round

Review by JILL SHELTON on 2nd June, 2010

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Just returned from this wonderful park the help and welcome we received was top notch.the views are outstanding with plenty of places to walk along the river or the canal.yes the toliets are basic but you can't have everything. The people who run the club were also very friendly .so there are old caravans around you just have to look past them and enjoy the nature! we will be going back very soon Thank you for a lovely time the Proctor family.

Date visited: 28/05/2010

Review by michael on 1st June, 2010

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ill be honest here so take it or leave it i have nothing to gain or loose.i drove onto the sight 2 months ago and my first impressions was no way am i staying on here. but the wife liked it so i decided to drive around the village to see what it had to offer. any way after liking the take aways pubs and shops near by we decided to take a chance and put our caravan on for a season pitch. we have now been there two months and take our children up for the weekends. we really are so happy that we never got scared off by our first impressions.yes the toilets are old and the place could really do with a kids play area but saying that iv had to go the toilet in worse places so it doesnt bother me at all and the misses goes in the caravan so she is happy too. the kids they amuse themselfs and i know they enjoy it. we have even brought a boat now too and have it on the canal next to our caravan what more could we ask for. bad points yes a load of old caravans on sight that could atleast be cleaned up to make it look better toilets out dated and the pub hasnt been decorated in a few years, but put this with the good points and answer your own qustion of would you stay there or not? freidly owners,freindly residents,beautiful nature reserves good walks close to all shops take aways massive car boot down the road only 2 a pint at certain times in the clubhouse can rent out canoes rowing boats etc only 5 mins walk away. i honestly could go on for ever they is alot and i mean alot more positives then negatives about this site so make up your own mind and if you are a snob and prefer your 5 star rating then dont come in any way as i really can not be doing with you living next to me. but if like me your in it for your kids to be kids and enjoy themselves whilst you do your own things then come along

Date visited: 27/05/10

Review by Caroline on 20th April, 2010

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Procters is fab,its down to earth the people are lovely and not stck up snobs. I have spent last ten years visiting,it was a haven for me and my daughter when we needed some peace and calm. i have photos from each year showing my child and friends growing up. i intend to start getting regular again soon. Its just fab.

Date visited: 01.08.09

Review by Steve Taylor on 1st October, 2009

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Well I have been down Proctors today and what a change, virtually every scrap van has gone, more modern vans now line the front and even the older vans are well cared for. Jonathon and his brother have made vast improvements to the place. The club is in the middle of having work done whilst I was there.All in all a vast improvement and work still going on to continue improvements on the place

Date visited: 01/10/2009

Review by Steve on 17th September, 2009

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Yes Proctors is run down but Jonathon has already made vast improvements, where it is let down is the abandoned vans. There have been various attempts for true classic caravan enthusiasts, myself included to offer the vans a new home where they would be restored and loved and help clean the park up to prevent the inevitable local moaners. Me I'd still love to give a tourer a new home if any resident would like to mention it to Jonathon. Me I had a 1950's Pemberton on their when first married and my son won the fancy dress competition there. Maybe it doesn't deserve the title Pleasure Park anymore but it is a piece of history and I'm sure as just plain old Proctors Park it will live on for years to come,basic oh yes but friendly and peaceful definately

Date visited: 16/09/09

Review by dave n louise on 31st August, 2009

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although unglamourous when 1st arriving we find this park very friendly inexpensive and close to alot of has a very relaxed feel. the village of barrow upon soar has alot to offer and the site is ideally situated to loughborough.

Date visited: various

Review by Caravan Owner on 16th January, 2009

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How nice to see someone making a review,and having common sense too. Mr D. all what you say is true. We own caravans on Proctors, because we like to be there, and of course there is the Village with its Pubs, and Shops, also go out of the Village and there are plenty of places to visit. By the way Happy New Year to all the Proctor Family.

Date visited: All Year

Review by MrD on 7th January, 2009

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CentreParcs it isn't & Pontins seems luxurious. I pitched there for 3 weeks whilst working in leicester and found the owners to be polite & helpful. During a freak gale my awning got trashed and they went out of their way to put everything back in its place and secure the awning until we returned. They even kindly sent me a pic whilst I was at work! Did they have to do that?? No. Yes the toilets are something unique and require nerves of steel to use, but there no worse than many public toilets!... Ok, maybe they are but you have a nice caravan so use your own. And why use the 1930's clubhouse when you have a brilliant little village outside the gates. If you have a nice caravan and are self sufficient its a perfect stop to explore the area and only 20 minutes from Twin Lakes which has the best indoor play area anywhere in the UK. If you only have a tent then you should be used to camping in open fields with no amenities so Proctors will feel like heaven. So stop being snobs and go back to basics!

