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Review by Daniel on 17th September, 2012

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The worse holiday park I have ever been to. The place needs shutting down. I was meant to stay there with my family for 5 days. I stayed there 2 hours. The place is terrible. I had a silver caravan I walked in there it stunk! The quilt and pillows had blood stains on, poo stains, wee stains, mould and pubic hair from other people. It was degusting. Never seen anything like it in my life. They expected my children and myself to sleep on it. All stains on mattress and pubic hair. U wouldn't even let a dog sleep on it if I did I would expect a visit from the RSPCA and ban for life keeping animals. Freezer had dirty frozen ice that stunk. Carpets stained and toe nail clippings on it.pubic hair in drinking cups and in knife and fork tray. There was no way I was staying in that with my children. Took quilt and pillows to reception all she said was I get u some different ones I told her not to worry I'm going home no way staying in this so call holiday park. Couldn't get anything to eat restaurant only open a few hours a day even tho there web site saids "choose when you want to eat" that's rubbish. When I told reception all eating places are shut there's no where to eat she said" wait till 6 " then she passed me delivery menu from outside the camp. I was amazed. To get something to eat I had to ring a take away place to deliver food to me so I could eat. What a joke. The whole time i was there i see 3 people i think they had all died of starvation.The shop! If u can call it that. The inside of my wardrobe at home was bigger then the shop. I was in disbelief. Security! What security! Anybody can walk on site. All the surrounding fences broken actually laying on the floor. So that's my 2 hour holiday at this so call holiday park. I gave the reception there blood,poo,wee, stained quilt and pillows to them and there keys and left.i rather b at home working a 12 hour shift a day for nothing then be at that dirty rotten place.

Date visited: 10/9/12

Review by L.Grimwood on 13th June, 2012

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park is getting worse and worse since being taken over by Park holidays. any owners wishing to join our newly formed action group to ensure our park is correctly maintained please do get in touch. we are sick of staying on a park that looks more like a refugee camp than a holiday site. we took our first action this week with one owner filling 6 large bags of grass and emptying it in front of the office and the sales room. a protest note was left at reception saying that we would like to leave it at their door as they have done to us for the past three years. shame to say the manager was not impressed and refused to discuss the action. have complained to park holidays customer care. to date have had no response.

Date visited: owner for 7 years

Review by Kazza on 12th March, 2012

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A warning to everyone - just come back from visiting my van on this Park. Old Manager back and place gone to the dogs again - he has only been back a few months. Maintenance Company (Keltic) have ruined loads of people's pitches moving some caravans and driving over owners pitches when the site is boggy and not put mess right. Looks like Keltic and the Caravan Sales Manager from Seawick (now on St Osyth) are running this site again. Tried to see the manager twice to complain this weekend but was fobbed off. No speed limit markings on the road or roadsigns - very dangerous. Grass needs cutting (no surprise there). It was kept nice and short last year. Loads of draindowns not done again and owners have got major problems with caravans. There was a big improvement in site last year, but now old Manager is back, Park is a mess again. I wonder who will be doing all the deckings again this year? When will PH learn?

Date visited: 10/11 March 2012

Review by Flossy on 26th September, 2011

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I am unfortunately an owner on this site, how I wish I'd never bought on a Park Holidays site. Just when you think things cannot possibly get any worse we get another big site fee increase. We used to have the rates and water included in our bill each year but this year they have rather crafetly kept the site fee the same as last year but now added the rates on top of this - A 10% increase. A lot of owners haven't noticed because it is written in small print that we will get a bill for this in December! So most owners think they haven't increased the prices. And what do we get for that? Hardly any owners events, my Grandkids can never get in the pool during the summer because most of Seawick are using it - why are they allowed to use our pool? We are obviously paying for facilities for them! Seawick's site fees have reduced - why is that? Oh and the icing on the cake is the gas bottle prices - 69.50 for 47KG - more expensive than any of the other big companies - absolutely incredible. Best advice I can give you DON'T EVER BUY ON A PARK HOLIDAYS SITE - THEY ARE SHARKS!

Date visited: Ongoing Unfortunately!

Review by Julie Bowley on 8th August, 2011

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We have recently purchased a caravan at Seawick and had no end of trouble with the price. It went up between viewing and signing the papers. We eventually complained to the MD of Park Holidays and are glad to say he is finally ending the mini empire that the sales manager and her husband built up. Maintenance and decking will now be supplied by a different contractor. We are being moved to the St Osyth beach site free of charge. We cannot believe that so many owners allowed it all to go on for so long. It took us about four weeks of persistent questioning and complaining but it has been worth the struggle. We now feel that we can enjoy our new holiday home without being bullied by the sales manager and her husband.

