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Reviews of Bekynton Brasserie, Wells

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Review by Timolancs on 12th June, 2011

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Had evening meal with my family and the atmosphere was dead. Having eaten there I can well see why! Utterly abysmal food, cheap plastic laminated menu, paper serviettes, ran out of bottled beer etc, etc: it doesn't get much worse. Highly NOT recommended!

Date visited: 12/06/11

Review by Jackie Miller on 29th March, 2011

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Lovely food, poliate staff, friendly atmosphere, and very welcoming... What more could you want! Me & my husband will be back again soon. Thank you for are tasty & enjoyable meal.

Date visited: 26/03/2011

Review by John Schofield on 27th March, 2011

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Sophie, I think you'll find if you read my review I said that I actually had a very nice meal- all I said was that it seems a bit unprofessional for members of staff to come on here and effectively call their customers liars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion after all. I think you should stick to reviewing the restaurant, instead of reviewing the people writing about it, and also, I will have you know I am actually a male... not some woman with some sort of vendetta!

Date visited: 27/03/2011

Review by Sophie Fyfe on 23rd March, 2011

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I live in New Zealand and have family who own the Bekynton.I have sent many, many friends there over the years who are visiting the West Country and want somewhere that is good value, welcoming and above all serves good food! I have had nothing but positive feedback and can't help but wonder who these people are leaving very random remarks which could effectively put someone's livelihood and reputation on the line with very little thought of the consequences. The comments made by Adam (mmm, not sure if this is 'his' actual name as I frequently read reviews and unless written by renowned restaurant critics are very seldom written by men but women who have to 'make a point' or are generally disgruntled with life!!!)and John, again, dubious source.... I implore these websites to vet reviews as this has gotten way out of control on so many sites and damaged many hard working decent business owners. Bekynton Brasserie, the Fyfes will see you in July!

Review by John Schofield on 19th March, 2011

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With reference to the comment posted my "Belle", I do think it kind of inappropriate that members of staff are using this website, and effectively calling their customers liars. I had a perfectly pleasant visit, but I do feel that people who didn't find the experience up to standard should be able to express their views without being verbally attacked by the staff. I had a nice meal though :)

Date visited: 22/2/2011

Review by Mrs Valerie Parsons on 25th February, 2011

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I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at your restaurant, yet again, such a pleasure to be welcomed like long lost friends! A testamony to your longstanding clientele,how long is it now? I know we have been coming to you now for almost 10 years. I haven't written a review before but just had to say thankyou, whilst times are hard for many at the moment, your restaurant is a haven for people to visit and feel 'at home'.And of course the food, well,Both Len and I had the most divine steak and the obligatory creme brulee!!! As always, delicious. Good work Bekynton Brasserie, keep it up for ANOTHER 10 years!!

Date visited: January 2011

Review by Joan Wright on 25th February, 2011

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I don't usually write reviews, I just had to mention 'Adam' February 2011. Please, please, please, as a business owner, for goodness sake let someone know AT THE TIME if you are disattisfied, invariably things will be rectified and having known the Bekynton 'family' for many years, I know they would be mortified to think someone has left their establishment with a less than perfect experience. As a small business, like mine, we rely on honesty and feedback that is constructive, I for one,have nothing but praise for the Bekynton, to have the loyal and hard working staff they have had for the last 9 years is no mean feat in the hospitality industry, you do an amazing job and we alawys love popping in to see you when we venture into Wells!

Date visited: December 2010

Review by Mrs Nesbit on 21st February, 2011

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I recently visited wells with my family and we decided to have some lunch at the bekynton brasserie as some of our friends recomended us to visit. As we entered we were greated by friendly staff who found us a suitable table upstairs looking out over the market place. I was delighted to discover the vast variaty of meals to order as well as a specials menu which the waitress knew from memory. The food was very quick to arrive,tasted georgous and was clearly homemade. I had the loin of pork which was to die for and at a very resonable price. All in all i would rate the restaurant 10 out of 10 as i thouroughly enjoyed my visit and would recomend this place to anyone who visits Wells.

Date visited: 20/02/2011

Review by F Robson on 20th February, 2011

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My Wife and I regularly visit the Bekynton we are always treated well the food is consistently good and the owners have selected and I suppose trained a first class team that are helpful and a credit to their parents. The poor review must have been for some other restaurant and they got their lines crossed!

