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Reviews of Castle Donington Sunday Market, Castle Donington

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Review by andrew on 5th September, 2016

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what a total waist of time two rows of about 30 traders this market used to be rarely good gone down hill and now started charging 1 per person to get in i wont be going again

Date visited: 04/09/2016

Review by Jackie Wardle on 3rd July, 2016

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What a farce the market now is. Such a fabulous market to visit in the past, but now, a complete waste of time, & charging 50p to go in!!!!! Really not worth visiting now, such a poor selection of stalls, takes no more than ten minutes to walk round. Think it's time to call it a day and close it down.

Date visited: 26 June 2016

Review by Darren on 26th June, 2016

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A total waste of a sunday trading, 75.00 entrance fee and it was pissing down, no discounts. Hardly any stalls, 4 rows that i walked round in 10 minutes. Very disappointed...... I have a top quality catering trailer selling fresh farm cooked produce, prices can vary on location however i had to drop to 75% off to make the entrance fee back. I will never return but will do my best to warn other traders..... Thanks 4 Nowt you greedy buggers

Date visited: 26th June 2016

Review by simon parker on 1st May, 2016

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Hello been to the biggest market at the donington about 30 stalls if that walked around and back to the car in 20 mins. This it was the market was not even on the correct place as they had booked old car racing where the market used to be. spoken to another persons up there and they said it has been crap for many months not been a good one for years. so save the trip and the 50 pence to waik around and peoples crap and go to any car boot will be bigger. thanks

Date visited: 1 st may 2016

Review by Alec on 23rd August, 2015

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goes from bad to worse not worth a visit max 10 minutes to look around. Load of rubbish all good traders seem to have gone will not return it's a disgrace

Date visited: 23/8/15

Review by Elisabeth on 12th October, 2014

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Well Donington Market just gets worse and worse, three very spread out short rows, thank god we live on the doorstep not worth petrol money or admission fee - anyone know of any good markets (where have the traders gone) we were told by an old trader that they had moved as rents had gone up they had got greedy!

Date visited: 12/10/14

Review by J Wardle on 20th July, 2014

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Sadly, the market gets worse and worse, and quite frankly, no longer worth a visit. Less and less stalls selling poor quality merchandise. Possibly the fast food stalls outnumber the other stalls. Even the meat van no longer good value. What a downturn from years past, when it would take a couple of hours to get round the market. A total waste of 50p entrance fee!

Date visited: 2072014

Review by Alec cookson on 12th July, 2014

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This market is in its death throes only 2 rows of stalls there advert on gem should be banned as it is a complete lie now thoresbys gone I would hope for an improvement but if the management is crap there's not much hope I would advice boycott it

Date visited: 6th June 2014

Review by peter brown on 6th April, 2014

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what a complete waste of time and money been going for years will not be going again.Add on gem radio said it was the best in the midlands ha ha thorsby should take the title. At donington this morning there was two rows walked around in ten minutes owners should be done under trade descriptions . It wasn't because of the weather as i have been there in the snow and been solid with stalls and people. Either get it back to the way it was or close it down completely or if there are not many stalls admission should be free.

Date visited: april 6th 2014

Review by TK on 4th April, 2014

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I have been going to this market for many years. I went before Christmas and it was bad then but I decided that I should give it another go it was worse and I have to say that unfortunately it has gone down hill. Not many stalls and most of them were food stalls. Very disappointing used to be well worth driving from Leicester but will not be going again. When I hear the advert on the radio I say out load don't bother, which is such a shame.

Date visited: 30.03.2014

Review by anna summers on 29th March, 2013

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worth a visit to thorseby market, lovely people and staff

Date visited: 2013

Review by paula homer on 14th October, 2012

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well worth the visit loads of different stalls and some good bargains only 1 bad thing when we got back to the carpark someone had been underneath our brand new ford transit and cut through the cables holding the spare wheel and pinched it to replace this wheel and its cables is going to cost us around 300 the carpark was very busy so if anybody saw anything please let me know on the police have been informed .please could you think about getting cctv fitted in the near future

Date visited: sunday 14th oct 2012

Review by Brian on 8th April, 2012

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Has gone really bad waste of a journey 3 rows at best with nothing on them but junk