Date visited: July/August 2011

Review by S Hull-Goldsmith on 2nd July, 2011

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We paid for 7 nights in a gold plus caravan,we got first 2 nights in a slum, heavily stained carpet, mould everywhere, broken beds, rusty pans, dirty plates and cutlery, overall a very filthy caravan, we complained but had to put up with it for 2 nights before they could give us another caravan, we had to clean it ourself even after the cleaners had cleaned it for a second time, 2days later was moved to another caravan even though it was alot better still was not gold plus standard, I had asked the park manager for a part refund as I had paid for 7 nights in a gold plus accomodation we never got and 4 weeks later I am still waiting, St Osyth's park manager has chosen to ignore all emails i have sent so I will be taking my photo's and emails to tradinng standards, the local kids would come onto camp and pull electric cables out and bang on caravans early hours of the morning, which frightened my children, park holidays state in their brochure that gold caravas are their newest and amongst the best on their parks! With additional heating in the bedrooms, more comfortable furniture and the highest standard of furnishings, dont be fooled by this like I was, I have stayed in better bronze caravans than these, the guy at reception is constantly miserable, the best thing about this holiday park is Liam and his entertainments team .

Date visited: 4/05/11

Review by Owner on 6th June, 2011

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Have been an owner on this site for 4 years now. There are some good things about the site but many bad things going on. It would be ok for a short break - reasonable pool - when you can get in it (bear in mind that two other sites use it and all the rentals), close to beach, entertainment team good this year but they always change them, reception staff are the best we have ever seen. Since the new manager started earlier this year the shop is well stocked and there are prices on everything finally, park is looking better and grass is being cut more regularly. BUT and this is a BIG BUT never ever buy on either Seawick (sister site) or this site. Main problem been the caravan sales manager and her husband's company Keltic Leisure (also do deckings as well).Don't know how this duo is allowed to carry on on both sites. If you ask about having decking on van, all the sales staff have been programmed to promote the caravan sales manager's husband's decking company, even though other companies allowed to do deckings on site - so they appear to have monopoly on site (very corrupt)! Most of the deckings errected (particularly the VERY EXPENSIVE second hand decks he tries to flog you) don't meet health and safety legislation. Insufficient supports underneath, bodged up, bouncy decks and steps (ok if you want to pay 3000 for a second hand trampoline), very poor quality workmanship - staff that put them up ( if you can call it that) are not qualified, owner charges what he likes and they are not good. Keltic leisure also responsible for grass cutting on site. Last year, it rarely got done and site looked shabby. Since new manager arrived things have got better but they have damaged loads of people's skirts on caravans because they don't use a guard when they strim around caravans. Also, whilst strimming, they have broken people's doors on vans with loose stones and said that they must have been broken into! - good job people witnessed this - they are total liars! This company are also responsible for moving and siting vans (what a surprise that vans moved needlessly from one part of park to another as directed by caravan sales manager). Her husband must be making a fortune! Last year, whilst their house was being built, they were staying in caravans that were for sale - some of them supposedly new caravans - well how can you sell them as new when they have been staying in them? Surely this is illegal. Keltic leisure have no respect for people's property. They deliberately break people's patios when driving around the park and moving caravans (cannot be bothered to put boards down) so that they can get work repairing them! It is shocking. Draindowns were a shambles this year (again Keltic Leisure) - lots did not get done and caravans damaged by bad weather. Excuse after excuse given by Keltic - i.e. freezing weather - well a lot asked for drain down after bad weather cos they had been using van so what a load of rubbish. Some people paid Keltic direct for draindown and they denised receiving paperwork - so where has the money gone? PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING, they should be on Rogue Traders/Watchdog. Don't know why Park Holidays allow them on site - oh, yes, probably because the owner of Keltic Leisure is married to the caravan sales manager! The new manager of the site does seem to be getting things done but has the reputation for running caravan parks like concentration camps. Someone said, that we are now not allowed to use BBQs or put pot plants out. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PLACE FOR OWNERS TO GET AWAY AND ENJOY THEMSELVES. SOME OF US WANT TO HAVE NICE POT PLANTS ON OUR PITCHES AND MAKE OR CARAVANS LOOK NICE - WHAT IS THE POINT OF BEING AN OWNER IF YOU CAN'T ENJOY YOUR CARAVAN AND HAVE AN ODD BBQ? -MESSAGE FOR NEW MANAGER, PLEASE CHILL A BIT - YOU HAVE MADE A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS BUT DON'T LOSE ALL YOUR OWNERS! Perhaps that is what Park Holidays want, to lose all their owners - who knows?

