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Reviews of Romney Sands Holiday Park, New Romney

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Review by tini van Duuren on 5th August, 2010

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This is my final attempt to write a review, done so three times, but apparently they won't stick. Judging from previous reviews, mine wouldn't probably add an awful lot, but I still feel the urge to vent my thoughts about Romney Sands, which, in a nutshell ,would be, "shut this place down,or make some radical changes !!!" After this, I will be done with my efforts, put it behind me, and qualify this holiday as "one to forget" Maybe we, in Holland, maintain a too high a standard where campsite -facilities are concerned, but what Romney Sands had to offer us was really abominable. Mind you; it was good to have a "base-camp" from which we could undertake all sorts of excursions and field-trips, but the site of Rommney Sands itself was just horrible. I underscribe all comments given in previous reviews; I would only like to add a few suggestions: Why not install net-curtains ? Why not provide for some privacy between the campers...Why not provide guests with some chairs/ a table to sit outside when the weather allows for it.....Why not put pictures in the leaflets that really show what kind of place we're going to visit.... It really looks like a concentration camp, and I understand now why there were so few Dutch families staying at your resort...It just doesn't feel good. Any of my country fellowmen reading this review: The English, on a whole , are absolutely allright , but if you're looking for a good time...look elsewhere !!! We are a family with two teenage kids and I, for one, wouldn't ever think of putting our daughters to such an ordeal again !!!

Date visited: 23-07 till 01-08 2010

Review by tini van Duuren on 3rd August, 2010

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Romney Sands is geen verkeerde plek als je je vakantie hebt ingericht op de mogelijkheden die er rondom deze plek te beleven zijn. Voor Nederlandse begrippen is dit echt een 3e-rangs camping...Het is echt een trailer park; kaal, geen privacy, je kijkt werkelijk overal binnen en iedereen doet hetzelfde bij jou,(Geen vitrage). De caravans zijn érg klein (je kunt er de kont niet keren) maar als plek voor overnachting volstaat het wel. Verwacht geen sociale contacten op te doen: Iedereen is erg op zichzelf . Van overlast is geen voelt je eerder geïsoleerd. Kinderen maken gelukkig wat makkelijker contact en dat heeft onze vakantie enigszins draaglijker gemaakt. Het is een beetje "ieder voor zich" , mensen komen en gaan als was het een duiventil, niemand schijnt echt geïnteresseerd in de ander. Misschien wel typisch Engels, maar voor ons een enorme tegenvaller. niet wat we gewend zijn zoals bijvoorbeeld op Franse campings. Maar nogmaals: als uitvalsbasis voor allerlei dagtochten is het wel een geschikte plek. Het "vertier" op de camping is minimaal voor gezinnen met pubers. Die kunnen alleen maar hun toevlucht zoeken in de "gamehall" waar je onder het genot van een hele hoop herrie wat computerspelletjes kunt spelen. Een ouderwetse pingpongtafel, waar onze dochters in Frankrijk, menige nieuwe vrienden hebben opgedaan, ontbreekt er.... Voor de TV fanaten die in "Bronze" gaan verblijven: Neem een vergrootglas mee, want de TV's hebben er het formaat van een (kleine) microwave....Denk ook aan de mogelijkheid van een DVD speler die je soms wat extra mogelijkheden biedt. Het strand is direct tegenover de camping, maar biedt niet de mogelijkheden zoals wij die, in Nederland, kennen. Het water is overdag écht heel ver, het strand niet aantrekkelijk , vol rommel, en je moet, bij eb, door een gebied van modder en bagger heen om een beetje zee te bereiken. Kortom; ben je een beetje (te veel) gehecht aan de Nederlandse strand-scene, ben je gebrand op het maken van nieuwe vakantie-contacten, ben je op zoek naar een inspirerende plek in Engeland voor jouw kinderen.....Romney Sands...NIET DOEN !!!! IF I NEVER SEE THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER AGAIN, I'LL DIE A HAPPY MAN, maar dat is misschien een beetje té gekleurd. Enjoy your holiday !!!!!