Date visited: Aug 08

Review by amazed !! on 21st December, 2008

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The term pleasure park is very dubious ! yes its nice and peaceful but a pleasure it aint ! the club house is stuck in a time warp, its cold,dank and smells of damp when you enter.The wall paper is peeling and the toilets are are a disgrace. the weekend entertainment seems to be the scrapping out side of the drunken residents. The toilet blocks are the worse i have ever seen, dirty and very run down and the showers look lethal with exposed wires etc. The disposal of rubbish is just a big mound of over flowing dustbins. There are wires and cables every where and the grass doesnt look if its ever been mown.i would avoid this site like the plague !! The residents deserve better and money needs to be spent on this site to bring it screaming into 2009 !!

Date visited: last 4 months

Review by CAROLE D on 20th December, 2008

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i have a caravan at proctors and go most weekends during the summer, my two young grandchildren love it there. They can run around and play football, cricket, and just enjoy old fashioned camping. The owners make you feel welcome. It is Leicestershires hidden little gem!

Date visited: I have a caravan on site

Review by caravan owner on 14th October, 2008

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Having read various comments about Proctors pleasure park, I would just like to say that we consider it a privelage to be able to stay in such a lovely village as Barrow Upon Soar, and whilst apparently the"Villagers" consider the site an eyesore, perhaps "The Villagers", should see the improvements that have been made in the last 18 month or so on the site.I would just like to add that we as residents(visitors) to the village do not a)Vomit outside the speed bank, b) Smash shop windows i.e Somerfield and c) Allow our dogs to foul the pavements.

Date visited: 10/10/2008

Review by A Caravan Owner on 6th October, 2008

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In answer to the last comment from a Villager, Well most of us who own Caravans on Proctors. Do not have a Scrap Heap of a Caravan.We have many sorts of Caravans on the site. And many Owners have spent money modernising their Caravans.You ask why would anyone want to stay on this site, is beyhond you. The people on site are friendly, and most have been on there for years.It was so refreshing to know that we as owners of Caravans on Proctors Site, cause so much Annoyance and Disgust to Many Villagers. I do not hear that when I come into the Village to Shop or in the Local Pubs and Restuarants. or to attend any functions that the Village is fundraising for Charities. Perhaps our money should be spent elsewhere.

Date visited: All Year Round

Review by Debbie Hollis on 1st October, 2008

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What can I say about Proctors Park. I first visited this site, the previous year as a planned romantic evening.. well on entering the site, I kept thinking where is Sue Pollard, it was like going back in time.. was expecting to hear 'Hi Di Hi Campers'. If it wasnt for the fact I have a sense of humour, I would have cried, gone home and ended the relationship. However, after we had passed the age old caravans that residents live in and then pass the junk site of old caravans, bricks (thought this was a reclamation yard), gone through the site and thought I was on a safari with all the holes in the road we drove along. We pitched our tent next to the lake and had a wonderful view. The people who were on the site, were very friendly. Yes this site is very very basic, but I have returned and still have a sense of humour and yes the relationship has lasted up til now, thank you Proctors.

Date visited: June 2008

Review by A.Villager on 15th September, 2008

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Proctors Pleasure Park really is a blight on the entrance to the beautiful village of Barrow Upon Soar. It's such an eyesore and looks more like a scrap yard from broken down caravans than a holiday location. The fact that anyone would want to stay/ live there is beyond me. The sooner it closes down or is taken over and invested in the better as it lets down the village and is a source of annoyance and disgust to the majority of villagers.

Date visited: 15/09/08

Review by Paul Huddlestone on 15th June, 2008

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Having spent many happy hours fishing here,back in the mid 80's-early 90's, I returned with my son, today,[15/6/08] to show him the great places around the lake where I used to fish. How I was deeply saddened by the state of the lake, weeded up, and hoplessly overgrown, around the access points, with only the minimum of swims to fish from. What has happened to this once bueatiful fishing lake? which once housed swims like the "roach holes" the "tench pegs" and the "bream swims" The site is littered with caravan wrecks. On the good side, the site is a natural jewel in the crown for walks, bueatiful open space, and peaceful relaxation. Camping is terrific, the fields are flat, and easy to drive on. You must like it basic, as facilities are poor. With a bit of time, work and money, spent just on the lake, and this place would be magnificent, drawing a lot of campers and anglers in, to recoup money spent. I hope I live to see the day this happens.

Date visited: 15/6/08

Review by John and Donna on 28th April, 2008

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We would like to tell people the real story to proctors park - we have just moved our touring caravan down to Proctors from another site. While it is a bit run down the other beauties of the place should be seen before making comments regarding the state of the place. The lakes and the fields are a walkers paradise - Our dog thinks that its absolutely heaven. The people that run proctors are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Our only disappointment is that the club house is only open on a Friday and Saturday but the village is a nice place to walk round. If you are looking for a camp site that has luxurious facilities (how many do anyway??) this is not the site to come to but if you want to go back to nature with nice people and has the most beautiful surroundings then Proctors is the place to come to.