Date visited: May 2011

Review by jon and joan gorman on 4th May, 2011

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I cant believe some of the bad reviews on this site re st oysth beach. We have just returned from a weeks hloiday there and found it AMAZING!! The shop at the reception is well stocked with everything one needs and i must point out everything DOES have price labels and everything is reasonably priced inc freshly baked bread and cakes daily. From the start of our holiday the staff we very helpful, i had a problem with reception on the flatscreen TV in our van and it must have took only 10 mins before a guy came out and fixed it for me. We also had a problem with lightbulb blowing but this was fixed within the hour of complaining. The site has a great swimming pool which the kids loved (in there 6 days out of 7) the entertainment staff were really great the kids loved them (especially cyril the squirrel-they cried when we left) The food was very nice with plenty of selections on the menu. I did hear a few people who have been here in the past mention there is now a new manager on this site and it seems this lady has really turned things around...You will not see local kids on site as there is a new security team regulary walking around and there are also security cameras...We will definately be coming back again next year or even later this year with a bit of luck. my kids Josie and charlie wants to send a big kiss to chelsea/liam and sabrina. XXX

Date visited: 16 april - 23 april 2011

Review by Brenda Westlake on 22nd February, 2011

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Used to own a caravan on here. Went right down hill when Park holidays took over. Violence and beak ins were the order of the day. The general public can walk on and use facilities. Jaywick youngsters running riot. When you consider the fact that Jaywick is officially described as the most deprived area in the whole of Britain, it is no wonder that there is so much crime. Do yourself a favour go to Lowestoft or Yarmouth instead.

Date visited: May 2009

Review by Wendy on 8th September, 2010

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I have just read some of the reviews on here and I am totally shocked!! I have just had the most amazing holiday at St Osyth Beach and I will definatly be buying my own caravan there one day. I think the park is lovely and the entertainment staff are fantastic. I think reception/ shop is great. It always had what I needed in there. On arrival we noticed a few lightbulbs had blown in our caravan and within 15 minutes a man from keltic leisures was there to replace them. I think that the food outlet was great & its really good that you can use Seawicks facilities aswell yet come back to St Osyth to get away from the noise. I think this park is great and I am going back again in October to look at buying my caravan there.

Date visited: Aug 10

Review by GS on 23rd August, 2010

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Well what can I say. I do not usually bother writing reviews about places, but felt I should to warn people. Borrowed a friend's caravan there. Was thinking of buying a static caravan but certaintly won't be at this site!!!! There was no spare car parking anywhere and I was warned to be careful where I parked by some of the owners as cars often get vandalised. We had to park what seemed like miles away from the caravan - it was no joke unloading! Rubbish just thrown everywhere on the park and the beach was full of bottles and other litter. The beach access from the park was dangerous and very untidy - all overgrown and rubbish everywhere! I witnessed someone walking two dogs, one of the dogs fowled on the gravel driveway of one of the caravans. The owner of the dog did not bother to pick the mess up but just covered it over with the gravel! Hardly, surprising as all the dog litter bins seemed to be overflowing! The rubbish bins were also the same too. Vemtured into the club on Saturday night and overheard loads of owners moaning and groaning about the place and wanting to get off there! Well, I don't want to go there ever again, let alone buy a place. My friend had warned me it wasn't great and they were looking to move off. Thank goodness I ddi not have to pay to use my friends caravan!!!

Date visited: 19.08.10 - 22.08.10

Review by Pipa on 15th August, 2010

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I was a recent owner on this site and would recommend anyone thinking of being harrassed into buying a caravan on this site NOT TO! The site has no security whatsoever. Anyone can walk onto the site from both the beach area and from the main entrance. Often kids from nearby Jaywick come on site to use the facilities/break into caravans. It is a waste of time having an alarm (which costs you money) on your caravan as it takes ages for anyone on site to come out if it is activated (if they bother to come at all). Once they have got your money, they are not interested in you. If you have a problem, you are on your own. Reception staff seem pleasant but if you go into complain about anything it never gets done. The Manager is never available and if you leave a message, he never gets back to you. The site is not kept well, with long grass and the walk way to the beach is both dangerous (big crevaces in the tarmac due to frost damage/ground movement) and a health hazzard - steep steps to the filthy beach so overgrown that you cannot hold on to the handrails. The beech enterance to the park is littered with rubbish, is overcrown and full of dog poo. The bins provided for dog poo on site are always overflowing and are never emptied. You often see people let their dogs msss on the park and leave it there! The same applies to normal waste bins throughout the park. Oh and be careful if you are lucky enough to find a car parking space on site as your car will probably get vandalised by someone! The site shop (part of reception) doesn't stock much and most of it hasn't got prices on!!! So you have got to ask how much things are before you buy and things are really expensive! The entertainment is rubbish! A friend of mine (who is unfortunately still an owner) has just received a newsletter from the site saying that Seawick and St Osyth Beach are 'the most desirable parks' in the area lol. Please read the comments on Seawick (the sister site) on this website too and make your own mind up! Once you have bought, the site make it very difficult for you to sell your caravan privately - you have to give them 15% of the sale price plus anyone that doesn't buy through them are told they cannot keep the pitch the caravan is on and they have to pay 500 a year more site fees. The site want you to sell your caravan back to them and they give you hardly anything for it and then sell it on for more than double the price they gave you! It costs a lot to take your caravan off the site - but it is well worth it!!!! Final word of warning, Keltic Leisure, the onsite maintenance team provide very expensive maintance and verrandas - do not use them!!!! Their work is shoddy. They buy second hand verrandas from people who are leaving or getting their caravans repossessed for hardly anything and then sell them on for a fortune - their workmanship is shoddy. Most owners hate them on site. Once again, if you are even tempted in buying please DON'T for your own sake.