Date visited: March 2012

Review by GAZZA on 26th February, 2012

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Date visited: 26/2/2012

Review by N collins on 14th August, 2011

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Have been to this Market for a number of years as we only live in Measham. But this market has Over the last few years just got worse and worse I am sorry to say that was the last time I will go Unless there is big changes. THIS MUST BE A MANAGEMENT PROBLEM

Date visited: 14 08 11

Review by Timothy on 24th July, 2011

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After reading all the negative reviews, I decided to visit the market myself after hearing their advert on GEM106. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the market was and how nice all the staff were. The parking was free and the admission fee was only a pound for me and the family. There was 6 full rows of stalls - and many food outlets - some 250ish in total. Plenty of choice and the wife spent plenty of my money!! Toilets were clean and the kids had a great time on the bouncy castle and quads. All in all, we had a great day for only a quid - can't understand all of these bad reviews. Timothy.

Date visited: 24/07/2011

Review by Anonymous Dave on 6th July, 2011

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My second contribution to the donington blog. Well the market is still going strong and im pleased to say that over the last few weeks attendance from traders is up, yes a few more stalls. This weekend we noticed a lot more public following the start of a radio advertising campaign, infact at times it was hard to walk up the aisles! Now any full time trader will tell you ALL markets are down on attendance and takings. There is a depression in the economy after all! I mean look how many more high street names disapeared this last week! Jane Norman just to name one. Anyhow, just to shout out what was said further down the log. Come to donington, its a good day out, toilets are clean, easy parking and goods are cheap! Tshirts from under a pound, shoes just 1 and up ( Ask for Scott)costume jewelry under a pound. New barbeques under a tenner. I saw a wooden garden set offered for just 35, the list goes on and on. Yes my takings have been down on a lot of weeks, but its similar at my other regular markets where i pay a lot more rent.Donington rent is cheap for an open private LARGE market. Sure town council markets are cheap in the week, but thats because they are not busy! Oh forgot to say i had my best day this year on sunday and took TEN TIMES more than on wellesbourne the previous day, yep anonymous Dave smashed it! Come to Donington guys, nice people , lots of choice its what you make it...

Date visited: 03/07/2011

Review by Dave on 28th June, 2011

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We enjoy having a stall on their every sunday,selling garden Ornaments...Very busy every week....toilets always problems at all...a very good Market...

Date visited: every sunday

Review by Jackie Rhoden on 1st May, 2011

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We went to Donington Park market earlier today as we were told a lot of the traders from Thoresby market were now there. Very disappointing visit. Looked like 1/2 the stalls were missing less than 1/2 the available space was used. Nice to have a market on concrete though and can see the attraction of taking a wheelchair user there, but won't be going again for a while. Anyone know a larger market?

Date visited: 1st May 2011

Review by J Public on 26th April, 2011

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Having not been to Donington Market for years we thought this Sunday we would give it a go ...quick google showed it was open (under 16's free) Upon entry to the site the old fella on the gate asked for our money after offering him 1 for myself and the wife (assuming our 12year old daughter would be free) he challenged me for an additional 50p not much I know but after saying i thought under 16's were free and stating our daughter was 12 he laughed and made a snide comment that i bet your daughter also tries to be 18 when she goes out drinking!! not wanting to get into an argument i paid the 50p and ignored his remark. Once inside the market it was nothing like how i comsisted of nothing more than 4 long rows of stalls set on a tarmac carpark no atmosphere whatsoever and even less chance of finding anything considered to be a "bargain", maybe i should have questioned the man on the gates attitude and walked away Next time we will definately be going to Thoresby Market better by miles.

Date visited: 24th April 2011

Review by Peter on 9th April, 2011

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I visited the market last weekend and cant believe how empty it was. The people running this market clearly dont have a clue how it should be run. Me and my family have visited here for 20 years and its a shadow of its former self. Its still worth a day out and there are some bargains to be had and some really good stalls. From talking to the traders its all down to how its being run, the rent for casual treader is extortionate, thus not attracting new traders which it desperately needs.

