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Review by Jenny willetts on 6th August, 2016

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Up keep of the grass area very poor , dog mess as you walk past the barrier , over priced drinks , shop very little contents and overpriced , a small Chicago town pizza was charged £5 I can get the same in a box of 2 for £2 , loud music from the chalets till all hours , lack of sleep , had to leave the clubhouse early due to and argument between a couple , I'm a door supervisor myself and have been for almost 17 yrs , the couple should've been escorted out of the venue and not the other holiday makers , I would never visit seawick holiday park again not even if it was a free holiday !!!!

Date visited: 30/8/2016

Review by Elena Petkova on 11th May, 2016

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Old chalet , old beds, wardrobes are old too Swimming pool out is look discussing !! All the park is old!! Need to be upgrade Don't go there!!!

Date visited: 6/05

Review by Miss usher on 16th January, 2014

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Myself my daughter and grandson was in a chalet rented by mum and daughter place was spotless fresh towels fruit milk t bags brand new beds and bedding all that for three hundred pound a week for five of my family I won't ever go in a caravan again I have booked with the same chalet I recommended to you all number for chalet if req 07415408238 thank you enjoy the sunshine at seawick

Date visited: 20/09/2013

Review by S-M on 2nd January, 2013

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To be honest seawick is excellent, my mother decided to move here 3year ago now and I love it... During the winter obviously its extremley dull but they do put in an amazing new years party and an owners party for the lucky owners on the park. Yes the bingo has been shut down but there is another one open on the opposite side of the old one, there are brilliant amusements and facilities here and seawick even includes an outdoor swimming pool! It has its own bar and grill on which both my mother and sister worked at and they both really enjoyed in and every customer and worker are happy (: I would definately reccomend seawick as your holiday destination.

Date visited: I LIVE HERE.

Review by A Murry on 25th August, 2012

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This was the worst holiday ever!!! The caravan should have been gold plus instead it wasn't even bronze standard. It was absolutely filthy, old grotty and not fit for human use!!! I would strong recommend you not to stay here under any circumstances! The people on site were very rude, common and foul-mouthed even toddlers. We stayed two days and came home five days early eventhough we had paid half board. My family and I were too upset and shocked at what we found. Anyone leaving positive reviews are obviously not use to much? or have been paid to do so. Please do not stay at this park- it is a health and safety hazard.

Date visited: 10th august 2012

Review by Sally on 10th August, 2012

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Been staying here for two weeks every july for the past 13 years and each year it gets worse. Amusements close, bingo shut down. Entertainment and events non existent. Okay for kids who are happy to play on a field and don't know any better, for respectable adults and families, forget it, it's full of foul mouthed kids and parents who have no respect, noisy all night and boring as hell all day, this was my last time here, I hated every second and can't wait to get home. It's just got worse and worse each year.

Date visited: 27th july

Review by Hayley Moore on 8th July, 2012

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Well what can I say! I come to seawick every year and always have had a great time. This year I decided to be gold and was put in a privately owned caravan. All was well until saturday night got woken up in the early hours of the morning by 3 groups of people lost and shouting their heads off. Then I thought the noise would die down oh no I think every caravan around them was woken up. A massive argument broke out and the caravan smashed up. No sign of security or police for what felt like two hours had the worst night sleep ever. Thought that if I paid for Gold would have been in a bit more of a quiet area but I guess if your in a privately owned caravan you can be put anywhere and pay over the odds. Won't be coming back here!

Date visited: 6/7/2012

Review by sharon and jacky on 25th June, 2012

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had a great time at seawick,weather could have been a bit better,lovely clean place good amusements, great fish shop the sailor boy,and pub,and enjoyed the bingo there too,will def be going back there very soon x

Date visited: june 2012

Review by Joanne Naylor on 10th June, 2012

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Just returned from a 3 night break, had a very nice time. Caravan was lovely, with excellent views. Thought the price was good, my only moan was that the site looked a little run down with some area's looking like the grass hadn't been touched for weeks. Looking forward to going again in the summer.

Date visited: 8/6/2012

Review by Darren on 27th May, 2012

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Bin visting seawick now for some years and i really love coming back to the place every year, there has been lots of changes and always different things going on. theres a new restrant and arcade now in the ents center and the seagull is looking really lively with cheaper beer and food and friendly chatty staff. its nice to be remembered by all of the entertainments and staff here because they no my name and they always say hello and do anything for anyone. Best holiday park i have ever been to and i look forward to coming back very soon!!!

Date visited: 2012

Review by sharon craig-butler on 26th May, 2012

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We love the place, agreat improvement is to be seen with the new team problems from when the old team were there have beeb sorted very quickly, well done to all of you.

Date visited: 20 may 2012

Review by Daniel Jeremiah on 15th May, 2012

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Seawick HolidayPark is amazing !! Loved the entertainment in the Emporers Bar even though there was only about 3 or 4 tables filled up in the club,barely anyone there, also lots to do there too and using the other Holiday Parks facilities as well !!! GO SEAWICK ENTERTAIMENT TEAM 2012

Date visited: 11/05/12

Review by Nathalie on 3rd May, 2012

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What a total dump! A real run down site. Barriers at entrance non existent.The rubbish around the site was appauling.No passes looked at going into the entertainment so all sorts just came in every night. No outside cabarets which was disappointing. We were not told that our caravan was right next to the entertainment complex and rocked every night, let alone the lights which kept the caravan alight all night! Will not return here.

Date visited: 9th April 2012

Review by linda on 9th April, 2012

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first and last time at this place what a dump hardly anything to do during the day apart from amusements arcades plus water main burst on saturday so had no water for nearly 24 hours wasnt even offered any water until 8pm at night and then only 2 bottles per caravan

Date visited: 6/4/2012

Review by Sue on 27th March, 2012

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Seawick is a fanastic park and i shall be coming back!! The amusements near the bingo place has close though! Friendly staff and good entertainments!

Date visited: March

Review by D Allen on 17th March, 2012

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Have been going to seawick now with my family since my kids were born ,thirteen years plus and have seen many many changes, some good and some bad but in our humble honest opinion since park resorts have run things the site has now turned into a very sad state of affairs and a shadow of its former self. so sad.

Date visited: 13 years

Review by paul and christine clark on 8th January, 2012

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We have been caravan owners for 2 years on seawick and can honestly say we love it , we had abit of bother when we first came on the site but it was quickly resolved by the site manager, we go to our caravan alot and our grandchildren love it there , wudnt go anywere else. at the end of the day it is what you make of your hoilday, people will moan were ever they go its what you like and every indival is different, there are some parks i wont go to but other people think they are great like walton on the naze as a nice beach and thats about it were seawick as alot more but that is people,s choice. would deffo recommend seawick

Date visited: 8th jan 2012

Review by phil smith on 15th October, 2011

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Another lovely break...this time stayed in a chalet..number 110..It was lovely, roomy & we all agreed would stay there again. I really do not know what people have to complain about!!!

Date visited: 23/09/11

Review by JB on 10th October, 2011

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We went into Seawick sales office just before the summer school holiday season to buy a caravan with the intention of renting it out in the main season and using it ourselves in the winter. Staff in the sales office were wonderful, until they had our money. Then we were ripped off by the Sales Manager and her husband. The cost of the van went up after we had bought it and we were railroaded into paying more money when we were tired and they had worn us down. Then during the week things were removed from the van like lights, sockets, taps etc. We only got them back cos we had photos to prove they were taken. We were the. Kicked off site cos we constantly complained in the sales office. So we wrote to the Chief Excutive of Park Holodays and finally got some action. We are now more than happy at the sister site, St Osyth Beach. The staff there cannot do enough for you. If something goes wrong they listen to your problem and do whatever they can to resolve it. The whole site feels relaxed and friendly. Do not touch Seawick with a barge pole. Go to St Osyth beach Holiday park and get an honest deal.

Date visited: 2011

Review by anthony list on 9th October, 2011

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come back from this site 2 days early due to chalet being so bad had bogeys smeared on walls no heating or hot water windows wouldnt shut so freezing cold all the time ruined my first wedding anniversary will be taking things further what a shit hole never go there again

Date visited: 07/10/2011

Review by Ray on 30th September, 2011

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In respect of Neil White's posts - you won't get any response from your complaints. they've probably binned your questionnaire as the feedback wasn't too good. Us owners can't get a response or anything sorted out, what hope have you holiday makers got. You are right, one they have your money they aren't intersted. I would stay clear of this place - wish we had.

Date visited: All the time

Review by neil white on 15th September, 2011

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having had unhappy break at seawick i filled in a questionaire saying how unhappy i was with the break & low & behold i get a flyer thru the door 10 days later trying to get me to go back there!!!! dont they have a complaints department here plus i think some of the staff write these reveiws cos most of the people i spoke to were in the same frame of mind as myself seems to me once they get your money you are forgotton about.i definately wont be going there again sorry seawick but your park has gone need to rethink your ideas on how to run a holiday centre

Date visited: 22 8 2011

Review by neil white on 26th August, 2011

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this is the 3rd time we have stopped at seawick paid for a goid plus van which in my opinion was a silver at best when i complained was fobbed off was told they would send a manager to sort problem out youve guessed it never got to meet him having explored facilities found games room out of action was told electrics out of our evening entertainment was spent down the sailorboy pub which was alot better than seawick could provide your park is going to rack& ruin sort it before its to late it used to be good fun but this time a bit of a nightmare

Date visited: 22/8/2011

Review by mr bond on 3rd August, 2011

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15 months still no answer from the general manager grant wicks as our keys went missing from the office and the caravan was rented out nothing was ever done no apology from the site none from the company the varanda was damaged no one knows how .thats with 24hour security so fraud went on with our van but we are made to look the guilty persons what dose go on at this site mr a bond

Date visited: july 2011

Review by ebow on 23rd July, 2011

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ok you read many reviews the truth is it is not that bad you wont have a red carpet laid out, your caavan will be clean unless you look under things same as your own house ,your down for the week and you can enjoy yourself,clubhouse is ok beer is the same as your local pub if you live in the west end,seawick do right reviews on here ,as an owner i have had many problems some solved some not,i will allways come back even when i sell my caravan as i have met some good pepole at this place and thats the main point its not what they can do for you its the pepole that are in there any one wanting to buy caravan on this site leave a review and will get back to you

