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Reviews of Wheatsheaf Inn, Kettering

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Review by Roger Blake on 18th December, 2013

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I know some places can be busy on a Saturday,but to be told there is a 45 minute wait when there are clearly tables available that have just not been cleared away because the staff are chit chatting and then ignored as a young couple come in and are immediately seated after we have waited for 30 minutes is just a joke. Completely ruined our night, management should be sacked.

Date visited: 14/12/2013

Review by Ross on 18th December, 2011

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I just wanted to express my disappointment at our recent meal at your restaurant. Two key points to feedback: 1-whilst I understand your cancellation policy, you did not inform us that the food had been pre-prepared and the food was available to the remaining party. If you checked the booking you would have seen that some of the party did not have starters or desserts. They could have eaten the food you claimed was available, but this was not offered. My request for the food to be made available post-meal was a clear opportunity for you to demonstrate good customer service and offer a compromise. You did not take this and this led to the farcical packages produced by your food prep staff. By ensuring you got the twenty pounds for the meal, you lost a tip which would have far exceeded this, especially as the booking was for thirteen. Additionally, the whole party have gone away knowing that your short-sighted approach to customer care will ensure they do not return, most likely telling their local friends and colleagues. Terms and conditions are there to provide a remedy when discussion offers no solution. You did not discuss your decision to throw away the meal. What is most disappointing is that I scout out for restaurants to host business dinners and you failed to impress with your approach, despite most of the food being good, especially the venison and diligent waitressing. 2- sorry, but the pana cotta was poor. I took your point about it being a James Martin twist on the traditional recipe, but you used words like "light" and "airy". Yours was neither of these. It was too heavy and lacked flavor. A good pana cotta is small, smooth and requires no accompaniment as it stands on it's own. Please replace your words with gloopy and stodgy to avoid possible trade description act infringements.

Date visited: 17/12/11

Review by Will famlen on 26th September, 2011

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1st visit Crap, 2nd visit crap, 3rd visit not happening

Review by david bailey on 21st June, 2011

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An absolute pleasure.From the moment we entered nothing was a let down.Before ordering we sat in a comfortable area drawling over the menu.The waitress was very polite and knowledgeable about the menu.we ordered our starters and then shown to our table.The food did not disappoint.The service was excellent and the staff deserved the gratuity.have recommended the Wheatsheaf to all of my friends and it wont belong before we return. if your travelling on the A14 worth breaking your journey to enjoy the delights of the Wheatsheaf.

Date visited: Friday 17thJune 2011

Review by Tim Branning on 24th February, 2011

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A very nice little pub in a very nice little village, and very pleased to see a pub that actully has ample parking facilities, very surprised how quiet it was for a Saturday evening and i must say i wasnt overly impressed with the food, the presentation was good and the wine was lovely but the food wasn't particuly well cooked in my opinion, the venisson seemed to be a couple of days past its quality and was very plain and also a couple of the staff gave over the impression we were causing an inconveince to them by walking in, maybe we just caught them on an off day but other then that a nice place to go if you live in the village and dont want to spend a fortune (Although a couple of people have since told me its the only place to go in Titchmarsh if you want a sit down meal without driving).So i guess with that in mind, we would probably consider coming again if we were in the village. Lovely Old Building 6/10

Date visited: 19/2/2011

Review by Dorothy on 9th February, 2011

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Excellent!! Really enjoyed a great evening with deliciuos, well priced food, in charming surroundings. What a find, we will definitely return soon.

Date visited: 5th Feb 2011

Review by Cathie Shuttleworth on 8th October, 2010

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Really lovely, delicious food and friendly staff, would highly recommend to others. Surprised at reviews and comments, glad I gave it a try, what a shame some people try and spoil it for others, regretfully this can be common on these sites. Thanks for a lovely evening, I will definately be back.

Date visited: 1st October 2010

Review by David on 20th September, 2010

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Looking at some of the mixed reviews this establishment had earlier in the year, I felt I needed to tell of the superb meal my wife and I had here recently. The service was friendly, not rushed or slow and we were surprised given the quality and value of the meal that the place was not packed out for a Friday night, (about half full). We chose from the specials menu, my wife, scallops, me pidgeon brest and we both had the excellent Venison Bourginon. The deserts were delicious and everything beautifully presented. The wine was reasonably priced and of good quality. We shall certainly be recommending this place to our friends and look forward to our next visit.