Date visited: 2 April 2011

Review by tony ed on 10th March, 2011

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Well, wot a mess the new owner has done to the market, i went up there and to here wot the new operator wants now off the traders he or she will close that place. cant wait for thorseby to open and can get my stall up there and get all the traders to join me and have a chance of makin a livin, not being ripped off by a GREEDY person. Sorry traders and punters we have to stand up and tell them this......................

Date visited: every week

Review by steve shaughnessy on 28th January, 2011

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i have been a market trader for 20 years now and i think i may have the answer to why donnington market is struggling for traders,i rang them up a couple of weeks ago and asked for a twenty foot pitch,they told me no problem and that would cost me five,yes,five pound a foot,i have never on any market been quoted 100 for a days trading,and any trader who agrees to pay that for twenty foot is only feeding operators greed,donnington was a good market but i can,t see it surviving asking that sort of rent.

Date visited: dec 2010

Review by Chris Lee on 25th October, 2010

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It's no wonder Donnington market is going down the pan..There is no incentive for new traders to get on board..I am a long established market trader working 5 days..Decided to give Donnington a try this week end despite the 40 rent (more than any other market i've stood on)...You pay the rent in advance and then get taken to a remote corner of the market to set up..Stood there all day and didn't even cover the rent.There is no footfall on that part of the market whatsoever..I will not be returning..Fellow traders BEWARE!!!

Date visited: 24/10/10

Review by GAZZA on 10th October, 2010

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went on our monthly trip today. there is getting less&less there. they now charge over 60s to go in and have put up rent to stall holders.It will close swoon at this rate.The organisers want to have a trip to Wellesbourne Saturday market, thats what is called a proper market.

Date visited: 10/10/10

Review by Darren on 3rd October, 2010

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I was looking forward to a visit to the Market tomorrow, but after reading through this I think I'll save the fuel money and stay at home. Sounds like it's just gone down back from a few years ago when i last went!

Review by paul jackson on 9th August, 2010

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I went to this market today for the first time so it looked big to me ,I saw some good looking watches at 2 a piece now thats for nout and a pair of shoes for 6 and a tee shirt 1 bargains galore , the only thing to spoil it I saw a trader unzip his fly and he was going to pee between his van and his table but he saw me watching him so he changed his mind till I had gone at least , I will be back but next time a bit earlier as it was heaving towards 12pm

Date visited: 09/08/10

Review by Jack Ward on 6th June, 2010

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What on earth has happened to Donington market? As visitors on a periodic basis, we couldn't believe how much the market has 'shrunk'. There couldn't have been more than 100 stalls there all told. There used to be hundreds, plus many food outlets. What a let down. Can somebody explain what has happened?

Date visited: 06 June 2010

Review by Bob on 5th May, 2010

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I used to go to Donnington market shopping quite regular , not been for a while due to moving away but while I was visiting family in Notts I thought I would call in for some bargains . Sadly disappointed the market is a nothing like what it was , Where have all the stalls gone . Boring was an understatement . If the weather is sunny and you have nothing to do better watch the grass grow its more interesting and fun . Bob

Date visited: 2/5/2010

Review by steffanie on 17th February, 2010

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Hi there im looking at setting up a pitch at donington market but dont know who i need to contact to do this. can anyone help please? thankyou

Date visited: sept 09

Review by sassysuzy on 10th January, 2010

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this used to be a fantastic market. I used to sell body jewellery but having to pay 45 for a 10ft stall is just too much. I sell a lot of my items at 1 so i need to take 100 to cover the rent and fuel, i then have to pay my daughter 40 for working all day. The rents simply need to be cheaper as do all markets this is why the town markets are declining so much. I am now starting to stand the car boots as i think this is where a lot of traders are going. A lot of the general public do not realise that because of the high rents this is the reasons the markets are starting to fail. Isnt it logical therefore if they had promotions say 10 for 10ft this would increase the number of traders in order for them to make a profit and also the increase of traders therefore making th market bigger therefore customer satisfaction and more increased footfall????? SIMPLE REALLY

Date visited: sept 09

Review by clara on 4th January, 2010

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I'm a fairly new trader to Donnington market probably around 9 months & i think it's a great shame there are so many negative reviews on this blog especially from fellow traders. I was horrified yesterday to be directed to th,is site by a customer who had looked up to see if the market was on and was dissolusioned enough by all the bad comments to very nearly not venture out! thats all we need when we hard workers have made the effort to leave our nice warm beds at the crack of dawn & set up pitch.come on think about what messages you're sending to the public, who we need more than ever to turn out & hopefully part with some cash. Donnington, is in comparison run very well with great facilities,plenty of proper toilets that have loo roll & flush!!! for the amount of rent we pay we have a great venue less whinging & more support please.