Date visited: last 7 yrs

Review by jimmy chappell on 17th July, 2011

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I dont get it! This is the one park that park holidays keep trying to keep hold of , as they have recieved many bids from Haven. Things to do on the site: Swimming - Outdoor and 10 min walk for Indoor pool. Park Which can be used whenever. Football Pitch Wednesday and sunday market Bingo Arcade 2 Pubs and Entertainment complex The Venue Loopey Club Prize Bingo Pool Rooms , I dont get it , If you was a lifeguard you would not want to be sitting out in the pouring rain would you? , Plus the kids would get Cold! , And there is and Indoor one just down the road so no need to moan about that , Accomadation When we stay in are caravan we dont get what it looks lika aslong as we can sleep and shower that it , When we have a TV we never put it on as we dont come on holiday to watch tv , and sit round the van everyday, Dinner: We never eat in the van as we would rather stay out for as long as possible so we tend to go to mcdonals , KFC , Piizza hut Pubs , chinese takeaways , Indian foods and Cake and tearooms. Also if weather not good there is things to do go to the pubs arcade and play a few games of pool/snooker or darts whatever there is shops , or of the site there is golf , Clacton pier , Things to do , I dont understand why everyone moans about the site, Evening Entertainment , Well the seagull pub is good for couples - (No kids) Pool Tables Fruit machines darts cheap bear and nice garden Tv screens sky sports! , The Tudor Bar A lovely quiet bar during the week Every Friday Karaoke , Saturday singer sunday singer during the week there is maggot racing for kids and adults, Pool Tables , Dartboards Smoking areas Extremely cheap Beer! Open from 11-4 6pm-1am The Entertainment complex Offers Caburay , Loopy club (Kids place) Exspensive beer! Bingo Disco's The Venue is where proffesional artists peform: People performed there before Cascada - Basshunter , Legend of the oche , Michael Mcintryre , Lee nelson Xfactor artists 2010 , NDUBZ AND GMania was buit in 2010! Great entertainment:) The staff always smile , Park itself normal and clean! Park 9/10 ***** Great place great park!!!!!

Date visited: Last Year

Review by Jimmy on 16th July, 2011

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I have been to Seawick many times before. We try to get the same 2 weeks every year as they are the ones that provide the best entertainment! Also Im going again on the 23/7/11 for 2 weeks , I have to say the staff were polite but we rarely had to ask many questions as we never had any problems, I would not want to go to st Osyth beach as it is dirty and not clean , and i prefer a safer beach Eg - Clacton , Nighlife is great we usually got to the Tudor bar near the Arcades , They have Karaoke , Singers , Pool tables dart boards and great enterainment , Where do we eat , Dont eat on site! We go other places around St Osyths Curry houses chinese's Pubs And tea rooms and the salourboy is a great Pub but not much choice of entertainment , I would rate it 4/5 Good park and we have booked again to go for the next 3 years! Caravan is always tidy and decent bed's and showers, Anyway never hesitate to come here it is fab - Jimmy Chappell Hemel Hempstead 14 Years old

Date visited: 24/7/10

Review by mr bond on 22nd May, 2011

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disgusting behavour from an owner of seawick holiday caravan . we paid cash for the van in in 2009 we had decking put on it which cost 5000 obviosly payed through the nose we had a toilet replaced cost us 400 and it leeked for a year due to ill health we never got down there also had difficulty to pay 3000 ground rent out of the blue the site manager phoned and ask usd if we wanted it to be let we stated that we wasnt allowed as it was to old anyway we recieved some money and payed it up the manager payed it from our debit card in march 2010my sister went there and couldnt retreave entry a women opened the door and said she had been renting the van for 2 months without my consent and never recieved an appology or componsation manger and staff were very rude investigate manager and staff

Date visited: 20/5/2011

Review by Sarah & Tony on 23rd April, 2011

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i have been visiting Seawick for a few years now and it never gets boring! There are so many staff there that remember us and always make us welcome! The park manager is never around that is true but to be honest we never have had any major problems. The kids entertainment changes each year, but it is sufficient for a holiday camp if you want cheesy stuff. Clacton and Colchester are not too far away and make good day out if you don't want to stay on the park, plus the beach is 5 minutes away from the Seagull pub as you enter the park. i prefer the club as there is more going on, and the Seagull is good for food or just a quiet drink. If you go to the club, you'll have better options for entertainment. The caravans are clean and tidy and the park in general presentable. Staff are not rude, they are human beings not robots and take alot of abuse from moaners! I don't like being hassled by sales staff, but suppose they want to sell vans because its their job. I will be coming back to Seawick, and i hope this review helps!

Date visited: March

Review by Lou on 8th March, 2011

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I am writing on behaf of my older sister and her friends, who all have learning problems, and disabilities. They booked their holiday break to fall betweeen 4th - 11th of march! In a 2 bedroom sleeps 6 silver caraan. Phonecalls made to and from the camp and my sister to each other were positive until her and her friends got there. To find NO ENTERTAINMENT WHAT SO EVER! NO ARCADE OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY! NOTHING TO DO. Was disgusting £160 for 7nights and nothing on park open to do. Thats not it, the customer service were complete and utter waste of employment, the didnt do jobs correct, there was NO HOT WATER FOR THE WEEKEND & NO HEEATING!! the first weekend was a bore and hell for them. They feared about there dream holiday break and decided to head home monday telling the reception. A cleaner came in before they left the park and gave there notice in saying there leaving. The cleaner came in whilst they were out there van, cleaned there van and binned all food stored in fridge, rooms, cupboards etc.. nothing was left! A forwarded repeated complaints about it, they camp would NOT REFUND any of the food or give them a ticket to get a free meal off camp! I think this is the worst camp ever! were constantly on the phone to the camp now to complaint, and the manger ill not come on the phone! Im disgusted!

Date visited: 4th march 2011

Review by lolw on 23rd February, 2011

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hmmm what can i say seawick was a ok holiday mainly because we found a nice pub down the road "THE SAILORBOY"very nice reasonably priced drink oh and dont forget the food the sunday lunch is the best ive ever had staff are so friendly and quick to give a little banter A++++++++ I THINK THE SAILORBOY MAKES THE HOLIDAY WORTH WHILE OH ITS BY THE BEACH BY THE WAY ON A SITE CALLED HUTLEYS

Date visited: 01 march 2011

Review by SF on 21st January, 2011

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Just to warn you I think reading a lot of the reviews, they must have been written by the Sales staff. As an owner on this site for many years, all I can say is the whole site and cusotmer service has deteriorated since it was taken over by Park Holidays. This site and St Osyth seem to be run by the caravan sales manager and her husband and not the Manager of the site who is supposed to be just a contractor on site who is responsible for the maintenance of the site, caravan moves and grass cutting. He also owns a verranda company Caradeck and thinks he has got sole right to be on the site and won't let other contractors on site unless there is something in it for him. I am really surprised that Park Holidays let this husband and wife combination work together and milk the site for everything they can get - about time Park holiday did an audit on how long certain jobs take and unnecessary caravan moves. No wonder there is no money to keep the site looking nice. If you are ever thinking of buying on this site don't - you will not believe what goes on. You have been warned! We are looking into getting a tow off this year we have had enough of seeing what goes on.

Date visited: Ongoing Fed-up Owner

Review by Jill on 12th November, 2010

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i have been taking my family to Seawick for many many years, but haven't visited for 6 years so decided to book a week during autumn half term with our grandchildren aged 9 and 11. what a shock we had. The van we booked was supposed to be gold,as we opened the door to the van the first thing we noticed was a strong damp smell and a disgusting filthy carpet,but hey ho it was the end of season, i assume they would clean the carpet for next year. must admit weather very cold, had to leave the gas fire and the useless bedroom heaters on practically all day and night just to keep warm and also had to go into tesco to get some cheap duvets to keep the girls warm at night as the ones supplied were grubby and very thin. their used to be an indoor pool but this has been replaced by an outdoor pool which looked ok but totally unsuitable unless weather ok. told we could use indoor pool on sister site at st osyth beach, so ventured down there only to find a sign saying that pool full, come back in a hour. lots of others had done the same and were complaining outside, my 2 granddaughters were very disappointed after walking all that way in the cold. we returned the following day in the afternoon and managed to get in at 2pm but one of the pool staff (big bloke) was extremely rude to us, that pool was ok but when we got out none of the showers worked very well and there was only 3 changing rooms so we had to wait for ages to get changed - ridiculous now both seawick and st osyth had to share this pool. whilst at the pool i asked an owner what there was to do for my 9 and 11 year old - and there reply was 'not a lot'. we did venture into the club house in the evening but my grandkids found the loopy show boring and childish. the tables and bar area felt sticky - yuk, there are a few amusements on site, but nothing really to keep older kids amused, we spend most of our holiday in clacton and colchester where there was more to do, the site seemed to be very run down, long grass, just looked shabby. shame really as it used to be a great site. don't think we would bother going again.

Date visited: October Half Term

Review by samantha on 29th October, 2010

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I have been coming to seawick holiday park for as long as i can remember and had booked a private rental caravan as i had come with my children ,dog and a few family members for the monday-friday half term.Our caravan was not in the ideal spot that we wanted as it was at the back of the park and was abit of a walk to the local facilities e.g. arcades and the club. The caravan was very clean , tidy and simple. The down side was that there was'nt enough bed covers to go around. We contacted the owner before but she would'nt be down that weekend so would'nt be able to replace them, so we had to bring extras. The arcades were open 24/7 and thats not easy when you have kids with you because you end up spending too much money.The club was simple and had good intertainment and activities such as bingo,loopy club,disco,kareoke,raffle and much more. The staff were very friedndly and tried their best to make you feel welcome.Their were other facilities outside the park but was'nt open long hours as it was the last week until closing till it re-opens again in march.The holiday could if been better if the weather was'nt so bad as it was cold but luckily we had abit of sun most days. I would recommened you to go there but in the summer holidays as the weather helps the holiday to be enjoyable.I have been going so many times and would'nt mind purchasing my own caravan in the future. 25/10/10

Date visited: 25/10/10

Review by Sheryl on 22nd September, 2010

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I have just returned from Seawick and will say i was pleasantly surprised. I read alot of the reviews on here and don't quite understand what alot of people have to moan about. If you're after a cheap getaway, then there isn't anywhere better. Yes, i know its September and the weather isn't exactly holdiay material. However, everyone including all the reception, sales,entertainment, bar and pool staff were extremely friendly and very helpful. Definatley cannot knock this place, will be going back again!