Date visited: 17/09/2010

Review by Maggie Richardson on 8th September, 2010

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A very quiet little pub and we were greeted by the rudest of barmaids but thourougly enjoyed the meal.

Date visited: 04/09/2010

Review by Mike Sands on 8th September, 2010

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I am the co owner of the Snooty fox and often check these kind of sites for marketing reasons only and i actully found it rather humorous that on this particular site there is an indivdual here who is slating various other opinions of a particular establishment. In my experience the people who leave these reviews, write what they think and then move on. However this person is slating the views (of what i assume) is various diffrent people AFTER already writing a review. Very easy to assume this person (myself also) has a direct interest in what the general public are saying and then returning to the same site repeatedly to then defend it in an overly criticsing way. Nobody other then the owner or the current licensee would gain benefit from such an act. E.G. An individual living in a very nice house with nice victorian funiture would be a half intelligent person to have achieved this and is unlikely in this day and age to have such bad grammer, as demonstrated. I have not personally visited the Wheatsheaf (which i do normally prefer to do) but I do obviously however have an interest in the success or failure of every pub in the immediate area. I dont believe the particuly bad reviews of the Wheatsheaf were by the same person and i believe the people around here to be in very good taste and should not have their opinion criticised by the licensee of the establishment in question for some cheap reputation points. Im not going to make a comment as it wouldnt be fair and I only have hear say to go on but if the individual would like to venture forth into the world and enter an establishment where they are not known and interact with some of the locals, it would be much more beneficial then just sitting on the internet, talking rubbish and slating the rest of the world under a false name. If people want to turn around and say the Snooty Fox is better then the Wheatsheaf 1: They are entitled to their opinion and 2: They wouldnt be lying. However i dont really agree with the comment we are in abundance (That means there is too many of us, for the Victorian funiture lovers who might be reading this) I agree that actions speak louder then words but "Amy and Darren are AMAZING.. FANTASTIC PLACE!!!!!" people dont speak like that unfortunatly. You pop down here and see how people talk rather then producing an unrealistic fake name and trying to score cheap points on an internet review site. You dont see me doing it. MARVELOUS!!! I WANT TO MARYY THE WHEATSHEAF!!! I CANT GET ENOUGH!!! ITS SOOOO GOOD!!!! --------------------------------------- Michael Sands Tel: 01832 733434 Email: info@thesnootyfoxlowick.com 16 Main Street Lowick Northants NN14 3BH

Date visited: N/A

Review by DONNIE on 8th September, 2010

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Packed out for a tuesday but good service anyway, about the 6th time we have been down now. Will continue to Go LMAO at some of these comments "magnifucent" "Eonugh" LOL!! nice DON XXXX

Date visited: 07/09/2010

Review by Raquel on 2nd September, 2010

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I held my 40th Birthday Party at the Wheatsheaf inn and it was superb. The staff were amazing could not do enough for all my guests, the food was fantastic absolutely delicious - all praise to Darren. Amy was a magnifucent host. All my guest enjoyed themselves as did I. The costs were extremely reasonable. Cannot thank Amy and Darren enough for making my special birthday so special.

Date visited: 31st July 2010

Review by nigel dunnet on 15th July, 2010

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Just wanted to say that I cannot recommend this pub highly enough, great food, service and atmosphere. 9/10