Date visited: 27/4/2008

Review by redhill on 25th December, 2007

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I have been to this wounderful place since i was a small boy and allways found things to do instead of sitting in front of computer screens and disrespecting old folk on the streets i was learning to fish and learning to drive at a young age which never did me wrong . brigitte is the mantainance woman on site and has been there for about 35 years what a woman not afraid of hard graft. the late jack proctor , richard ,johnathan,severine are all very friendly and respectful people and this park has more history than most would know when and if i have children i will be sure to take them to proctors park to learn to ride a bike ,fish and generally enjoy life without all the pressures of youth today ...if ever you visit the park and need help finding out any infomation there is allways someone with a warm heart to help . merry chrismas

Date visited: 25/12/2007

Review by sandra on 24th September, 2007

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hi robert just to say thanks, and cheers to all at proctors, thanks to richard,johnathan and not forgetting bridget for all there hard work, what a wounderful place never to be forgotten.

Date visited: 24-09-2007

Review by Robert on 21st September, 2007

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We own a static on the site, and yes the site is basic, but the views, the fishing and the people are great. Most of the Static Owners have spent a lot of money to enhance their vans and the plots they stand on. We even transported our static van from the coast. There is no where we would rather be. Hi to Sandra hope you are well we miss you, hope to see you back down at the site, even if its for a short visit.

Date visited: All Year Round.

Review by sandra on 13th September, 2007

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having spent 18yrs on this site in one of those lovley statics i can honestly say they were the best years of our static days,we have a bueatifull static now in lincolnshire, and i can honestly say give me proctors any day, your probably saying shes mad, but there are some lovley people on there true theres also some undesirables too butgoing to spend every weekend down there for the last 18yrs must say it all,i will always hold a soft spot in my heart for those wounderfull days we spent there. the owners try very hard to keep the park upto scratch, but when you have to do this verchly single handed and look after a family i take my hat off to them,

Date visited: forever

Review by sam on 9th September, 2007

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we have been at proctors for 2 months,and we consider it to be basic but with a few quid spent it will be lovely. not sure how you go about buying a static off the site as i was recently told that they do not sell to families,as they had problems with some children kicking footballs near to other vans,i can sympathize with this but why not put a playground on the site for children,the kids would love it and it would stop people moaning about kids doing kids stuff (i.e. playing!)

Date visited: tourer sitted

Review by kelly mears on 5th September, 2007

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Enjoyed our stay - shame the lady on the gate gave us such a lousy reception on arrival! The fishing lake is awful , wish we'd known this on day one sadly although it looks pretty , it's no place to fish. ( and at 12 for two days fishing I was very dissapointed) The canal fished a little better at least this had fish!! The beauty of the park can be seen when you look past the dead and dying vans which really need to be moved. The residents all seemed friendly and for the money it was ok.

Date visited: 1st sept

Review by Tansa on 31st August, 2007

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My house boat is actually moored at Proctors park, I spent six months of my life in a wonderful little setting. The utilies are very basic and bring your own toilet roll, but please bear in mind that first and foremost proctors park is for caravans and boats that have these facilities already, its main purpose is not a deluxe caravan. Do not be disheartened though as the community is overally a very pleasant one and everyone is willing to help. Proctors park isn't well known for its attractions but the lake that resides in the centre of it is one of the most undisturbed beauties. This nature reserve (yes thats right, it is actually protected) is full of wildlife so this is actually a fabulous place for the more nature embracing families and people. I do recommend it to those who take camping as seriously living roughly for a few days. If you want deluxe toilets and all the facilities in the world, then stay at home. Proctors park isn't brilliant but its not the worst.

Date visited: N/A

Review by Glenys on 30th August, 2007

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if you want to stop at this site for 3 p/n dont slag the site off get what you pay for, Its basic if you are camping or a trailer tent thats what you expect but the owners of the static caravans pay a dam site more for been on this site and we aprechate the views and fishing and lovelly people the have chosen to have there static caravans on this site we do not need to be slaged about this site because we pay dam site more than what you pay for staying one night the site is very basic but if you want al mod cons then this is not the site for you and sujest you go else where because the owners of the static caravans love the views and if you dont ike it you know where the exit sign is its the A6 out of loughbrough in another words dont slag the site or the static caravan owners we sujest you dont even come on the site and we sujest you dont slag the site or the static caravan owners we are making this a site to be proud off this will take time an everyone on site will make you welcome but if you think you can slag us if want cheep you get cheep but the view and the cannal side and the people are so nice on site and off site if you want basic come here but if you want sper duper go some where else we dont need your nasty comments

Date visited: 30/07/07

Review by nick on 25th August, 2007

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Proctors PLEASURE Park. mmmm, its a basic place with some great views and walks, the best is the view and the walk over the canal to the exit. Basic toilets and showers. And take your own toilet paper.better still take your own toilet. the end of the day its a escape from the norm. lazy days and all that. its a graveyard for old touring caravans. some nice ones too. i wont be going back, rather stop in a service station on the M1. i think everyone should visit before booking. you have been warned.