Date visited: September 2010

Review by Steve and Becky on 21st September, 2010

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My partner and I booked this holiday throught The Sun as a little break before our baby is due. Once we had the park confirmed, we looked at the reviews and wasnt sure whether to go!!!She was 37 weeks pregnant when we went and we are both really pleased we decided to go. We only stayed in a bronze level caravan due to us taking the dog but we was pleased with it. It was basic but clean. Not massively spacious but was ok for us - probably be ok for family with 2 kids but no more to be honest! As we didnt have any kids with us, we couldnt really comment on the entertainment for the kids but there were plenty of arcades about and pool tables etc. Theres a few green areas where they can play games etc too. The Seagull pub does decent pub grub for a fair price - although we cooked in the caravan 2 nights. We got what we wanted from the break and that was a cheap change of scenery and to chill out. There was certainly no screaming, shouting or fighting as mentioned below but guess this is the quiet end of the season!! Id definately go back with our child next year - so thats enough said I think!

Date visited: 17-20 Sept 2010

Review by phil smith on 21st September, 2010

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I have just got back from another great break from Seawick....I didn't take my dog this time so went for a Silver model ...It was superb...Clean & very modern..Great shower & bathroom. The seagull pub kept us all wekk fed. The sun shone, Staff were great & entertainment was spot on.I will deffo be going back!!!

Date visited: 17/09/10

Review by Gav + Co. on 21st September, 2010

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After reading some of the less than favourable reviews on this site, I wasn't sure what to expect at Seawick Holiday Park. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Our 3 bedroom caravan was tidy, clean & made a comfortable base for our 4 day break. The site itself was tidy and clean with plenty of amusements for the kids, along with a small pool and play area. The on-site club house offered a daily entertainment program for the kids. Evening entertainment consisted of kids disco, bingo then cabaret & disco. OK, a bit repetitive, but the entertainment staff cannot be faulted & really made an effort to give 100%. There is a small shop on-site which was well stocked, along with a fish + chip shop and a donut/sweet hut. The caravan park opposite also had a shop, cafe, pub, fish and chip shop etc so you are not stuck for somewhere else to go. The beach was only a 5 minute walk away and there is a pathway running along the coast into the next village [Jaywick] and beyond which makes a nice walk. Clacton and Colchester are only a short drive away so if you have a car, you are not stuck for days out. In summary, this is not the ritz, but Seawick offers everything other caravan parks have to offer and delivers to a good standard. I hope to retun here at some point next year.

Date visited: 17 Sept 2010

Review by j stoakes on 9th September, 2010

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I was worried about going to this holiday park after reading the reviews on it..I went with my two children a friend and her two children and i must say we had a brilliant time.. The caravan was clean and spacious,we was right at the front so i could see the children in the outdoor pool, which they loved and went in every morning.. we was near the clubhouse so the music was a bit thumpy at night but could put up with it..There was a little market there on some mornings ..The amusements were great,quiet expensive but thats what happens when u have was good we had sunday dinner at the seagull pub which was nice..overall we had a good holiday..just need to say that the childrens entertainment needs to be reviewed as that was abit rubbish ..but i will be going back to seawick next year... Thank you for a great time.!!

Date visited: 28 aug 10

Review by a very happy guest on 5th September, 2010

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I think its really sad how people complain about a great place. Everyone moans that they cant get there keys on time (they must of forgot they weren't the only ones checking in) the outdoor pool wont open when its going to pour down because who is going to go into an outdoor pool in the rain when they can walk 10 mins and use the indoor one. People moan about the entertainment lasting to long but its not just there kids in the games its others and if there having fun so what? There on holiday aswel. And yes the chalets are not the best looking things, im not going to disagree with that but if you pay for a basic accommodation that's had pet's in then what your going to get in basic.

Review by stewart on 4th September, 2010

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well what to say worst holiday park i have been to yet dirty caravan dust everywhere carpet had never been washed and more sand in it than on the beach caravan stunk for first week of pee until staff came and cut the carpet out of a cupboard blinds fell down in the shower room and staff never came to repair the was lack of repairs to the site ,there was a broke bench left on the playing field for over a week myself and family found the site and clackton lacking in everyway nothing to do unlike resorts like scarborough and great yarmouth or even skegness my 12 year old son was assulted in the outdoor pool by a 16 year old and the site manager was unwilling to do anything about the matter and never even left his office to discuss the matter just past on the police phone number yet if grown up do the same the are kicked of site the onsite shop has no stock my dad thought it was due to being near the end of season but was told by shop staff its always the same please listen to me and stay away i will never in my life return

Date visited: aug to sept

Review by J Morgan on 21st August, 2010

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From entering the park doom and gloom had set in! It took ages to get our keys as several families in front of use were complaining! On entering our accomdation ( past the staff accomdation with the boarded up windows!) It appears that health and safety regulations do not apply to park holidays,one plug socket hanging off the wall, screws sticking out of the door in the kids bedroom and unstable beds that were not safe to sleep on. We choose this holiday as we were on a tight budget, and was hoping to spend some time using the free facilities of the holiday park. Oh dear not to be from the pool that would close at the slightness sign of rain, to the extremely poor kids club ( even my 6 year old found the half hour game of musical bumps boring and frustrating as kids would get out then be back in the game many times!) to the one table tennis table with bats that looked like they had been eaten by mice! You can use the indoor pool at nearby park, but when we went we had to wait outside for 20 minutes as it was full and when my kids went on the water flumes ( that were only open for 90 minutes a day) they were pushed out the way many times by rude children whislt staff watched yet said nothing. To be fair about 50% the staff were polite although the amount of people complaining must have tested their patiences. But one night we did see 3 of the bouncers having a massive arguement using very colourful language in front of many children. No wonder the behaviour of some of the children and adults there would have kept super nanny in work till retirement! My advice pay the extra money and go to Haven or Butlins instead as you will spend lots of money spending time outside seawick!

Date visited: 7/08/10

Review by Cooper on 10th August, 2010

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What can I say, 2 years ago we had a fantastic holiday at this park, we are a family of 5. We have just returned 2 nights early as the violence and anti social behaviour was completely un acceptable. On the first night we were there, a mini riot ensued, people were getting stabbed and glassed on a family holiday park! Children were constantly un supervised, my 13 year old was propositioned several times while in our company, my car was used as a football goal from 8am to 11pm daily. People were passing alcohol through the swimming pool fence to each other and were not challenged for it. Children were drinking, smoking, taking drugs and swearing continuously and for £500 this was not the entertainment we were hoping for. The staff on site were charming, helpful and polite, the entertainment staff were second to none but there were not enough staff to control the un ruly behaviour around the site, Park Holidays need to do some serious reviews of their security before this can be classed as a safe and enjoyable family holiday park again.

Date visited: 31/7/10 to 5/08/10

Review by Janet on 7th August, 2010

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I have to say that myself,my husband and children will be coming back to seawick again! The site is so underated, but i can assure anyone that there is little, if anything, wrong with the site, staff or accomodation. Whilst we were there, we did witness a few people abuse staff because in the pub on the entrance there was a young man who said he was the only one working and bless him he done his best, but people couldn't understand this. I would only complain in the worst circumstances. The reception staff were helpful and polite, whilst the entertainments staff were professional and kept us entertained with a variety of shows, games for the kids and disco. The caravan we had was clean and cosy. The main club centre has an arcade, 2 main rooms, one of which is closed, as well as a pool room and a kitchen that was closed although you could order food at the bar because there was little staff but all of the staff worked hard and always smiled. The drinks are expensive, but i suppose in this part of the country (near London) it is going to be. The weather was not good, but who can control that. The outdoor pool is only okay if the weather is good, but we were told that anyone staying on Seawick could use the indoor pool over at the other site near to Seawick. Clacton is only a short drive, but if you don't drive there is a minimart selling bread and milk and essential stuff. All in all, there's alot more i could say about Seawick, but i will definatley be going back and i recommend you give the place a chance.

Date visited: 29 July

Review by a VERY happy customer on 29th July, 2010

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I LOVED Seawick! I really don't understand why people moan! If your going to pay for a basic accommodation, that what your going to get! i stayed in the chalets and i will admit there not the best looking of accommodation but who pays money to just sit inside there accommodation all during there holiday?? Everything was brilliant and so was all the staff especially the Reception girls who helped us with every question we had! Thank You Seawick!!

Review by john sicberras on 28th June, 2010

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i would just like to say me and my family will never go back thier. every thing the people are saying about seawick is true. from the rubbish kids club to the rude stuff and loads more in between if you have booked a hoilday ther council it and save the crying kids rude stuff and stress oo and the risk of getting blown up with all the gas leaks i dont normally write reviews but i feel the need to save other familys from that hell that me and my family had to put up with. the place should have a health warning.

Date visited: 21-25 june 2010

Review by Anne Jarrett on 23rd June, 2010

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Watch out for the tumbleweeds, this place was deserted and with very good reason!!! When we arrived we were placed in a chalet, it had no tv, no cold running water, the bath was broken, there was no heating in the bedrooms & it was dirty! When I complained I was told that the park was fully booked (ha,ha,ha!!!) so we could not be moved. I requested heaters & extra blankets. A maintance man was sent to fix the other problems. When asked where the TV was (the England match was on) he knew nothing about it even though we were told he was going to bring it! He also brought along 3 Halogen heaters (without guards)which was extremely suitable for/compatable with my energetic 3 year old! When I went to reception to ask about the missing TV I was told that it was a low priority as they were going to move us! An hour later we were moved to a caravan (which we needed a satnav to find!) & promptly found it smelt of gas!! Too tired to complain we waited until the next day. On complaining they sent round maintenance which confirmed the leak,turned off one of the cylinders & told us that the 24hr gas man was on holiday & therefore it could not be fixed but we could be moved again (yeah at 9pm at night!). As we were only there for the weekend we decided to stay in it (as the smell of gas was primarily outside) & we made sure we were not in it for that long! The entertainment on site was crap Loopy rabbit was on stage for 10 mins if that & failed to turn up for the 1pm Sunday lunch with the kids! I had fond memories of this place as a child but my advise as an adult....stay home!!!!!

Date visited: 18/06/10-21/06/10

Review by boby on 22nd June, 2010

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Horrible Holiday Park. They dont have a clue how to keep the place clean. Grass grown everywhere and looked like an abandoned place. Only thing to appreciate was once inside the caravan it was clean.