Date visited: 03/01/2010

Review by dave on 3rd January, 2010

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Guys! As a newbie at Donington market for approx 12-14 months all i can say is, thankyou Donington, Simon and co! Perhaps you others dont realise how bad other markets are on a Sunday in this economic climate. Thanks to Donington my weekly takings are well up, compared to my old regular market. Sure Ive had a few bad days, but hey! what about the good ones? Dont forget to mention those guys! Theres certainly been more good than bad by far!(If you've not found this , its maybe time to find yourself a new line that people really want.) The facilities are excellent! Very well organised. Toilets! More than 1 several blocks even, and floodlighting in the dark- unbelievable! Have you been to the other big midlands market that most sunday traders work on a saturday?Hmmm, yes, well, rest my case. The rent is more than reasonable at Donington. It is acknowledged that several ,in fact many, traders do not pay full rental footage, perhaps Simon and crew are trying to help you guys and not screw you! They want you there. Lets all say positive things instead here, its the best market on a Sunday in the midlands and it would be awful to see it gone. The traders are mostly very friendly and the public would really miss out . Lets all work together and keep Donington the best. For all the cynics , I am not associated in any way with Simon and co, I am just a regular happy Donington trader. Its a fantastic mixed draw of people from all over the midlands and further and is very well supported by the people of Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and more! The number of isles is certainly higher in the summer, perhaps theres lots more 'fairweather ' traders these days, especially in the winter.(-4C today, but we were there! ) For any of the public reading this, please come along to the market and support us all, its a great day out and there are some fantastic bargains to be had. Food, clothes , bedding, beds, pet stuff,jewellery, essentials, music and much more. Theres even some great bargains on the car boot section. Oh and plenty of hotdogs and kebabs and much more for the hungry ones! Im keeping my head down guys, you do the politics, i'll just keep trading -There, ive had my say and theres gonna be no follow ups coming from me here, but please make your comments positive. - 'Anonymous Dave' P.S. On a more serious note : Does any one do hot soup?

Date visited: 3/01/10

Review by mr james on 6th December, 2009

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donnington market is now crap down to 2 isles compared to 5 couple of years ago wont last long the way its going new management is a joke they should bring the old owner back (sally)

Review by d duck on 28th November, 2009

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Geoff.... Looks like you did not like the changes that they made. i been tradin up there for 12 years and only now since simon and team run it i ve seen improvements. You must of been one of the back hander boys and paid for little footage and had 60ft pitch. So sorry you not going to be there from now on open every sunday 8am till 4pm with or with out Geoff lol..................................

Date visited: today

Review by a smith on 27th November, 2009

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As a visitor to donington market i cannot agree more with Geoff bring back tha old way of running donington market i have had personal experiance of this man richard and cannot sing his praises highly enough he was both polite and very helpful and more of the donington staff should learn from his example. I understand that he is now in charge of the carparking and i must say what an improvement keep up the good work and at least some people appreciate your hard work and cooperation

Date visited: 27th nov

Review by simon culpin on 26th November, 2009

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Then Geoff you come and see me then...

Review by geoff on 24th November, 2009

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The market may be up and running, but not run well. I have been a trader for a number of years on Donington and quite honestly before Donington ventures took it over there was 1 man to see and all your problems were sorted the same day and without fuss. He (Richard) is still there but sadly no longer in charge and not only myself but a large number of the other traders feel the same that it would be better run if the aforementioned was back in charge of the overall running of Donington Market

Review by a j on 19th November, 2009

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donnington market is still on every sunday wind rain blow or snow

Date visited: 19 11 09

Review by jodie on 18th November, 2009

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please every one be aware, that donnington market will operate as normal this and every sunday, the market is not in administration.