Date visited: 14th July 2010

Review by lis Audigier on 1st July, 2010

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I see someone has responded to my truthful positive review about your restaurant. I do not intend to go on with correspondence on this subject but will reply just this last time. Anyone who has time to keep writing bad reviews of the same pub, is clearly of unsound mind plus seriously under- occupied, presumably unemployed. Just to say, I do know good from bad. My son in law is an internationally renowned cook and likes what I cook and is also extreemly fussy where and what he eats. He is happy with the Wheatsheaf, unlike many gastro horrors around here. Last weekend I cooked for 100 and all was devoured with relish. I have also catered for several weddings and many parties. So I do claim to know a little about food. As for 'if you like Wheatsheaf foods you must be a local yokel,' well, I am not often in England so people here may have webbed feet and strange palates, but I rather doubt it. However your unhealthy obsession with this pub suggests you must be a local. Pots and Kettles perhaps. As for my furniture, my dining chairs are Victorian, padded and walnut. My sitting-room has three settees and all are considered rather blissful by visitors. As I have a sore back I do find resturant chairs difficult but the Wheatsheaf's were fine for the whole evening. Some places I have to leave after one or two bites but this was not the case here. Perhaps your home has some odd MFI or Ikea furniture and you do just not recognise quality when you see it. My daughter has just booked to return to the Wheatsheaf to celebrate her 30th birthday. Eneough said, I think. Actions count for more than silly reviews. This is a good place. You are misguided and the fact that you mentioned that other bad reviews were from people with their own establishments, explains it all. The word 'envy' springs to mind. Feel free to write more silliness to reply but this is my last word on the subject, vitreolic correspondance not being something I waste time on. Absolutely no regards, Lis

Date visited: recently

Review by Nick Collins on 24th June, 2010

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Not bad, Not brilliant If you want a really awesome meal around here then the new inn at denford is probably the best. Theres too many wheatsheafs and snooty foxes around here their all to alike. 5 out of 10 Nick

Date visited: 20/6

Review by Kadie Gorge on 30th May, 2010

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Only been there once and i didnt think it was to bad but then again we did go on a wednesday and it was absolutly dead, the foods not really my thing but it was OK i certainly didnt think it was anything special and i certainly wouldnt go out of my way to go back to this "FABULOUS completetly diffrent to everywhere else place" I dont agree with the comment of the comfy chairs... only if you were used to sitting on spikes at home would you say something like that. And i like the whole "disgruntled ex-employee" LMAO!!! what?? all 20 of them or so? many of them with their own business.

Review by Lis audigier on 14th May, 2010

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There have clearly been reviews written about the Wheatsheaf from a disgruntled ex-employee, as I went there yesterday with a party of five, it was as good a meal as I have ever had anywhere and we all had a really good time. The food was inventive not pretentious and very well prepared. The service was excellent, unobtrusive but sharp. I hope I get taken back there many more times. There was not a single thing wrong with anything any of us ate, quite the opposite, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even the chairs were comfy. We tackled a big variety of dishes from seafoods through to the ubiquitious steak, via duck and sea bass and all were a delight to eat. The starters were delicious and the puds as divine as any anywhere. This place is worth going to, neither highfaluting nor in a price bracket that is unreasonable. Go and try for yourself and ignore the silly and scurrilous reviews.

Date visited: May 13 2010

Review by Anononous on 14th May, 2010

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The wheatsheaf's not a bad place but the review by richard moffit is a joke - he owns the place!!

Date visited: 10th May 2010

Review by Matt Bridge on 13th May, 2010

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Went for a meal on monday night and it was lovely... service was great.... food was first class, living in Thrapston we went back to the wheatsheaf only a week later and again and it was absolutly brilliant. We then got a group of friends together and went back last saturday.. and OMG it was a complete mess..... the staff didnt care, the food was crap, i overheard several complaints and it was just a shambles..... but commenting on the reviews..... why dont you go and spend your money on a REAL A La Carte restraunt and notice the diffrence.... the 2 for 10 sounds like a good alternative to this place.. maybe they should try it lol but no.... i hate it when a restraunt fails because of lack of ability to cater for large groups... so if your naive enough to want to go back to this place and spend your money on fake.. not particuly good food and dont bother listening to people who have been in the business of catering for many years and (obviously cant tell the diffrence between a 1st class establishment and a 2 for 10, according to some people :-) then by all means try and catch them on a good day.

Review by Sarah Frain on 10th May, 2010

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I am sure these people are writing about a different restaurant. I went with six friends from work and we all throughly enjoyed the food. What is this about it being overpriced! obviously some people are getting used to the chain pub experience and expect to pay 10 for two meals - i suggest you get back to those places. I had the lamb shank which was delicious and a ginger cheesecake which was as equally as delicious. Do not take any notice of the bad reviews and i suggest you go and try the food yourselves. We are defintely going again

Date visited: 5th May 2010

Review by Nina Gregg on 8th May, 2010

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I dont normally complain but the service was horribly slow, food was cold and wasnt dished out as the menu had said. i know they were busy but theres no excuse for arrogant staff and poorly prepared food, especially at the prices they were asking. Nice big fancy menu and thats about where it stops. by all means look at the menu but i wouldnt recommend buying from it. P.S i agree with the music comments... AWFUL