Date visited: may 2010

Review by carley on 21st June, 2010

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well after arriving over excited with a load of my friends and our children,,i looked around and thought it looked lovely..but my happiness was extremly short lived...iv never in my live seen such a dirty crap hole..the caravan was fine apart from the gas nobs on the oven turning on every time u washed up (no safty push an turn) and with young children around the gas was often accidentally turned on!!!!....after we got settled the kids decided to go 4 a swim (the weather wasnt very nice but hey ho who can tell these kids eh lol) the pool was unheated but stated on site that it was...apparently the heaters were broke an had been 4 ages..a year ago there was a in door pool too but they replaced it with ''the venue'' which was shut all day..they coulda had sum movies on for the kids in the day or had a soft play in there, face painting, wateva all the kid clubby kinda things ..there was no kids club..only a fluffy rabbit on stage at 10 am then eff all tado all day till 6:30 wen the rabbit decided to show its face again, entertainment room was shut all day only thing to do is spend ya money in the arcades, some families really cant afford it, sat nite they had a phycic ''phycic sally'' 20 pound a ticket or u cant get in!! great turn out from outsiders!! soo anyway u got mystic meg in the ''venue'' room we've been kicked out after the rabbit at 7:30 coz there playing bingo at 8 o clock so we was like u just hyped all the kids up n kicked us out, told us to be quiet coz mystic meg was on in there soo wat the hell are we supposed to do, im tellin you it was the worst place ever oo did i mention that all the toilet stunk of piss and dirty tampons on the floor and no toilet friends lil girl cut her finger becoz the toilet itself was smash underneath the 1 remaining toilet seat that was left..she had to have a tetnes jab i wouldnt watse my time or my money again ..wen i approched the bar staff about the state of the toilets they said im sorry we are not allowed in there and theres nothing they can do..wen i asked the bar staff wat entertainment sorry were jus bar staff we aint got a scooby do...great cheers 4 that m8 ... .....also the rabbit never walked around with the kids, let us all get pictures with him, the entertainment crew looked unhappy to b wrking the weekend ...i never 1nce see any reps walking around..also there was electric cabnets open un padlocked ..gas leaks in other caravans..dirty linen... im gonna write to them an demand either a refund or a free holiday in a nicer place if they cleaned there act up an upped there game i recon it would b lovely as its got soo much potential..there was 2 tables n 6 chairs at the bar n pool table area wat the hell? where is every1 supposed to sit..there was 11 of us .. geezussssss looool to b fair that aint all but im sick to death of complaining about it lol anyway u mk ur own minds up jus hope they buck there ideas up!! 8(

Date visited: 18th june 10

Review by phil smith on 14th May, 2010

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After reading some of the reviews on here I nearly didn't book the caravan. I had a Bronze van as I took my dog. I can honestly say the van, park, staff entertainment were superb. Even the weather was kind. The beach was a 5 minute walk. The SeaGull pub was great & we ate there most nights (very Reasonable).I will be going back in September & really am thinking about buying my own van. Thanks Seawick for a lovely break.

Date visited: 08/05/10

Review by guest =D on 9th May, 2010

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i have to say the reception staff were very welcoming from the minute we received our keys till when we checked out, caravan was brilliant! could nt find one thing wrong with it, entertainment brilliant and ents team very friendly and chatty, apart from the poor weather i have to say it was a brilliant holiday and a lot more then what i expected from a sun holiday!! wil defintly be coming back here! THANKS SEAWICK!!

Date visited: 7th may

Review by Rhys Lewis on 12th April, 2010

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Just got back from a very good and enjoyable week at Seawick. After reading the reviews I was wondering what id let myself in for but can gladly say it was excellent. Our caravan gold plus 3 bed room was like brand new and very clan and tidy. The outdoor pool was heated and also very clean. You are a five minute walk to the beach which has a fun bar on the front. Prices in the club house were £3.20 a pint of lager or £3.00 a bottle of WKD. The shows were entertaining for my 15 year old and 9 year old but my 18 year was a little bored. The Bingo was fun but a bit steep at £12 a book and it did become annoying when the same table won 5 nights running hmnnn (fix). One problem is the lack of staff telling you when the shows are on and what time they start. Apart from this would definetly go again :)

Date visited: 5/4/2010

Review by kevin j arnold on 10th April, 2010

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We turned up late at seawick holiday camp from merseyside due to a bad crash on the m6, an we had to be diverted. We was given chalets on the deep water site,tired and fed up,we found our chalet had rips in the single beds,dirty linin,and local treat (WOOD LICE):). My son slept on the settee alnight. The next morning friday 2/4/10,We all ended up with no electricity on our camp site and as we where self catering,we could do nothing but complain. As a good gesture the staff gave us all half board,but we still had no electricity. It was decided we had to move out of our chalets,but only 3 family's could do this,including ourselves. The new chalet was a lot better,but no linnin or television! I went over and told reception who gave me a ton of linnin, and a television would be sorted later,a tiny television did turn up. (glad i went to spec savers) lol. The next day is saturday footie kick off at 8.30 am,We was advised breakfast will be sorted at 5.30 am. At 5.40 me and my partner went round for breakfast,but was told by the chef,it will not be ready till 6.30. Kick off day! breafast cold! Complent again! manergeres states no food will be available 4 footie teams? SAD I CAN GO ON MORE. FOOD LATE MEAL VGOOD! BREAKFAST???? STAFFF??? (BREAKFARST)! WOULD OUR TEAM GO BACK TO CLACTON 4 THE NEXT TOURNIMENT! NO!!!!!

Date visited: 1/4/10 to 5/4/10

Review by lisa miles on 26th March, 2010

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we spent a few days on seawick holiday park we are new to caravaning but this site was so bad the staff were so unhelpfull the caravan was a mess and the sales staff never left us alone the cost of the drinks was so high its no wonder they let out the caravans so cheap they sting you on the drinks and the extra cost to get in the clubhouse there was also some very dirty looking old men whom we were told lived on site we were very glad to see the back of that site if you are looing for a break dont go there

Date visited: 13.3.10

Review by elbow on 18th February, 2010

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just been down to check my van arfter bad winter all ok ,have a look round site and see loads of vans gone but all the the mess still there why dont you clear up each plot as you go, garden all turfed up as you wont put boards down to stop the sinking but allways tell pepole not to park on the grass as you will sink and turf up the grass,all my patio slab broken up with the wait of caravans going over it but dont worry i will foot the bill and make it look nice for next season.i now you cant keep every one happy but have a little respect for your owners,out door pool works realy well and new ent team sound and look the best i have ever seen on your site good luck for 2010,owner

Date visited: 18.2.10

Review by linda salmon on 10th February, 2010

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Date visited: 18-10-09

Review by Ms H on 2nd December, 2009

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I must disagree with most of what has been said about the people on the site. Firstly, everyone i come across did their very best to keepm everyone happy, and i feel that there was alot of effort put in by all of the staff. What can people expect at this time of year? If you're going to holiday in November, regardless of the weather, you should acknowledge that much of the area is now out-of-season, as is Clacton. Loopy the Rabbit could often be seen walking around the park, as i was greeted by him myself. The food and drink was a little overpriced, but then again it usually is on holiday camps. Everyone i came across seemed miserable and said they don't know why they spent all their money on a holiday here. However, people should realise that you get what you pay for this time of year and that it is not the fault of those who are in the firing line, i.e. the reception staff and anyone else involved. I saw one man being very rude to a young girl at the Seagull Pub on the corner, and i just can't understand the mentality of people who expect everything. I will be visiting Seawick again next year, and i thank everyone who helped me and you all do a brilliant job! Ms C

Date visited: 6/11/2009

Review by Mr. J on 30th November, 2009

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I must say that my visit to Seawick was not perhaps the best i've had since visiting. However, the weather cannot be controlled and i suppose it is the end of the holiday season. The park itself and the staff who work on there are friendly, reliable and always seem to have a smile on their faces. Everyone from the reception staff, bar staff and security people are all very helpful and do a good job at making people feel welcome, even in this poor weather. Unfortunatley, do to circumstances at this time of year, i wouldn't recomend a holiday, unless you just plan to stay indoors for the entire duration!

Date visited: November

Review by Miss Clarke on 6th November, 2009

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I would like to say how much I have enjoyed my recent holiday at Seawick Holiday Park. We booked via the sun paper and upgraded to a gold caravan. This was spacious and very clean, all the staff that I encountered during my stay were helpful and very polite, escpecially the reception and bar staff. I wouldn't hesitate from visiting Seawick again.

Date visited: 26.10.09

Review by mrs evans on 31st October, 2009

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oh my god what can i say ,im sitting in this smelly damp hell hole of a chalet right now on my laptop and wondering has the camp always been this crap or have they dressed it up like hell due to the fact its halloween this weekend,the place is mouldy damp and smelly ,i have shit stains on my bedsheets and havent slept here yet,the oven is disgusting and there are cobwebs everywhere,i only thank god im only here for the weekend and pity those poor familys arriving for a 2 week holiday how proud we are too be british not, i actually found myself looking down at my clothes thinking i may be wearing flares and was staring in a remake of life on mars back in the 60s its depressing not a holiday i would recomend to someone unless u are contemplating taking ur life while here

Date visited: 31/10/09

Review by debbie tomkins on 26th October, 2009

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We arrived at the seawick holiday camp after having got lost a few times and to be honest I think we should have stayed lost! We were allocated our chalet( World war 2 style bunker!) The one next door was boarded up and the place around the bunkers was fenced off - it looked absolutely awful and inside the chalet was much worse. My kids were so excited they went on ahead to find our chalet only for me to find them holding their noses and looking very upset. Once inside I saw why - 1960s style sofas and decor and the smell of mould and damp was overwhelming. The wallpaper in the kitchen was peeling off the wall, the window pains where black with festering mould. Cracks running down the wall in the bathroom and mould around the skirtings and shower curtain, toothpaste left from the previous occupent on the taps and sink - overall a big yuk! The place was a health hazard!! When I approached the reception to ask to be upgraded to better accommodation I was told that as I was with hoseasons, and not the park direct, then they couldnt do anything and so I had the stressfull task of contacting hoseasons myself to find out what do do next as we just could not stay in the place for a minute longer. Luckily we got moved to a caravan site somwhere else and it was fab! Go to stay at Seawick if you want to be catapulted back to the war days style accommodation and if you still want to go after reading all these terrible reviews then definately book a caravan. Also there is no indoor pool which it says there is in the brochure. The whole place needs a makeover and the staff need to get some customer service training.....

Date visited: 23 oct 09

Review by mr e carpenter on 27th September, 2009

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like to say WELL DONE to all at seawick,we had a great time, be back next year, ( already booked it )

Date visited: 7-9-09

Review by Mark on 25th September, 2009

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The road to Seawick on the day I arrived the market was on it made the place look like a 3rd world town centre. As my week went on I become even more disappointed the shop seemed to be always out of stock and looked empty it even run out of essentials like toilet rolls and eggs the guy in the shop was nice however he needs to learn more about stock order and retail trade. At night there were lots of young teenagers hanging around the main entrance and running about the park. The park had a constant police presence during the evening. The gates where always open allowing anyone onto the site. I was asked to buy alcohol on several occasions by underage teen girls from the shop. The new entertainment complex is large very load. The drinks are a little over priced but ok didnít try the food as the prices where high and the portions seemed small but ok if you liked chips with everything. There is room for improvement in the entertainment also noticed several confrontations with guests and staff. The final straw for me was when my partnerís son was approached in the amusement arcade by a couple of elder children and offered drugs. Nice park needs investment and an indoor pool caravans clean and tidy parking and access to the caravans can be an issue to. I was considering buying a caravan on the site but having second thoughts.