Date visited: 23-07 till 01-08 2010

Review by Kerri on 3rd August, 2010

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I loved this place its fantastic if you just want a holiday with your dogs especially if you go when you can take dogs on the beach. I have booked up for this year and i am going in a couple of months, same thing with the dogs, because of my dogs i did not go to any entertainment but this doesnt bother me at all i love spending the evenings with my dogs and family. We did the sun holiday so was very cheap for us. I went bronze caravan and personally i think the standard was fantastic, it was clean and tidy, we had a balcony. Because we went in october and not in school holidays the park was lovely and quiet, the beach is so close to the park, we took our dogs on there 3 times a days for at least an hour and a half each time. I didnt see the staff as i wasnt the one who checked in so i couldnt comment if they were friendly or not, also didnt go the restaurant. This time round i can go to the restaurant as more people will be coming so i dont have to look after the dogs all the time. I am so looking forward to going, to get some peace and quiet and spend quality time with the family. Deffinitly advise going there but probably only during non school holidays so its quieter, not the kind of place for people that like alot of things on holiday. The best dog holiday ever!

Date visited: October 2009

Review by Carol Worthington on 23rd July, 2010

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The Caravan was infested with Ants, which were literally crawling all over our food. We found Feces on the double Quilt. No nets up at the Windows. Adults shouting all through the night outside, this went on till about 5 am for a few nights. No Security at all. Entertainment was non existent. Absolutely appalling accomodation. All this was reported on site but nothing done. Would not recommend this place to my worse enemy.

Date visited: August 2008

Review by Christine Paris on 13th July, 2010

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Our party of 3 adults and 3 very young children stayed in a clean, well-arranged,3 bedroom double-glazed Gold caravan which had central heating throughout plus a fire in the lounge, and there were blinds at all the windows. The kitchen area had a double oven/grill, a 3-drawer freezer, a 'fridge, a microwave, plenty of utensils, saucepans and frying pans, and even an iron and airer. There was plenty of storage space throughout, the beds were comfortable, the shower was easy to use, and there was always lots of hot water. The site was clean and tidy and the play area was suitable for children of all ages. We didn't use the pool or go to the entertainment centre but all agreed we would like to return.

Date visited: 9 July 2010

Review by K. Stevens on 27th June, 2010

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This was our 2nd visit and, while my husband and I would still go back again as we both love the area and dog friendly beach, we both feel there could be many improvements. Due to having a dog with us, we are forced to go "bronze" but feel that shouldn't mean "slumming it". Net curtains should be a must. You don't want all and sundry wandering past having a free view of what you're doing. At the same time, you don't want to shut out the world by having to pull all the curtains in the middle of the day. I say "curtains", although half the curtain runners seem to have come off the bars causing them to hang dreadfully. There are signs informing occupants that dogs must be kept on leads while on site. This seems to go unheeded in many cases, including bull terrier types. Why do the staff not enforce this? While we were there, there were many times that grown men were allowed to play football in the caravan areas. I could accept this of children, but it gets a bit rough when it's grown ups. It is not as though there isn't nearby open space to do this. One thing that really astonished us was the number of occupants who felt it was OK to throw all the detachable caravan seats out on to the grass to lay on. Would they treat their own property like this? Kids were able to just run around over the seats that other occupants were later expected to sit on. I realise that this is probably a result of poor upbringing and lack of respect for other's property but staff made no attempt to stop this practice. Our final complaint may have been a one off, but after ordering a meal at the Romney Tavern bar (run by the camp), we waited an hour for our meals, which eventually turned up only warm. We were told when ordering that a 20 minute wait was likely. Coincidently, the site staff had just arrived for their lunch so it appeared to us that we came a poor second here. One good point was the fact that the carpet in the caravan that was badly stained on our visit last year had been replaced this year (we were put in the same caravan) As I said previously, we are unlikely to let any of this actually put us off staying here for the reasons stated, I can imagine others not being so accommodating. It only needs a bit of care and attention.