Review by Brian Sands on 3rd May, 2010

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Far from brilliant... food is over priced for what you get, Staff dont appear to actully care you exsist. Had to wait 20 minutes for a table even though there was only 2 of us and a lot of the tables were empty but hadnt been cleaned away, Cutlery wasnt polished, The toilets were crying out for an air freshener, i didnt want ice in my coke and got it anyway. i fail to see how a bit of bread with some vinegar takes 30 minutes to prepare, and god only knows what music they were playing. No... i would recommend an alternative establishment on a saturday night and give this one a body swirve. B.S

Review by Dean Ray Thomas on 1st May, 2010

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I run an A La Carte restraunt in London and it was a breath of fresh air to see an establishment in this part of the country doing the same thing.................... Then i saw it and tried it, dont put A La Carte on the menu if it isnt going to be the quality of A La Carte on the plate, Total Disappointment.

Date visited: 22/4

Review by Racheal Millard on 13th April, 2010

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There is no excuse for poor service and poor quality food. Stopped in on the way thorugh will be avoiding on the way back. Not a plesant experience and far to expensive for what its trying to be. Staff have an attitude problem when under pressure and you get the sense they are just trying to rush you out the door. terrible.

Date visited: 10.04

Review by Richard Moffitt on 7th April, 2010

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Absolutely fantastic! Service and food excellent. The recent reviews from elsewhere are so wide of the mark and disingenuous.

Date visited: 7th April 2010

Review by Drew Lyons on 6th April, 2010

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Went for a meal on saturdy night, and it was poor, we have been all over the country and iv never had the excuse for poor food put down to "Sorry we are busy tonight" then go and find something your good at and not serve tacky, poorly cooked food to your customers. then expect to be paid. Dont waste your hard earned money here. 0

Date visited: march

Review by Donald Faynes on 26th March, 2010

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Theres a saying we like to use in the brewing industry which i feel has logic here "If a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right. If its not worth doing, Give it to Amy and Darren" ok they are never going to make a fortune, but keeping the place slightly above ground level was really the only thing that was ever going to be expected of them. Leave the place alone, yes its dark and dingy, yes the foods not brilliant, and yes the service is comical. But they are young and will make there own mistakes before realising "Oh my God what were we thinking trying to run a pub" let them get on with it.

Date visited: 20/5

Review by n/a on 4th March, 2010

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I have been reading the other comments for my visit at the wheatshelf in titchmarsh,I went with my partner for valentines day, I felt the food was excellent all the staff was very welcoming and the atmosphere in the pub was nice and relaxing. We enjoyed every bit of our night. Congratulations to the new managers you have done a very good job. I definately would tell anyone to go here if they are looking for quality food and service.

Date visited: 13th Feb

Review by Dean Penbrook on 6th February, 2010

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Its a review website and the only people who would go out of their way to view and write a positive report about this place are obviously people who have a direct interest in the success of the place.. otherwise they would have no reason to question what people actully think of it. Iv attended the Wheatsheaf on many occasions under every management and none of them have delivered it to its potential, to even consider trying to serve "A La Carte" food when you have food that is 10 times better close by in places like the Snooty Fox is just stupid.. clearly managers that havnt done research and have no previous experience. The foods over priced for what it is, the staff are by no means anything special, forcing a smile on your face and asking "have you had a good day" is bog standard courtesy, not professionalism. To even consider the place to be "the best" and i love the "and the food....WOW!" clearly somebody related to the success of the pub and a null and void review. The truth is this pub doesnt care about the masses, its pretendeing to be some kind of A La Carte restraunt and if that worked then everybody would be doing it. Iv had food thats been better in a "buy one get one free" Brewsters pud and in my youth iv drank flat lager from the night before that tastes better then what the Wheatsheaf offers. Over priced, poor quality, poor service, mind numbing decoration. I agree with you guys. Dont waste your money!!

Date visited: N/A

Review by Matt Daynes on 4th February, 2010

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for those of us who know what a decent pub is like. No its not good at all. Although epic fail is a bit harsh.. id give it a two outta ten because its the most expensive "cheap" pub iv ever been to and i think its funny.