Date visited: 22.08.09 - 29.08.09

Review by mr crabs on 8th September, 2009

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myself and my family arrived at seawick holiday park and was pleasantly surprised at the accomodation, it was clean and tidy and very welcoming. However as the holiday went on i can only say things went from bad to worse. Our boiler had no glass screen on the frame and looked like something bob the builder had put together, the decking was a little weak and had nails sticking out. On our first visit to the club house i was shocked to see that i needed a bank loan for my first round of drinks all drinks and food was very overpriced. The switch card machine apparently went down whilst we were there so we had to travel to find a cash machine which took up at least one afternoon, only to find on the last day that it was working and had been working all along the staff just hadnt noticed.On a positive note the evening kids entertainment was good but lasted just over an hour which i felt was started too late and not long enough for young children. The day time kids entertainment was poor basically an empty room with two kids entertainers dancing about for an hour nothing exciting at all. There was a very large time gap between 3 o clock kids entertainment finishing and 8 15 kids night entertainment starting which i felt there was not enough for the children to do because the outside pool was opening and shutting randomly even in decent weather. I could go on but to top it all off the day we were due to leave our holiday everyone of us was struck down with sickness and diarreah and have been so ill we needed another week to recover from our holiday !! we only ate drank and played on the holiday park so was very dissapointed at everything all round. Loopy the rabbit was the main attraction for all families and i feel there should have been alot more effort made, for example an occasional wander round the park or Loopy appearing at the pool side. Even a day time appearance would have been nice. In my opinion its a very poor example of an entertainment park. Given the right organisation i feel it could make improvements to benefit all ages.

Date visited: 31st aug 09/4th sept 09

Review by Mr El on 22nd August, 2009

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We have just returned from Seawick and I don't think we will ever return. We stayed at my parents caravan who are owner's (unfortunately) on the park. We had planned to stay 10 nights but returned home after just 4 nights as it was dreadful. The outside pool was over crowded, small and cold. The park looks scruffy and tired, just like most the staff. The security barriers were always open so could not see the point of them. The new clubhouse looks good but the music was so loud, you can not relax and leave with a ringing in your ears. The entertainment was very poor and after one kids show, my children did not want to see anymore. The food in the pub/restaurant was rubbish and service was slow (at best). My parents are constantly moaning about the park and say they are trapped with their caravan as the site make it difficult (and expensive) to sell your caravan to some one else or to move it to another park. I have not been to Seawick for 18 months as the last time I did not enjoy it, this time was no different. If you are thinking of going on holiday to Seawick, Don't bother. If you are thinking of buying a caravan at Seawick, Don't bother.

Date visited: 15/08/09

Review by Elmo Shep. on 18th August, 2009

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We have just arrived back from Seawick holiday park after a average week. We did not go on a cheap deal and paid nearly £550. IT WAS DEFINATELY NOT WORTH IT. The caravan was a Gold Plus, and fairly new but was shoe-horned in with lots of others. It was quite clean but not spotless. The camp looked tired and very scruffy in places. The entertainment was a complete let down. The new complex "The Venue" was boiling hot every night and not at all relaxing. It needs air-con. The drinks were very expensive and although the kids entertainment was ok the rest was a shambles. Even the young girl in reception said how disorganised it was. You would think that by the start of August things should be running smoothly. We were expecting some decent acts, including X-Factor finalists as stated in their brochure but that is for one night only in September. We felt let down and misled. We expected so much more. The weather was the only saving grace. We will not be returning.

Date visited: 8th August 2009

Review by Robyn :) on 15th August, 2009

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Now i can't decide with seawick, I didnt really enjoy the evning entetainment because i am a teenager and felt the entertainment was for either younger children or older visitors, i did enjoy the outdoor pool though it was very nice when it was raining , becuse the pool was SO hot. I also highly recommend the Sailor boy Pub, during the six weeks holidays they ave entertainment every night and it is always good , and the food is very good :)

Date visited: 8th-15th august 09

Review by Mr. P on 10th August, 2009

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I do not think that Seawick is a bad park whatsoever, as i always hear alot of negative things about the people who work here. A lot of the things on park are in poor state, but for those whom do not know, the park has only just in the last couple of years been re-developed. The enterntainment complex has changed as well, with the new Venue acting as the main pull. The entertainments team do their very best to keep people entertained, whilst some of the bar staff are very helpful and cheerful, even though i have witnessed a lot of negative comments and customers being rude to all the staff there. The reception staff are helpful and very pollite, and so is the young man who works in the site shop.I have seen alot of people leaving who where here last year, but i have also heard alot of people say they're leaving, which is a shame for the old faces i know. Despite this, i think people should give Seawick a chance!

Review by Tony on 10th August, 2009

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We were placed in a brick built sub-Soviet era 'chalet' fronted by a concrete garden with weeds growing through. Spartan is how I would describe it, harsh lights, plastic covered matresses, bendy cutlery. I don't know how they think anyone would be happy with it. The camp pub is over-priced for its basic (salad/relish free) burgers etc. No bitter, lager only. Had no sense of service whatsoever from the staff. We rang after booking with a couple of queries and got just one word answers. They possibly lose motivation on such a big camp but good management should find ways to overcome that. The beach is a 10 minute walk but that is an ugly gravel pit with a couple of containers dropped onto it which double up as shops. What's good? Well, they have a new outdoor pool with toddlers' area. That's it for positives.

Date visited: Aug 2009

Review by angela on 31st July, 2009

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We bought a caravan last september at seawick but are really regreting it, The company are happy now they have our money and its very costly to move to another company's site. I have had a number of problems with the site but all seem to fall on deaf ears. The site manager (Grant) wouldn't even stand next to me to listen to our conplaint, i had to chase him. ( its not as if ive conplained to him before). My advise to anyone looking at buying at seawick is to try somewhere else just because theres alot on site doesn't mean its good quality!!! The sales manager's husband (Keltic) has this year gained the franchise for the up keep park and there's now a call out chance, i wonder why we are paying so much already. Please think carefully before parting with your money.

Date visited: owner

Review by Miss M on 19th July, 2009

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We've just been to Park Holidays' Seawick centre and have to say how disappointed we were, so much so that we've come home a day early. Although we booked via The Sun newspaper, we paid over £150 for the weekend. The caravan was filthy and I spent the first 3hrs cleaning the place! Completely unaccepatble as we have a young child. I reported the complaint to Reception and they were adamant it was clean! The staff were unfriendly and sullen. I wouldn't recommend this centre to anyone, there are better sites in the area so spend your money there! Enjoy your holiday

Date visited: 17-20 July 2009

Review by c burchill on 18th July, 2009

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My wife and i have just returned from Seawick after a midweek break with our eight year old grandson. The staff at this site where very good indeed, although many seemed to be leaving. We had a brick built chalet, that looked like it was constructed some time in the early sixties. It was in a depressing state and not very clean.The kitchen utensels were veried with old plates and cups. We went out and bought our own mugs to use! The entertianment at night was good for anyone under twelve, but dire and boring for adults as the most on was a poor copy of a game show. A pint of larger was £3-10p. well over the odds for such a poor place.The holiday we had was cheap to buy, but that does not mean that any old rubbish will do for customers. The park was about a twenty mins walk to nearest beach, but the beach there sloped steeply,was dirty and not suitable for children or non swimmers. Other holidayers at the park where also not very happy about this park as a whole, we heard many moans. Advice, avoid, avoid, go elsewere, there are much better places near Clacton.

Date visited: 13/07/09-17/07/09

Review by bluezoo on 6th July, 2009

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I Have been going to Seawick for many years now, and i have noticed many changes. However, i find the staff very helpful and friendly, especially over at the entertainments complex.

Date visited: 27/April/2009

Review by yvette connor on 4th June, 2009

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I have been an owner at Seawick for almost a year and I think there is more effort put in by the staff team than most other holiday camps. The owners breakfast is a fab freebie laid on every six to eight weeks and is prepared and served by a very smiling happy to be of service sales team. It does make you feel as though they havent just sold you a van and forgotten that you are a continuing customer. Christine is particularly friendly and helpful.The entertainment is not as good as it was last summer but they do make an effort. It would be good to see more variety comedians etc. The new club house is vast cold and unwelcoming and the outdoor pool a bit of a waste. Vans are around 10k cheaper over the road and with the entertainment not up to much I now wish we had bought one over there.

Review by Loren on 6th March, 2009

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I have been on Seawick for 6 years, and it has seen good and bad times! I have to say that now the changes have happened (and not just the empty promises that have been given in the past) the park has never looked better. It is different now they care! I have spoken to many different owners and all seem to be of the same opinion that 'this is the park to be on!'. Come and see for yourselves.

Date visited: 6th march 09

Review by Lorraine Byworth on 2nd March, 2009

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I came to Seawick with my family and was plesantley suprised. I had visited Clacton many years ago so wondered if it had changed. We had spacious accommodation which was clean and tidy. The entertainment was good and the children enjoyed meeting loopy. I have already provisionaly booked to come back this year and apparently there have been many changes made in the closed season. There is a new club house and a new outdoor pool, which will be wonderful if the sun shines. If not we can use the indoor pool at Seawicks sister park St Osyth which is just across the road. I might even treat myself to a rest and upgrade to half board.

Date visited: 26.07.08

Review by Isobel on 2nd March, 2009

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I visited the park at the end of last year, and i have to say i had a really good time. All the staff were friendly and polite and would help me with anything. There was a great entertainment team for the children, they were all friendly. the club was very good and i have heard there is a new one this year. we also ate in the Eseex seagul where all the staff were frinedly, and the food was great. I enjoyed my holiday so much that i brought a van from the sales team, who were great, they have been really good to the family. Dont judge by the reviews, visit for yourself.

Date visited: 20/11/2008

Review by Alex Woodhouse on 2nd March, 2009

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I would like to add that my weekend at seawick was possibly the most stressless breakaway that ive had in many years. The check in was effortless. The staff were very helpful. The seagull pub served very well priced food and drink and the staff were very well presented and very welcoming. I for one will be returning again very soon. Seawick Holiday Park is now number one on my lists for a great holiday experience!