Date visited: Ex-Owner

Review by Shirley on 4th April, 2010

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I have just come home from my holiday at st osyth beach and was shocked when i read the other reviews. Me and my family have been going to holiday parks all over the uk for nearly 20 years and st osyth is one of the best that we have been to. The camp is really pretty the staff are so helpfull and the entertainment is fantastic. Our caravan was a bronze but it was still in a nice place and was really clean. The clubhouse is really nice and the bar staff are very friendly. The reception/ shop girls are so helpfull from the time that we phoned up and booked and they sent us directions to when we checked out and they arranged for our bags to be taken to the car. I cant think of anything bad to say about this place it is so nice and friendly and i have booked again for 2010 and for 2011 as me and my family cant wait to go back/.

Date visited: 29/03/10

Review by Katherine Chapman on 27th September, 2009

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Booked a bronze caravan which had quite a few problems and spent most of the weekend going to reception without much sucess. Customer service was terrible they are only bothered about their caravan owners, the lifeguards didnt care and sat and watched kids running out one door and back in another then jumping in the pool, the cashpoint didnt work, the snack bar opened late and and when you looked through the kitchen door you could see rubbish everywhere. One night the fire exit in the main bar was chained up while the bar was open. I have complained to head office and they passed the buck to the camp and i have had a letter from the camp manager which just basically said sorry. Im glad i didnt pay much to sty here and i certainly wont again, or any other parkholidys uk site .

Date visited: 28 august 2009

Review by Huggins on 11th September, 2009

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Dont go. We booked on for a Friday till Monday stay and I wish we had stayed at home. The caravan was a bronze grade. It was old, incredibly smelly, the carpets were utterly disgusting, so bad that you could not walk without footwear on inside the van and the curtains were hanging off and badly torn. Outside it was more like a cigarette infested swamp. The local children of Jaywick, which is not advertised anywhere on the website, use the facilities of the site, totally unchallenged. A group of these children seriously assaulted my son. They are like animals. Save your money and stay at home. You will be cleaner and safer and better off.

Date visited: 04/09/09

Review by Laura on 12th January, 2009

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my family and i went to st osyth beach holiday park as we normally go abroad but money was very tight this year. I think the kids enjoyed it here more than abroad as there is so much more to do. The swimming pool is great its really big so there is plenty of room but most of all they enjoyed loopy club. they was always up at the crack of dawn ready for loopy club to open. one of my children are very shy but they was on the stage dancing at the end of the week! our caravan was really clean when we arrived and was close to the club aswell which is good because i have yound children. ther beach is just out of the parks gates and although it was cold in october we often walked across the seafront for fresh air becuse its a lovely walk. my kids enjoyed catching the train to seawick where there is lots of amusement arcades and another entertainment venue. there is a nice restaurant called the essex seagull where we had our roast dinner on the sunday which was lovely. we also went into clacton town centre which was really good. they have a wide variety of shops there and we had lots of fun at clacton pier. i think our holiday was really good value for money, its definatly cheaper than many other holiday parks and abroad but we had so much fun that i cant wait to go back again hopefully in 2009.

Date visited: 10.10.08

Review by James on 31st October, 2008

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I have recently been on Holiday to St Osyth Beach Holiday Park and had a wonderfull time. There was not one bad thing I could say about it... The caravan was absolutly beautifull and was close to the facilities as we had requested. The reception staff where very happy and polite during check in and throughout the holiday. The food in the Beach Club was lovely and the chef was very enthusiatic, lol! The entertainment was great the kids loved Lee and where on the stage dancing with Loopy rabbit which really made there holiday. The prices in the bar are very reasonable considering its a holiday park. There is a train that comes every hour and takes you over to Seawick holiday park where there are more arcades and a restaurant, Although we preffered to stay at St Osyth Beach. I will be returning to St Osyth Beach and will definatly be a loyal customer to Park Holidays if all there caravan parks are like this one.

Date visited: 3.10.08

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