Review by Danny Miles on 11th January, 2010

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LOL!! i find all these reviews very intersting to read.. maybe its the water around here but alot of you seem to be at both ends of a spectrum. I currently live and work in London and have grandparents living in Titchmarsh. I entered the Wheatsheaf with a friend last friday night and it was just a pub, all these village pubs are all the same, a bit on the darkside, the music is normally related to staff tastes rather then just general background (they all are). I dont drink Real Ale myself but my frend said it wasnt brilliant but my point is all these village pubs are the same, usually run by couples with no previous experiece, foods normally average, Ale usually not kept up to standard, their all the same with this being no expception. And if anybody thinks pubs like this one are anything special or derserve a "10 out of 10" obviously do not have the socialbility to have visited an establishment that hasnt kept changing hands, that isnt a country pub pretending to be a restraunt (because none of them are) and has been run by professionas for decades hence. i cant help but feel after reading these reviews that all the praise is coming from people who live in Titchmarsh (or close by) and havnt sampled the real thing yet because (lets face it) none of the pubs around here are exceptional, While the overall negativity of the place is coming from people who have been in the trade for many years and have sampled the best and know how to run a tight ship, i like to attend an expensive night out in an expensive 1st class pub, but to pay pennies for a drink that isnt really worth that (and i dont know where any of you got "socialble staff" from) in a bog stadard dingy little pub, certainly isnt going to promote praise from those of us who are from out of town and been to a thousand places better. Sorry guys but if you want great food, great service and great drinks then you are going to have to look a little further from home. because its far from anything special. 3/10 (one for every song that came on I liked ) -Danny-

Date visited: 8/1/10

Review by Susan James on 28th December, 2009

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My husband and I have tried to visit all the local pubs, but that has stopped now because we can not stop visiting the Wheatsheaf in Titchmarsh. The service is great and the staff are always willing to have a laugh and a joke with the customers which is very inviting. Then the food...Wow! The chefs are amazing to say the least, I'm always breathtaken by the food. The manager may be young but she certainly knows what she is doing. The newest management is certainly the best by far! And I beg to differ about some of the previous reviews on the pub. 10 out of 10.

Date visited: 27th december 2009

Review by Graham Dow on 25th December, 2009

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We've been local in the area for many years and have attended the Wheatsheaf under every management and have not found better than the present manager, Amy and head chef, Darren. We regularly attend a meal once a week because of the fine quality and attentive service. We cannot fault anything in the establishment. The decor, service and food are all excellent, therefore i would highly recommend this pub.

Date visited: 17/12/09

Review by tom sutton on 24th December, 2009

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Well i don't about the other reviews but i run a pub and i have to say the food and service was fantanstic there was 20 of us and could not fault a thing i would recomend it !!!

Date visited: 4 /12/2009

Review by Mark Ward on 1st December, 2009

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I have been running pubs my entire life and have 4 of my own. Whilst taking a short break in the lovely countryside of Northamptonshire visiting family it was deceided it would be nice if we were to go out and enjoy some traditional british cuisine. The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh was recommended to us via some friends of the previous owners of the establishment and we were told it had very recently had a lick of paint and was under new management (although they hadnt been there themselves for almost a year) Sounded lovely and i was very much looking forward to it. at 7pm we entered the pub at 7:20 we left. Not only does the Wheatsheaf look like a rocky horror reject but it also tries to pass itself as a night club with excessively loud dance music. And i do not expect to be asked if i would like ice when ordering a real ale amongst other feet dragging,unprofessional mistakes. Teaching the bar staff proper english wouldnt go amiss. After being in the trade over 20 years and running my own successful business it frustrates me when i see the real reason the pub industry is failing with pubs now being handed over to mere kids.. with little or no leadership or management skills and sure as dammit not qualified. The Wheatsheaf of Titchmarsh.... yet another pathetic excuse of a pub that tries to pass itself off as a disco and a restraunt. Highly not recommended!! -Mark Ward-

Date visited: November 30th 2009

Review by Ian Mearns on 17th November, 2009

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Please note the pub's management changed again in September 2009.