Date visited: 28/02/2009

Review by Di Warner on 25th February, 2009

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Must say I went to Seawick last year, just before the half-term, and we had a great time. The caravan we had was clean and tidy and the entertainment was great, my kids really enjoyed the shows during the eveninng. Its such as shame to see some of the comments on here as we really did enjoy it and are looking to go back in May. Keep up the good work.

Date visited: 15th October 2008

Review by visitor on 22nd January, 2009

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please seawick dont waist your money on an outdoor pool we dont get the weather maybe a week here and there so for most of the year we will have to go over the road. go to any camp site who has out door pool and you will see its not used,they look nice but are not practical,indoor pools are cold sometimes without the wind blowing on ya.would like the person who thought it would be good idea to reply to this messadge to say why he thinks out door pool would be good.good job with the ground rent staying fair,hope you come to your senses!

Date visited: all year

Review by sarah on 12th January, 2009

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I have been visiting Seawick holiday park for the majority of my life. I have always had great fun and prefered seawick to many oversea destinations. The staff will ALWAYS do anything they can to try and help especially the reception staff. They have always been polite and I believe that seawick staff may have to deal with upset customers occasionally and they have never let it effect there customer service. I used to be a holiday park entertainer and it is very hard to please everyone as everyone has different taste in entertainment but in all the places in all the countries I have visited I have never seen a team work so hard and pull together to please the majority. I think the comments regarding the entertainment are very unfair as they are great. Not only are they good at thier jobs but they are lovely people that will always give you the time of day even if they are off duty. I have always booked a silver caravan when i have been to seawick and i have to say honestly i have never had any problems with my caravan not even a blown light bulb. PLEASE do not judge seawick from any of these reviews not even mine! If you get the chance to visit then go and see for yourself it really is a lovely place.

Review by Chris on 23rd December, 2008

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When I went to Seawick this year I could not believe the terrible way this site is run now.The manager is never around and although I left message after message for him to contact me he never did and found out later from somebody who had a caravan there he never does. Everything about the place is bad and has IMO gone down the drain since the new owners have taken over.No more holiday spirit there just a company that just wants your money and gives not alot back in return.

Date visited: 2008

Review by David Allen on 21st December, 2008

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Well, my last comments for previous holidays have been nothing but praise for seawick. In all the years me and my family have been going there we have had nothing but praise for the place. However this year was very different. The place has become a run down shanty town. Everything has gone wrong since park resorts took over the site. We stayed in a chalet fit for the bulldozer. Constant power cuts were a nightmare and when we approached a member of staff about the problem we was told not to turn the heaters on as this was overloading the circuits. Obviously the place in October was freezing. The only investment made by the site would appear to be the pointless barriers which were mostly left open. My kids liked Mad Matt and the other entertainers. They also liked Loopy the illusive rabbit who was not seen very much. The amusements along seawick road are the only good thing left and thats probably because there not run by park resorts. Matt leaving will also leave a bit of a gap. We dont expect that much luxury, never have afterall we only book the cheapest available but if the place gets much worse they might as well not bother calling it a holiday park and call it a day..

Date visited: October 2008

Review by owner on 7th November, 2008

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Great night at halloween good band kids had fun good job with decoration of the club house .well done seawick now if you could bring back ray be evan better always there day and night to listen to owners moans might not of sorted them but least he would listen.

Date visited: all year

Review by Family Faulkes on 31st October, 2008

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We have just returned from Seawick and have to say we had a good time, but it was in spite of not because of the place. We stayed in caravans that obviously this time of year were freezing, but staff were very helpful in providing us with extra duvets. The caravans had been well cleaned but are so old and in need of some love and care. The same has to be said about the clubhouse, I thought I'd gone back in time to the 50s! Bad points: The site is filthy, full of rude, foul-mouthed children, who seem able to buy pints of lager at the bar! The entertainment was too serious, I disagree with the earlier comment on how people expect West End shows at these sites -I think the staff (well some of them) thought they were performing at the West End. We have visited many sites over the years and have never seen a such a huge budget spent on outfits, and staff who take themselves so seriously. I have spoken to many members of the entertainment staff at various sites and know how hard they work, but this lot were far too serious. The old guy, who was obviously in charge was a bit weird and I couldn't help thinking that the 2 continually scantily clad young ladies were there for his benefit! One caberet night was one guy singing and continually telling us how he made it to Sharon's Bootcamp WOWEE after a few songs I could see why he never made it!But we did have a fantastic time and this was due mainly to the efforts of Mad Matt and Groovy Gary. Matt's efforts at the kids club and during the evenings were what made the break great. But be aware - this is his last season as he is off to better and greater things and deservedly so. This is the second Park Holidays site we have visited and I think people should be aware that both sites seem to have gone downhill since being taken over by them. But my kids love Loopy Rabbit an the kids club and I would not totally rule out another Park holdiday at a different site. If you want Haven go to Haven, personally I find them too big and have too many people, but if you paid £9.50 you were not short changed at Seawick. I think we got what we paid for (not £9.50) and after listening to other holiday makers think we got off lightly. Would never go back though - without Matt the place would be unbearable!

Date visited: 27th October 2008

Review by elbow on 24th October, 2008

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As an owner at seawick i can see many things witch could be done to make the site better, I have been on the site for about 5yrs and over that time i have had bad weekends and good ones my 3 kids {3,4,8}love it they have made freinds and look foward to it each time. The secruity at the door are really good{alan-john etc}ok the shows are a bit sad but they do try.ive heard a new out door pool is planed witch wont work as we dont get the weather.I look at seawick like a local pub somtimes its good sometimes not. As for the bar staff no probs there {john,stan,tracey,etc}the prices at the club house are a bit pricey the same as all clubs. I look at it this way you get there unpack get ready and go out as a family the kids are happy then so are you. my kids love the pool and riding their bikes witch wont happen so much at home the new train is great fun with the driver being called thomas of all things.Evan though its deer to own a caravan it has been great for me and the FAMILY it wont for every one but what dose

Date visited: all year

Review by marianne close on 8th October, 2008

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we have recently moved onto seawick holiday park and can't believe our luck.all of the staff are friendly and helpfull.i was even given a large bouquet of flowers the day we moved on.we moved from another company,and park holidays did everything possible to move our caravan and get us settled as smoothly as possible.we love it and my daughter is having a great has a real family feel and there is lots for the kids to do.the sales staff and manager are great,always ready to's the best move we've made.thankyou park holidays!

Date visited: owner

Review by Sofie on 14th September, 2008

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After 2 holidays this year to Haven sites, I stumbled upon the seawick website and found a good deal on a short break. The booking was straightforward and easy, plus I found email communication with staff great, recieved a reply within 24 hours from Shelly at the site, and was able to book an extension of one day. Problems started the moment we arrived!- We were told our keys would be with reception, but had to wait around in the 'entertainment' area for ages as no-one could find our keys! Finally the keys were located, but we had to go back again as there was no linen (as promised) for the beds. Caravan itself was VERY CLEAN, no problems at all, although hard to find in the dark due to lack of sufficient lighting. Overall view of the park was that it has certainly seen better days, the entertainment center looked very run down, grubby, filthy toilets etc. This was a stark contrast to the Haven sites we had previously visited. We were so put off by this (and the fact that there was a huge punch-up involving drunk holidaymakers on our arrival) we never visited the entertainment center for the remainder of our visit. The swimming pool looked in dire need of a re-fit, and generally the park needs some money and attention. We found the staff to be friendly and helpful, no problems there! We spent our holiday just using the site for a base, and instead took day trips to colchester (25 mins away and well worth the trip) and Clacton beach rather than staying on site for the duration. The pub just outside the park (the essex seagull) was nice for an evening drink, plus the on-site burger van selling £1.50 burgers was cheap and cheerful! I don't think we will be returning to Seawick again (unless it gets some major work done to it) but we were not disappointed and managed to have a lovely holiday.

Date visited: Sep 2008

Review by Val Thomson on 13th September, 2008

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I have recently returned from a weeks stay at Seawick nr Calcton. Looking at the comments on here I was a bit concerned as there seems a bit of a mixed bag on here. All that said we hd a great time. Our caravan was clean and tidy, struggled to get the boiler on but we called reception and a engineer came round within minutes. The entertainemnt was good in the evening in the back bar and the pub at the entrance did good food. As for the comments about sales people pestering you we never had any of that. We did see some signs about buying vans but never called in the office. I have to say we paid just under £400 for the week and we had good value for money. A great park for families as there is a lot on offer.

Date visited: August 2008

Review by mr e carpenter on 13th September, 2008

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what a great short break we had, every year is better than the prevese one, the new barrier gates are a good idea, the site was very clean and enviting, the chalet was as i would have hoped it to be, (very clean and comfortable) well done to all the staff, hope to see you all next year.

Date visited: 8th-11th sept, 2008

Review by melanie on 8th September, 2008

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me and my daughters and son .went to seawick in june for 4 days as my friend owns his own caravan .even he said its gone to the dogs .. we had a terrible time where do i start some people there in the entertaintment are nice people you can see they love there jobs but than it gets spolit by old men leering at your daughters .my son was chased by a drunk man in a car he threatened to run him over .i wont be going back to seawick i,d sonner backpack in iraq

Date visited: june and august

Review by sam on 8th September, 2008

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I've been an owner on seawick for 3 years and have loved every minute up until recently where a few problems have arisen, I have to disagree with the comments regarding the ents team. they are very professional in their job and i dont think that people understand just how much work they have to do through out the course of the day, neither do i think the fantastic shows they put on are appreciated by owners and holiday makers, the kids club is very entertaining, they are all very good with the children and have alot of time and patience, any holiday park should be honerd to have Mike & his team working on their park. the site has gone down hill a lot its not to a good standard at all, and a few undesirable people have appeared, the reception staff are not very friendly and sales do bother you alot, I agree about the hostility of the bar manageress,

Date visited: owner

Review by tully moore on 7th September, 2008

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the owners tend to instantly dislike holiday makers and make it difficult, the loopy club for kids has no loopy rabbit appearing, the staff that run the club have a cant be botherd attitude except for two "mad Matt & Groovy Gary" the rest just cant be arsed, as for the entertainment manager and his girlfriend..well he is fine and makes you welcome,

Date visited: 6th August 2008

Review by michelle on 7th September, 2008

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I cut my holiday short with my two girls here at seawick, it was not enjoyable, the caravan was dirty, staff were unfriendly and the sales team kept bothering me to buy a new van, the swimming pool appears to be subsiding and is very dismall but my girls enjoyed themselved in it, the club house was dissapointing, the bar managaress was very hostile, and drinks are way over priced, what I didnt like was the re action I got when I complained about and old man who kept offerig my girls money in the club, and trying to talk to them putting his arms on their back, when I complained i was told by the bar managaress that I was to ignore him as he is only an old man..i was livid, my girls came in to enjoy themselves not to be pesterd by in my eyes a dirty old man, this ruined my holiday and i wasnt taking chances with my girls,so we stopped going in the club, I have cmplained to head office with no response.