Date visited: 19/6/2010

Review by micheal evans on 19th June, 2010

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Date visited: 02-06-2010

Review by rick on 7th May, 2010

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took my 2.5yr old son there as the entertainment for HIM was supposed to be good. What a disappointment. There was NO entertainment!!!! The Sparky crew was non existant. Was booked in for a week and ended up leaving on he 3rd morning as every day, my son cried his heart out because the Sparky crew were repeartdly cancelled. When I brought this to the attention of the staff, they said its too quiet to bother with entertainment for the kids. Tried to order lunch in the on site resturant at 1pm and was told they dont do food till 5pm. The whole experience was dreadful!! Do nnot waste your money on this poor excuse of a resort

Date visited: 26/04/2010

Review by Mrs Hayes on 24th February, 2010

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This was our third, but probably our final year at Romney Sands. It was great while the kids were very young. The people and most of the staff are friendly and the park is clean, it feels safe and welcoming for all generations. The Silver class caravans are good quality and well stocked (I always bring my own non-stick frying pan, sharp knife,DVD player and large tea mug) although this year's didn't have any nets on the windows - very necessary unless you're an exhibitionist as the caravans are very close together. Don't go bronze - the difference is huge! Sparky and co very entertaining for under 6 years old, but once they outgrow him, there's really only the swimming pool left onsite. Also the sparky club had exactly the same games and daytime entertainment as the previous two years. My six and seven year olds were not impressed by that! We spent most of our week this year going off-site to the wild-life park, Dymchurch, minature train rides, etc. (Added to the cost but we had fun and weren't spending a fortune in the "Beach Club") This is a great,cheap beach holiday for a large or multi-generational family but just stay away from bronze class caravans and remember that there's plenty to do off-site too!

Date visited: July 09

Review by jackie on 13th October, 2009

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Site is small but nice BUT the 'bronze' accomodation is just nasty.... talk about making you feel lower class! NO hot water in shower, dirty walls, filthy light pull which was once white, broken kettle, wrong linen for bedding (4 pillowcases for 6 very flat pillows) and single covers for double duvets and so on.... basic old tv with no remote control, no-one could check in even a minute before 4pm and the receptionist seemed to gain great pleasure from this. I would recommend you hire privately on this site where the owners may have some pride in their caravan / apartment. Oh, and we were 14 metal steps up on top floor flat with no outside light and slippery steps!

Date visited: Oct 2009

Review by C. Turner on 11th September, 2009

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If your thinking of booking... DON'T !!! The caravans are filthy! There were no net curtains to hide the fact that the windows hadn't been cleaned in ages. We had to close the curtains because we didn't fancy spending a week looking at dried seagull crap, cobwebs and spiders. Kitchen floor was bogging. The fire and fireplace were thick with dust. There were splashes and very suspect looking stains on the walls that had just been left to fester. The double bedroom had one curtain which didnt have enough hooks to stop it flapping about either end, i had to mackle something up to try and stretch the one curtain to fit across the whole window. Lots of either missing or broken fittings. In general just very tatty and dirty. The site itself.... Not the most attractive place. Looks more like a concentration camp than holiday camp. Would I go to a Park Resorts camp again....ERRRM NOPE!!!