Date visited: 18,11,09

Review by Brian Murryweather on 18th October, 2009

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Hey Thicko.. Dont leave your satnav in your car and it might not get nicked you silly woman!! And dont leave your dog in your car you cruel woman!!

Date visited: 22/09/09

Review by shirley on 10th July, 2009

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i was very dissappointed after loking on the web that donny market was open every sunday when we went on the 28/06/09 to find itwas not on because it was the world super bikes why was this not put on the web a pure waste of time.

Date visited: 28/06/09

Review by lee pearl on 7th May, 2009

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If you mean the big stall selling swords and nunchaku and things I know them and I have bought off thier website. It is I don't know why they are not on Donnington anymore, maybe they have gone somewhere else? ??

Date visited: may 1 2009

Review by dave dyson on 15th October, 2008

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donington market is under new managememt,thankfully.the new management is responsibly for saving the market from closure.the rent has not been increased the traders are paying for the footage that they take up with no increse.the previous management allowed the system to be abused.this is the biggest and the best market in the country and continues to build on a weekly basis with better toilets full on site security and fully staffed car parking. it has been necessary to remove a minority of traders who the management considered to be selling unacceptable products,any customers who encounter any problems with their purchases should ask a member of the management team for their help.donington sunday market is a family market and as such is commited to provide a fun day out for all. dave d

Review by julie jones on 22nd September, 2008

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Well done, a lot better market now and i see dono allow car booters back now at 10 a car, with the wet weather comin i be spending some sunday mornings on that hard standing instead og bein ay Measham. Apart from the car park i was surprised how quick we got in on sunday with the traffic a mile back we quickly moved into the market car park. can somone at dono get some flyers out so we can see how we book a pitch for the market. thanks JJ

Date visited: 21st Sept

Review by tom boyld on 19th September, 2008

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car booters now allowed on donington market, no trade or counterfit goods for 10 be there at 7 am to get on.

Date visited: 19/09/08

Review by Steve on 25th August, 2008

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I've been trading at Donnington market on & off (weather permitting) for 2 years now, i sell toys - pocket money goods & there is not much money in it now that i have to raise a min of 40! for rent, 20! for fuel... last year it was only half this & i could actually earn a weeks worth of shopping money (not just blaming donno - gordon brown too with his petrol inflation!). I would say that Measham is stepping up it's game, many more people seem to be going there rather than Donnington & the rent is only 7! (alot of dodgey DVD sellers though!!!) I will definately be a Measham regular until the new owners of Donnington wise up & bring their prices back down to a more affodable rate as i've also seen other traders from Donnington that have moved to Measham & even Quorn carboot!! Steve ;)

Date visited: Sun, 24th Aug 2008

Review by m ..s on 11th August, 2008

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Donington park market, can all the trders call each other and lets this market back to the biggest i the midlnds. i understand that donington now run it and they have made chnges and for one the car park.... please to who runs that market lets not lose it..PLEASE

Date visited: 11/08/08

Review by Lisa Mathers on 10th August, 2008

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If you mean the big stall selling swords and nunchaku and things I know them and I have bought off thier website. It is I don't know why they are not on Donnington anymore, maybe they have gone somewhere else? There is a big market on Wellesbourne airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon on Saturday. I know they are on there. Its got a lot of the traders from Donnington on there but it is much bigger and it is free to get in and no parking charge. And slightly better toilets!!!

Date visited: 10/08/08

Review by mike smith on 7th August, 2008

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First of all can i say well done to donington park in removing the stalls that sold the knifes. reading the reviews it sounds like donington have stepped in and took the market over brfore it was killed off. Like all changes we hate them and i hope donington do there best every week in making it back to the best market in the midlands. check out there web site, i be there every week now and hope to get a bargin mike diseworth