Date visited: 18th August 2008

Review by David on 7th September, 2008

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I have just returned from 7 nights at Seawick. Ihave to say that I have been going to Seawick now for 3 years and my family have an absolute ball. I cannnot agree with the previous comments about the entertainment as I have always found it be good and fun for my kids. It seems that some people are expecting are expecting the West End. We will definatley going back next Summer. We also have a friend that actually owns a caravan on Seawick and says that its great for them, as they get down most weekends. I spoke with someone called Christine in the sales office, and she seemed very helpful and polite. Keep up the good work.

Date visited: 30th August 2008

Review by Jon Finch on 7th September, 2008

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Came for a weeks visit with my family over the Bank Holiday as we always do and from our point of view the park gets better and nicer every year. The caravans we stay in are always clean and full of everything we need, check in was quick and staff were more than happy to help if we needed anything. The entertainment team were great with the kids during the daytime activities, in the evenings, and even when they werent at work they always stopped for a chat. There has been a lot of changes on the park since we were there last year, theres a lot of lovely new caravans in the middle of the park, new barrier system (very good idea from a family safety view) and all in all the park looks cleaner, brighter and more fun. Will be back next year as usual... im sure things will get even better!

Date visited: 22/08/08

Review by tessa hanly on 6th September, 2008

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this could ratr as one of the worst holidays that we have had the sale staff were so pushy day and evening the enteraintmet was secound rate at best we wont ever go back again we counted the days till we went home and we were so glad to get home and sleep in a clean bed our sheets still had seamen on them and when we complaind they made us feel as if it were our fault i thought it was a skecth from only fools and horses dont waste your money

Date visited: 1sepember till 5th september

Review by Rachael on 29th August, 2008

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Seasick my kids called the place. It wasn't good. The caravan was old and dated (we booked through the site) the was a huge problem with sewage and everynight we couldn't flush the loo untill the morning after the drains had been pumped out by a lorry. The person that said the entertainment was rubbish is right, but it was very good at the weekend but the entertainments team didn't sing which was a huge relief I think this is because it was bank holiday so we got a treat to a circus and good acts. Who ever described the old man and tubby singer is spot on they are dreadful and think that they are X Factor material... for 4 no ways. The site is old and needs work. We braved the sales office to see how much the owners pay and fell over at the cost. Since I have returned to civil land the phone hasn't stopped with an equally cheap sales person hounding me for a £199 a month deal untill the day I die at 99% APR. Seawick is good fun for a couple of days if you manage to go on a Saturday night when the fat lady doesn't sing and if you like grubby old caravans. If this is your only holiday for the year go somewhere else!

Date visited: 18 aug 2008

Review by richard hadley on 27th August, 2008

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rude staff .poor need of desperate renovation what more can i say about seawick

Date visited: 18 8 08

Review by Claire Broadbent on 17th August, 2008

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We arrived at 3pm as our E-Mail stated, only to find we could not check in until 4pm. Hoseasons tend to forget to tell people!! We had booked a Chalet but being honest it was worse than disgusting. Crawling with ants, shredded matresses, filthy crockery, broken lights etc etc etc... Then list was pretty much endless. Neither myself or my husband slept a wink of sleep that night as we were too worried about the saftey of our disabled daughter. First thing in the morning we went to reception to complain. It was basically give us our money back and we will go home, or move us. I wouldnt let an animal sleep in a place like that, let alone a human... Thankfully the receptionist was able to offer us a caravan. After wasting half a day of our holiday and feeling pretty much exhausted, we were finally able to start our holiday. As with all camps there were a few things we would have liked to be a bit better, but being honest, we had a wonderful time. I can't understand how people can complain about the price they have payed. Especially if they got a £9.50 deal!!! The kids club was BRILLIANT. I laughed SO much. The reps suitiably picked on the Mums and Dads (myself included)and the entire thing was alot of fun if parents are willing to join in with their children. The evening entertainment for the children was brilliant, albeit a little on the late side. The quiz shows were fun and the shows good. Im annoyed at the person saying that the singer was overweight. She has a lovely figure that many people would find appealing. The older man was a little on the creapy side though.. The entertainment staff were incredibly good with the children and very considerate witht he disabled ones. No child was left out (unless they wanted to be) and they were all given a good chance. Even my shy little girl was up on the dancefloor and joining in with everything by the end of the holiday. A bit of a shakey start but I would recommend Seawick to anyone. I was very sad to be coming home and am hoping to book again for next year.

Date visited: 9th August 2008

Review by Danny on 4th August, 2008

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We stayed the weekend at a friend's caravan on Seawick. The site looks very nice from the front but venture away from the grand looking entrance and the park looks more like a building site. Although our friends caravan was really nice, there were lots of empty plots near it with all sorts of pipes, wires, bricks etc scattered all over these empty plots. It was quite noisy and lots of unruly kids running around. We went to the club house and the entertainment was dire on Friday & Sunday but was OK on the Saturday as I think the duo were not the sites resident entertainment team who perform some dreadful musical rip off performance on the Friday with an old man and over weight lady taking centre stage (very badly). On the whole we had a nice weekend but none of the things we enjoyed about the area were on the site. If we ever go again we would not bother with the clubhouse with its poor entertainment but venture out on cycles to some of the lovely looking pubs hidden on the country lanes around the area.

Date visited: 01/08/2008

Review by Rachel on 4th July, 2008

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We've just returned from Seawick today and have had a lovely break. We arrived a couple of hours before check in but we were able to park up and use the swimming pool before we checked in. Check in was fairly speedy (maybe because we were so early). The chalet we stayed in was basic but spacious and clean. OK there were a few spiders but it is in a countryside setting. We went on one of the cheapy Sun £9.50 breaks and this was the first of several parks we have stayed in on these breaks where hubby and I actually had a bedroom and a comfortable bed rather than a sofabed in the living room! We didn't really use any of the park facilities apart from the pool, as we were out and about for most of the time we were there, but the pool and changing facilities were warm and clean. We only visited the clubhouse for one evening we were there and the entertainment on that night was fairly dire, but we were happier playing cards and having a glass of wine at a table in the lovely grassed area outside our chalet anyway! We had our dinner in the seagull pub on site on our first night there as we couldn't be bothered to go and find anywhere else and the food was good for holiday camp catering. There was a reasonable choice on the menu (even for veggies like me!) and they actually had what the menu said they had! The service was excellent and the food was reasonably priced. The beach is fairly close to the site and is very pleasant and quiet, however we chose to visit the beach at Clacton instead as my boys wanted to build sandcastles and the beach at St Osyth is mainly pebbles. The village itself is lovely and the priory is breathtaking. If you visit the area and are looking for somewhere to eat we can heartily recommend The Beehive just off Clay Lane. The menu is varied, the food is outstanding and the the service is excellent. We went there on the off chance after we saw a sign on the main road advertising it and were so impressed the the wonderful food, the warm welcome and the lovely staff that we had to go back for another visit.

Date visited: 30/6/08

Review by jessica gransby on 12th June, 2008

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We stayed at St Osyth beach which we found to be very quiet and a little on the small side for the age of our children. When we visited Seawick we were very pleasantly surprise at the warm welcome both us and the children got. The entertainment team were fantastic and one of the best we have seen, they were all very pleasant and the children loved them all. We were so impressed that we have booked to go back in August 2008 but to the very impressive Seawick site only.

Date visited: 31/05/-07/06

Review by Jason bloomfield on 2nd June, 2008

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I have just spent a few days at Seawick Holiday park in St Osyth Essex. After reading the reviews if many people mainly mixed, I thought I would say what a great park I found it. We did have a small problem with our van, but after all it was a few years old. The main reception was closed so we went to the sales office at the front to be confronted by warm smiles and great service. The Manager Denise was not only helpful and sorted out the problem with no questions asked, also gave us information on a holiday home purchase. Something we are now considering. Thank you guys. See you next time.

Date visited: May 2008

Review by Nicky Griffith on 28th May, 2008

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After reading several reviews of this park, we were absolutely dreading our visit to Seawick. We were going as part of a football weekend with 14 boys. We were pleasently surprised at what we found. The chalets were great, very basic but clean and spacious and even had an en-suite with corner bath! The complex was fantastic for kids, bumper cars, trampolines, lots of arcades and places to eat. Food was reasonably priced and a good standard. Breakfast was even better - and although we waited a while it was worth it because it was great. Staff were very polite and I can't fault the place to be honest. We would certainly be happy to go back again next year.

Date visited: 23-26May 08

Review by David Allen on 4th May, 2008

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Yet another fantastic mini break enjoyed by myself,wife and my young family at seawick.We always love seawick and have been staying there for quite a number of years now without any problems.Plenty for the children to do its safe, clean and friendly.I would always recommend the place for a cheap family break.Shame they took the hare mascots away though it gave the place a bit of character.

Date visited: April 2008

Review by Annonymous on 29th April, 2008

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After reading the all the reviews (and we read alot) we were dreading our weekend break at Seawick. Travelling as two adults and 2 children under 5, we had already planned our escape route - BUT what a surprise - we have just returned from a fabulous 3 day break.. we were upgraded to a chalet, and although it could (and probably did) come straight out of the 70's it was clean and spacious with lots of hot water. Childrens play area was all very new and tidy - pool was clean and warm, and all the staff were very friendly and helpful - couldn't have asked for more.

Date visited: 25 April 2008

Review by julie on 7th April, 2008

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Hi, we've just arrived home from a weekend stay.ive been going to Seawick since i was about 6 yrs old,im now in my 30's.I remember when the pool used to be outside!We've seen alot of changes and are pleased to say the latest is for the best.Although it would be nice if the emperors bar was a little brighter.We come here at least 6 times a year for short breaks etc and the occational week.The reception staff are always helpful and friendly and the same for the entertainment staff,its also nice to see Emma back this year as shes my little girls favourate.The shows are well done.My children are 3 and 6 and we always get tears the morning of leavin,me and mum dont like leaving much either.The caravans have always been clean.We stayed in the fontain view so we have now tried all accomadation and have found no problems with any,only minor stuff like bulb not working we told the reception and 10 mins later we have new one.We look forward to coming back soon.