Date visited: 07/09/09

Review by C Howick on 21st August, 2008

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Arrived at the site and collected the key from a friendly lady at reception. We stayed in Shingle Bay which is the name of one of the rows of caravans. When we parked, the 1st thing we noticed was hundreds of cigarette ends littering the ground around the caravan. As we entered the smell hit us like a slap in the face. It was disgusting. The windows were covered in cobwebs, inside and out with spiders running in all directions. The shower / toilet should have come with a government health warning and a bio hazard suit. Mould in all the corners, cigarette ash along the window sill and thick black sludge in the toilet brush holder which was once (I presume) dirty toilet water. The legs on the beds were falling off, it was like sleeping on jelly. the pull out sofa had a dirty cover with stains on it and dirt from a bygone era. The kitchen sink waste pipe was broken and it took two days and two severe complaints at reception to get it mended. (The dedicated fix it hotline was always turned off!!) IMHO the site needs a management and housekeeping change at the very least. We watched 3 caravans get "cleaned" and it was a joke. Then the supervisor came round to check and she just sat on the sofa watching t.v. Take my advice: go someplace else if you want any kind of hygene and cleanliness.

Date visited: 9th - 16th Aug 2008

Review by GR on 7th February, 2008

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Romney Sands Holiday Park (although smaller than some Park Resort sites), I found the staff friendly and very helpful...the beach was ok, although some areas, like all English beaches needs some attention. The Tavern at the front of the holiday park does good food and all the staff there were helpful. I have spent some time at Park Resorts Cambersands and have recently moved sites...(you can draw your own conclusions on that comment). I look forward to 2008 at Romney Sands and exploring the area with my family and friends....

Date visited: September 2007

Review by Steve on 11th December, 2007

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I have been going down Romney Sands all my life! i am 17 it is basicly my childhood! i have seen all the changes! and i will continue to see the changes! Romney Sands the entertain is alright the pool needs changing would love to have a slide or diving board it hasn't changed in 17 years and the only thing they do is subtract things like the diving board, big slide and the crocodiale slide. there should be more entertainment for teenagers their is a hour if your lucky and only in the summer you truley get a real club. The club and bar should be made better and i think they have but i heard that they may have taken money out of the construction of it! so it may not be as good as it was suppose to be?! the tarvan is finally looking good getting sky and that! but the shop is rank it hasnt changed in all my time and the laundret hasnt changed either they should update them! Romney Sands i have got fantastic memorys and i only think highly of it! I just hope people will come see the great Romney Sands with the new changes!

Date visited: 16/10/1990

Review by JM on 18th April, 2007

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Very poor compared to other Park Resort places. Caravan not clean and not enough duvets. Linen arrived late. Handles broken on furniture and mirror missing in bedroom, just the screws left where it should have been. Biggest disapointment was the swimming pool wasnt open and we were not informed at booking. Would not have booked without a pool especially here as there was very little else to do. No information about entertainment and not a very good selection of food unless you want a burger. Some nice pubs to eat in not too far away. Very close to beach but it had a lot of rubbish. Camp has a nice layout and a little shop with the necessities. Also the model railway passes through. I would not book again.

Date visited: 2/4/2007

Review by S Thompson on 13th September, 2005

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After having spent 3 of our worse nights ever at Romney sands my partner, our dog and myself will not be re-visiting. The 4 star rating the site has been given is obviously not based in anyway on the cleanliness of the caravans. As the Caravan we stayed in had not appeared to have been cleaned in anyway before we arrived, I don’t believe the windows and curtains had ever seen water and the showeroom was very grubby. Yuck!! The whole caravan was so unhygienic I even worried about the dog sleeping on the floor. It was also infested with hundreds of spiders. It wasn't helped by the fact that the site was in the middle of nowhere with only the tavern pub as a means of escape, which was always uncomfortably hot inside, not pleasant on a hot day.

Date visited: 09 September 2005

Review by sally on 13th June, 2005

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well when i went to romney sands holiday park i thought that the sand on the beach was bad!! it was black instead fo yellow! the oark itself was ok i liked the taven pub and the club at the night time the entertainment was ok i enjoyed it. im comming again soon in the summer holidays and im buying a caravan too. hope to see many more people there i look so foward to it ive told everyone of my mates.

Date visited: april 2005

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