Date visited: 11.08.2007

Review by Glenys on 16th July, 2007

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As a owner of a Static Caravan, I bought my caravan down from North Wales. Yes the site is not super duper, but we are so happy, there are lovely views, we have our own space and I wouldn't trade that in for all the sites that have all mod cons i.e ammusement arcades, bars and noise. we have been there done that in Rhyl and hated every minute. The people are so friendly the Village is great and the shopkeepers are so nice. If you want high class then i suggest you go and pay thousands and do the keeping up with the the ones who have to out each other. And the Proctor family do what they can, we have no problems, if you love walking ,taking in the view walking by the river and canel, then this is the place to be. We have even got family who have bought a static on this site what cant speak cant lie.

Date visited: all year round

Review by A Caravan Owner on 18th June, 2007

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As an owner of a Static Caravan on Proctors Park, I would like to give my review of the site. We pay to have our Caravans on this site, and yes the site has lovely settings. But basic facilities are non existent. The toilet Blocks should have been condemened years ago. The Electricity Supplies have cables running all over the fields. When it rains the electric goes off. The Water Mains Supplies have been laid and not been backfilled in.And freeze in Winter.With the constant smell of sewage. We all live in hope that one day the site will be updated. The Rubbish Bins have no proper disposal place, the septic tanks have no proper cover. One day hopefully this site will be restored to its former glory. But when you are getting thousands of pounds in site fees why bother.

Date visited: all year round

Review by graham on 7th June, 2007

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Date visited: 12/5/07

Review by k bee on 8th May, 2007

Add your review
never been so disappointed in my life. we will never go back again not even if we were paid too........

Date visited: 1/5/07

Review by kayleigh and adam on 12th September, 2006

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we enjoyed going the first weekend we went back the fortnight later for another weekend. it`s basic but quiet enough for a weekend break away from the busy city of leicester. Theres Basic Facilities but the staff are all friendly and welcoming. There are alot of rundown caravans but equally alot of gorgeous static caravans next to the entrance, the people there are all friendly.Its only a 5 minute walk to the village centre and there are plenty of places to enjoy.

Date visited: 26th to 28th of August and 8th to 11th of September

Review by mrs j williams on 31st May, 2006

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This is a big site next to a river and canal and with its own fishing lake. It was recommended by friends. It is a site for "traditional" camping - there are large fields with plenty of space Facilities are limited and basic, but clean (and you'll need your own loo roll too) The bar was open each night over the weekend, again it's nothing special but we were made welcome and enjoyed it - will go again.

Date visited: 29/5/6

Review by Angela Mason on 4th August, 2005

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If you want a very basic camp site with few facilities, this is the camp site to use. It is mainly a caravan site for static, touring and storage of caravans. The majority of static vans are damaged, rusting or in ruins. Not designed with campers in mind. Hedgrerows are filled with recycled caravan parts and there are areas where mobile homes have been burned. The shower block is very, very old and the only benifit is it has hot water. The site is crying out for investment and a face lift. No wash up area as stated by many links, no maned reception office. no childrens play area and only one water supply to be found. Full uncovered bins. The 'bar' only opens once a week on a Friday. No on site shop. It is by far the most disappointing capmsite I have used in the 30 years of camping I have done. The patch of grass we used was mown but had litter on it and there were derilict caravans in every direction. You could not see the wonderful fishing pools and waterways due to overgrown hedgerows. Evenings were disturbed by the constant drone of the nearby dual carridge way and the local cat which constantly crawled under the fly sheet. Conclusion, we will not be recommeding or returning to this site.

Date visited: 2nd August 2005

Review by Mr H Dillon on 10th July, 2005

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I advise anyone staying at this park to have their own toilet or take a look around before setting up.For the first time ever we forgot to check out the facilities before setting up the trailor tent. The toilet blocks were old, the doors for each cubical were rotten and they were very unclean. The advice I give to you is to visit it before advertising, as it was disgusting. The first time in 8 years of camping we packed up and drove on to Derby. Even the static caravans on the site had not been used for years and were in pieces. you can't believe it unless you see it!

Date visited: 8/07/2005

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