Date visited: 4th April 2008

Review by WYBERTON COLTS on 4th April, 2008

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what an absolute nightmare the seawick holiday park is. i booked 14 families into this resort for an easter weekend football break. the whole park was an absolute disgrace, the staff were extremely unhelpful and incopetent, the whole site resembled a building site. our caravans had no heating or hot water for nearly 10 hours. the children were so cold they had 2 quilts pjs on and tracksuit tops to sleep in, i requested extra bedding but didn't get it. 1 of the families had a broken window on arrival and immediately reorted it. it wasnt fixed for 3 days leaving shards of glass on the inside of the window (really dangerous considering she has 2 toddlers) the roads nr our caravns were all dug up leaving mud tracks tractors etc all just there on the door stop, completely ruined my kids trainers and pushchair.the entertainment room had very little heating so all 48 of us sat there like eskimos in our coats all night. the price of drinks is absolutely extortionate especially as its a family site and not a trendy nightclub in london. spent the whole weekend trying to sort out all our parties probllems such as no electric, no heating, no fridges, no bedding etc. the staff apart from a lady called tracey were no help and verging on the point of sheer rudeness with us. the pool was dirty and shut at 4.45 which was great when you don't get your keys till 4. stock up from the supermarket as the shop sold very little unless you wanted nuts,bolts and sweets. was very dissappointed as we spent a lot of money and effort in organising this trip, have wrote to the head office but still waiting for a reply.

Date visited: march 22nd 08

Review by Denise on 24th March, 2008

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Just returned from a weekend at Seawick. A dirty caravan, dreadful entertainment, nothing for my kids to do - the kids club was so bad they wouldn't go the drinks were very over priced served in dirty glasses. I will be asking for my money back it was the worst easter break we have ever had at a caravan park which is such a shame as we go to one every year. My children asked after one night to go home which is a first. Poor quality and not at all worth the money we paid for this break. I am not surprised it is a £9.50 Sun holiday destination I would be just at gutted if we had paid that to stay. Don't waste your time and money going to Seawich find somewhere else to stay along this coast it is a beautiful part of the country just a poor standard caravan park if this has been redeveloped as mentioned in these reviews then I dread to think what it was like before they worked on it, from what we saw it all needed developing all of the rental caravans near us needed to be scrapped including the one we rented. Save your money and stay somewhere else if you are planning on a break on the North Essex coast we have found far nicer places than Seawick, don't be dazzled by the Park Holidays branding outside this place all they want is your hard earned cash in return for a really grim break.

Date visited: 21 March 2008

Review by Billy on 6th March, 2008

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Just back from a quick 7 day holiday and a must say what a BIG BIG improvement from last year! Ive noticed the older vans ones are now gone and have been replaced with cleaner/newer, so overall the vans are so much nicer! The actual campsite is beautifull, so much to do now! Staff are so nice and very very helpfull(especially Leanne)...I did actuallly asked about entertainment this year and apparently this too is getting a new look(cant wait). The fantastic seagull pub has now got new management which is a good thing as we had problems with the past manager last year RWe and kids are really looking forward to the summer 6 weeks. Overall cannot fault this site, just like the 60s all over again. Billy *9/10*

Date visited: march 08

Review by Darren on 4th January, 2008

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We arrived for the New Years eve party to a closed reception and a hand written note on the reception door stating new year eve revellers could collect their caravan keys from the club house. You guessed it, the club house was also closed, after an hour we finally found an unhappy site worker who gave us our keys to a cold, damp and dirty caravan. We did not complain as we were only there for one night and the fact that there was no one there to complain to. When we arrived at the club house at 7.10pm, my wife had her handbag roughly searched by security but that was the only security we observed all night. We could not even enter the main entertainment bar as it was already packed at 7.10 pm although the door were supposed to open at 7pm so we had to sit in the clubs small bar with no entertainment and it was bitterly cold. We received some bar vouchers for drinks and queued for 35 minutes at one bar only to be told that they do not accept the vouchers at this bar, you have to go to the other bar. After a 50 minute wait at the large bar, I finally returned with my drinks. I stayed till about 11 pm and was so cold we decided to see the new year in at our caravan. The caravan was only slightly less cold than the club house and we have all returned with colds. I would NOT recommend this holiday site as it appeared to be more of a building site, very poorly run, very run down, rude and unhelpful staff, dirty and cold accommodation and I was very glad to leave, never to return!

Date visited: 31/12/2007

Review by T E Berrisford on 14th November, 2007

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My two sisters and i visit seawick every year but this year we were appalled by the place ! There was no security any time of the day,and one night an incident took place in the next van involving a man and women,he beat her up,there was blood every where,and the noise and screams were horific, we called police,ambulance etc but management didnt want to know.It really scared us, the next day we tried to complain but noone wanted to know.The entertainment was terrible,they certainly dont spend any money on that,caravan was filthy,i complained as soon as we arrived,they sent a cleaner over,but still it wasnt to my standard,we had to try an make the best of it!so my advice is go somewhere else dont waste your money here ! i wrote a letter when i got home,the management didnt even reply to it so what does that tell you.

Date visited: July 06

Review by lynn day on 12th November, 2007

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On our four day visit our electric went out a few times the first time at 11.15pm there is no help available though we phoned security there was no answer we later found out thats because they are off site at night and dont have access to the phones!! We had three children under 2 with us and had to knock other holiday makers up to get help. The trip switch didnt work so each time this happend we had to go outside to the main box to fix it. I think its unaceptable that there is no help on site and will be complaining. Other than that most things were closed ie: chip shop kids rides , they should tell you this when you book .The entertainment was poor with kids bit not starting until 8.45 and only lasted half an hour loopy rabbit on for ten minutes . Good bits the caravan was a good size and clean ,wich reminds me thanks to the cleaners that tried to help at 04.20am when the lights went out again (We were up to feed baby) Well thats it maybe its better in summer.

Date visited: 5/11/07

Review by mason on 25th October, 2007

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this was the worst holiday park we have visited! we went in a group of 8 3 adults n 5 children. all the children have come down ill with stomach upsets. the caravan was not clean we had to make our beds and ask for more quilts as we were short.we found broken glass and toenails on the floor or the caraven. all the pots we had to clean before we could use them. the light bulbs had gone but not been replaced then they blew the fuses! the only first aid kit they had was in the swimming pool and wen we complained we were told that as the accident had happened on the beach it was not their problem!!!!! kids entertainment doesnt start till 8:45 pm. far too late 4 young ones.staff were very rude and were not willing to help we were not allowed to talk to the manager when making a complaint. we cut our holiday short as we were very dissapointed!!!!!!!!!

Date visited: 20th october 2007

Review by sue gray on 17th October, 2007

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I came down with my mother and daughter and her boyfriend, it was only a 4 day stay, but we all had a great time,it was very quite and the caravan was very clean,we had one small delay after we got there has we had no bed lining, but we only had to wait 10 mins,the staff was very nice and kind, and I would like to say a big thank you to the first aider, my mother was taken ill on the thursday and had to go to the hospital, and the first aider stayed with us all the time till she was taken to the hospital, so thank you, sorry I can not remember your name,I have told all my mates how great your park is, so lets hope they all enjoy coming down next year,i was hoping to come back myself this month, but it seems you dont have room for me, but thank you all for your kindness, see you next year.

Date visited: 17/09/07

Review by Paul N on 29th August, 2007

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We Stayed in a Harvest View Chalet. On arrival and entry to the accomodation we had to wash all the pots and pans cutlery cups glasses etc as they were all filthy every single room had cobwebs in every corner with spiders running around the place, we went to the reception to complain and they said they would send someone to come and clean the cobwebs etc whilst we were out for the day, Nobody came and the cobwebs stayed, Park Holidays are a discrace I will never Book another Holiday with them again Back to using Haven or Park Resorts Next Year.

Date visited: 18-25 Aug 2007

Review by sc296 on 16th May, 2007

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Following our visit to Seawick, we have seen vast improvements in the past year being regular visitors to the park. The refurbishment of the Seagull pub is most welcomed with good entertainment and a great bar area. The pub menu is also an improvement with a varied menu and also a relaxing lounge where you can dine in too. All in all the park has a good family atmosphere with friendly staff. And there's plenty to see and do for all ages in the surrounding area.

Date visited: 5th May 2007

Review by mmiles tens on 27th April, 2007

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I was so sadden to see seawick caravan site in st oysths in such a poor state A site which was once the best caravaning camp site me and my family have ever stayed at ( last year 2006) after over 25 years at caravaning has become a shadow of its fomer shelf yes of course the site has to be renovated and keep up with the morden time etc etc but the entertianment of the club house was way way beyound any which we have had in all our years on our previous vists the club was all ways of the best quality and the staff were t like part of the family thew site fees are very high but we got value for our money but were as now it is woeful to be quite polite We have requested that will would like to move our caravan to an other site were the fees would be possiblke lees then seawick but we would be getting what we have paid for wer at seawick they are falling well below standard so if you are looking for a summer holiday please dont waste your hard earnd money at seawick caran site look any were else YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED miles tens

Date visited: april 2007

Review by lisa Jones on 25th April, 2007

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having had the pleasure of staying at Seawick last season and thoroughly enjoyed my stay, my 2 boys were entertained in the Loopy Club or a few sports games on the field and evening time was fantastic kids loved it, loopy time, party time, kids bingo, the Entertainment team of 2006 have been the best in have met in my years of caravaning, their heart and Souls were put into their work and they had a great relationship with the kids. I was suprised on my return this easter to find that seawick is now more like a builders site, the nice friendly family feel staff have gone, these new one need some training in how to entertain children, loopy club is hardly open any more, there is no entertainment of an evening and I am afraid the quality of the owners/renters have gone down hill rapidly, the park manager was never around to see, the new Entertainment team although friendly do not have much time for the children. last season I would have recomended Seawick for eveyone this season I would say find somewhere else to go.

Date visited: 6th April 2008

Review by Rocky Pike on 13th September, 2006

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This is a fantastic caravan park for people of all ages but specially for the children, we came on a day visit and loved the site so much we bought our own caravan, there is always something going on in the club of an evening, the cabaret shows are ones not to miss, the staff, manager, entertainments teams are so friendly and polite to everyone, this site has a great family feel to it and you are guaranteed lots of laughs and fun. they have everything you really need on site, its close to the beach, lots of amusement arcades. if you want that family, fun filled holiday then you have found it in Seawick, its well worth a visit.

Date visited: 21st november 2005

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