Date visited: N/A

Review by Ryan Taylor on 1st November, 2009

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On entering we were greeted with the sound of silence... no music... no people. nothing. After a long wait and a near conclusion we were alone in the universe we were greeted by a young hobbit of a barmaid who seemed really surprised to see human life. My jokes about the place being dead and "God you look rough today" didnt go down to well. And the enquiry of a seat for dinner was meeted by a half hearted grunt and slow shuffle to where we were to be seated. After a passage of time had elaspsed which would have allowed me to copy out the entire dictionary by hand, we were greeted by the same girl who now had a smile on her face... completly fake but 10 out of 10 for effort. The waitresse asked us what we would like to order... my response being it would have been nice to view at a menu first as there wasnt any on the table and no obvious ones in sight... after apoligising and looking rather embarrassed she returned with 3 menus (pity there was 4 of us... but we managed) My party and I went for the british classic of each having a sandwich as we were due to be hitting the town later that evening... after 30 minutes i asked the waitress if she was making the bread herself from scratch and should we come back later when it was ready.... after looking puzzled and walking off she returned and apoligised saying she had left our order on the bar while she had been on the phone and had then forgotten about it..... not seeing the funny side we opted to leave. Turns out the chef was outside the front door texting and having a cigarette as we left. Anybody considering using this establishment-- DONT!!!!!!

Date visited: 28109

Review by David Buswell on 6th August, 2009

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Any reviews of this establishment which pre-date the arrival of Andy & Stella should be ignored, as, sadly, this was not a pub of which Titchmarsh could be proud until recently. In the last year all has changed - dramatically - for the better. Everything is now the polar opposite of what it was previously .... the food is now excellent and the service is quick, attentive and very friendly. Andy & Stella are delightful, being happy, positive, outgoing and friendly. My last visit was to a 50th birthday party attended by almost everyone in Ticthmarsh (or so it seemed) and it was a fantastic evening in a great pub.

Date visited: 18 July 2009

Review by a f clegg on 5th June, 2009

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we have just returned fron lunch at the wheatsheaf our first visit for many years could not believe the change what a little jewel setting lovely with all the thoughtful little touches and the food was superb something to suit all appetites and purses the old reviews on this site do not potray it as it is now can recommend it whole heartily

Date visited: 05.06.2009

Review by Jenna Clifford on 28th May, 2009

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Fantastic meal and welcome in wonderfully refurbished surroundings. Will be back again soon.

Date visited: 24th May

Review by june dove on 28th April, 2009

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On recommendation we visited the Wheatsheaf with 2 teenage grandchildren both of whom are used to good food.The place was clean,fresh and yet still remains full of charm.The welcome from Andy was a pleasure and when Stella came into the dining room to check that everyone was happy the place lit up.The food was well presented and very fresh.As a vegetarian I found a very tasty starter and main course and I could have tried each of the desserts if I had any room left.We will be visiting again very soon.

Date visited: 25th April 2009

Review by Alice Dove on 18th January, 2009

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This establishment is under new management, namely Andy and Stella, a lovely young couple from London. Since their arrival at this pub they have transformed the atmosphere, using plain elbow grease and not so plain lighting, candles always ablaze, piano - which Stella sometimes plays for the guests - trailing plants, tasteful table settings, additional soft and squidgy armchairs comfortably arranged, always crackling fires in each grate. The list could go on. I am often in there, living only three doors away, so my review is a summary of several visits. Upon approaching the bar, I find an average of two persons willing to help me, with a smile and a chat, should I wish it. The beer is clean, fresh and of the correct temperature, the white wine chilled, I am offered a choice of at least three when I simply ask for "white wine please" There is always ice, lime or lemon on offer. I haven't visited the conveniences yet but I certainly can't detect them on the air! The food so far has been excellent, fresh and tasty, not over complicated; even more encouraging, it is locally sourced when possible. Andy has told me that this is his aim. My teenage daughter raves over the salmon fillet. There are many plans for 2009, Andy and Stella are bubbling over with ideas, for example live music, summer parties, breakfast for the marathon runners, these are just a few examples. You need to come along and find out more for yourselves. Your visit will not be a disappointment, I guarantee it!