Date visited: 13th Aug

Review by Karen Robinson on 3rd August, 2008

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I have been a trader on Donington Market for 10 years, selling ladies fashion, and the market is far from finished!! There is always going to be people complaining when a new company takes over, but from the feedback I have had from my customers, the changes so far are for the better. The toilets are much cleaner, the car parking is better organised, and the drains that were always a problem under the previous Management are now flushed through. The new Management are also working very hard to eliminate "snide" or fake goods from the market, which can only increase its reputation. So dont be put off, its still a great place to visit, with loads of bargains to be had, friendly traders and tons of choice - especially on my fashion stall on row one which also has a changing room - hurrah! Thanks for reading my message, Karen xxx

Date visited: every week1

Review by Miss pearson on 27th July, 2008

Add your review
Donnington is a finished market . The new owners havn`t got a clue . Most of the big stalls have left due to the rent increases . 4 weeks ago there were hundreds of stall today there were probably 1/4 as many and most of those were food stalls or selling fake nike trainers . A few traders I spoke to said they had hardly taken any money and were also thinking of leaving . Dam shame as it was a good day out :( Worst thing My favorite sword stall has gone :( :( Anyone know how to find them ?? I won`t be going again as its an hours drive for me.

Date visited: 27.7.08

Review by rob clarkson on 20th July, 2008

Add your review
visited the market today as me and the wife have done numerous times in the past.have always been impressed by the number of stalls and variety and quality of goods being was the first visit for a while and we were quite surprised and dissapointed at the number of stalls that were missing.overheard a conversation between a regular customer and a stallholder and it appears that the site has changed hands and the new people have doubled the ground rents!! what are they trying to do kill it? we travel quite a diatance to attend this market have always thought it was worth it.if today is anything to go by wont be bothering again.are we alone?

Date visited: 20th july 2008

Review by Carol on 13th July, 2008

Add your review
I have shopped at Donnington Sunday Market on a regular basis since I was a girl of 15 and now take my 15 year old son! I have never had any problems with goods or exchanges and have never had problems with car security. In fact Id feel safer leaving my car at Donno than Tesco Long Eaton where I had my sat nav stolen when my Dobermann was in the car. If a professional thief wants entry into a car I think they will get it whether there is CCTV, Security Staff or even guard dogs. Id recommend a trip to Donno market, prices and quality are always good.

Date visited: June 2008

Review by Nick h on 20th June, 2008

Add your review
I have been to "donny" market on more occasions than i can remember, i have parked without incident on loads of occasions, i have never witnessed any car crime, not saying it doesnt happen, but as for the comment, if you dont want to run the risk of getting your car broken into dont go", dont go anywhere then

Date visited: several

Review by Alexandra on 2nd June, 2008

Add your review
In response to Nick who had his car broken into at Donington Market. If you had gone back towards the gate at the market and asked one of the staff on the gate they would have got you some assistance. The market does'nt claim to have security on there car park and never have, as you should be able to imagine, Donington is a very large market with a large car park and it would be impossible to watch everyone's car. As for cars being broken into everyweek, where ever your information is from it is very wrong. I would definetly get facts right before i threw accusations at business's. I have been going to the market for 30yrs and never had a problem. Instead of blaming other people why don't you hire a baby sitter for your car or maybe get a decent alarm.

Date visited: 02/07/2008

Review by Nick on 25th May, 2008

Add your review
On arriving at the Donnington Sunday Market I parked up around 09:30am as directed by one of a number of staff in the car park controling the follow of traffic. I made my way to the market on what was a hot day and did not have to wait to get in. I spent around two and half hours at the market. On my return to the car park I FOUND THAT MY CAR HAD BEEN BROKEN INTO, nothing was taken so I think they may have been after taking my car. At this time NO staff could be seen any where in the car park. I have found out that cars get broken into almost every week and cars have even been stollen. There is no security at all at this market not even staff looking out for any problems. SO DON'T GO UNLESS YOU WANT TO TAKE THE CHANCE OF YOUR CAR BEING BROKEN INTO!!!!

Date visited: 11/04/2008

Review by Hannah on 23rd November, 2007

Add your review
I have visited Donnington Market on a number of occasions. It is on hard concrete so is better for those muddy sunday mornings. It has a lot of stalls but not all of them were varied, with the majority of them being make-up, clothes or dog accessories. The bad aspects are the ques to get in, although it is easy to find. Also the unbelievable smell that lingers round the whole of the market! definately worth a look for xmas!

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