Date visited: December 2008

Review by Joseph Smith on 20th March, 2008

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It was a nice Saturday evening out when we walked in, it was a bad Satuday evening out when we walked out. The food was OK but I would not pay the price I paid for it again nor would I wait for it for three quarters of an hour. As the last review stated, the beer was yeasty and I could have sworn that my Kronenbourg tasted like Fosters. I certainly wont be going there again, not while it is under current management.

Date visited: 8th March 2008

Review by david cotterell on 14th July, 2007

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Well contrary to what this website says, the wheatsheaf inn is no longer an inn, but now a pub and there is now a separate establishment across the road known as the 'Horseshoes,' bed and breakfast which was the lodging aspect of the Wheatsheaf until recently. The 'horseshoes,' is still owned by the former owners of the Wheatsheaf and is well run and though I have not personally stayed there I have heard nothing but praise from friends and relatives who have. However, itis a shame that the same cannot be said for the 'establishment, (and i use this term loosely) across the road. Since the Wheatsheaf has been taken over it has undeniably gone downhill. It has been refurbished all over and the pleasant surroundings give it massive potential to be a good pub. The location is good and the potential is there in Titchmarsh for a healthy clientele and trade. The fact that this place was as dead as a doornail on a saturday night is testament to how this pub fails to capture a regular clientele as a result of its many shortcomings. Well I went there with a party of four adults and two kids. Upon arrival I was rather disgusted at the state of the outer buildings surrounding the car park and the tacky improperly done wallpaper in the entrance almost served to put me off. However, for me the glass is half full and I never judge a book by its cover. I was unpleasantly surprised when i initially went to the bar and found nobody behind it and it was five minutes before the barman, who turned out to be the gent sitting next to me having a pint and a cigarette to finally take up his post. After being shortchanged, and then given too much when queried this, I sat at a table near the bar for 20 minutes before our order was taken by the same gent, and my party and I found ourselves being misunderstood on a number of occasions. There was the option of staying where we were which was then practically imposed upon us despite the fact I had specifically requested a table in the restaurant, after being rescued from this fool by another member of staff who realised that we had booked a table we were finally allowed to proceed to the restaurant, which was empty and remained so throughout the evening, meaning that the fuss over our choice of seat was over nothing. The meal itself was OK though I couldn't help but notice the staff's frustration at the length of time it took for bar orders to arrive at our table. Also the cutlery was rather dirty, and the tablecloth looked used. The paper napkins provided were of the most awful green colour and reminded me of the sort of toilet paper found in public toilets around beaches. This went to spoil the food which was actually rather nice, however there were mistakes in our order and we were brought two wrong dishes and one extra. (and with the bill i get the impression we were charged for it) Our white wine was warm and therefore dreadful and the ice bucket in which it rested was dirty. In addition to this we were charged for bread and butter which was offered to us as we were taking our order in a manner which gave me the impression it was complimentary. With the prices going up, the new regime at the Wheatsheaf are clearly looking for a different clientele to the cheerful locals that have sustained it thus far. The food is nice, but out of my price range, and the service is generally nowhere near good enough for its desired clientele, even without the numerous mistakes and waits. One more thing, If I have to listen to an entire album's worth of Jamie Cullum again I will be physically sick. The lack of a children's menu was a problem, we managed to get smaller portions but were charged full price for them, when we queried this the chap who served us initially seemed more content to dispute this with us, claiming that our drinks tab was what brought the food prices up, even though they were clearly separated on the bill. All in all, the Wheatsheaf is a pub in which the environment and quality of food give it huge potential, but extreme lapses in organisation and management serve to do nothing but to the village of Titchmarsh a disservice. To conclude, it is sad to see this once thriving and pleasant pub, though it was slightly outdated, fail to meet old demands and outprice its old clientele whilst not being good enough to attract its desired customer. My advice to anyone would be to avoid this place, regardless of what you look for in a pub or restaurant.

Date visited: 12th July

Review by Malcolm Selley on 7th May, 2007

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We have just walked out of this public house, feeling disappointed and disillusioned with the standard of the food within this establishment. The beer was yeasty (poor cleaning process), service was slow food took half an hour to prepare sandwich only, the quality of the food was such that we took one bite and elected to leave the rest. We choose not to complain whilst on the premises, but for sandwiches that cost 5, this was poor quality and substandard. This type of established manages to show the traditional country pub in a shameful manner.

Date visited: 07 May 2007

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