Date visited: Sunday 20th Feb

Review by Adam on 16th February, 2011

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i previously wrote a less than favorable review of this establishment on this site, and upon my return, i find it has been removed. may i ask, what exactly is the point of running a website for people to voice their opinions, if all reviews from people who have had bad customer service are removed? surely this defeats the object

Date visited: 22/11/2010

Review by Terry and Ange Smith on 14th February, 2011

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I popped into here with the wife whilst on an excursion to Wells Cathedral. It was in a nice position overlooking the market place. We ordered some coffees and I fancied some cake, there was a wide variety of flavours to choose from, I had the Lemon Drizzle cake and it was very tasty. All their cakes are homemade and I like that, very homely. The service was very good, Ange was very impressed as a waitress gave us lots of information on the local area as we enjoyed our coffee, you wouldn't get that in franchise like Starbucks I don't think. I would reccommend it to anyone who like good, honest food and drink. I might pop back soon to try the food!

Date visited: 07/01/2011

Review by Mrs Phillips on 14th February, 2011

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I would just like to say what a lovely restaurant this is I vist here evertime I go 2 wells witch is twice a week and I always stop off for a pot tea and a homemade cake witch is always lovely and severd too me very quickly by the members of staff witch I have got 2 no there,they are always so friendly and can never do enough for u!! They always greet me with a smile the one thing I can say abount this super resturant is that u always go away felling satisfied I have also had many of lovely meals here and I have never been disappionted!!!

Date visited: Feb 7th

Review by Liz Hopkins on 13th February, 2011

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Me & my partner visted this very welcoming restaurant whilst on are way back to Bath on Saturday evening, we both had for the 2 course option and went for the Rump steaks, they were delicious & cooked to perfection they were served with a large selection of fresh vegtables & plenty of them which is a very rare occurrence, we then decided to have a pud & i have got to say the bread & butter pud was lovely my partner had the sherry trifle and he was not dissapointed both were delicous. We will certainly be visiting you again. I will defunitley be recomending you to my friends.

Date visited: 12/02/2011

Review by Frances McLean on 11th February, 2011

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This is not so much a review. I have previously written about the Bekynton Brasserie, and what is there to say about a cup of coffee,(today) except it was fine. My point? The latest spate of reviews are more in the nature of rants and are spiteful and vitriolic, with a somewhat dubious agenda. Time to run a few checks, methinks.

Date visited: 10/02/2011

Review by Belle Ridene on 31st December, 2010

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Dear Sarah. My name is Belle. My parents own the restaurant. I am quite happy with my appearance, no use moaning on here about it. And it is a fact that we are not allowed mobile phones down stairs in the work area. So that is fiction. And I do not make the drinks, so the delay and the wrong drink would not have been a fault of mine. If you ever have a problem with the staff (I.e. Myself) don't hide behind your computer, come and talk to us about it. Sorry if you thought our standards have slipped, but you seem to be the only one.

Date visited: 31.12.2010

Review by Rachel Evans on 19th February, 2010

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My family and I visited this lovely restaurant during a visit to Wells. The staff were welcoming and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. The food was outstanding, we ordered from both the specials board and the menu, the selection available was fantastic. Would recommend this place to anyone who wants good food at reasonable prices. Can I just mention the review below... Stuart, how annoying that you failed to mention at the time that you were not happy with your meal... cannot understand it when people moan after the fact.. if you were that unhappy that you had to give them a bad review then surely you should have complained at the time... there isn't alot they can do about it now...

Date visited: 13th February 2010

Review by Frances McLean on 15th November, 2009

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This was dinner, but one of many occasions that I have been in this restuarant. Sorry, Sarah. When you learn to articulate a little less spitefully, your opinion may be credible. The staff are attentive, polite, and many of the clientele are clearly regulars. Greeted by name and preferences remembered. Did I mention the food? Wonderful. Imaginative without being pretentious. Well cooked and of high quality. It has become widely accepted that the use of a credit card will now incur a charge. What's the problem with that? may be credible. The staff are wonderful, taking great care with everyone. The regular clientele are devoted to

Date visited: 11th September, 2009

Review by Charlotte on 10th November, 2009

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Mu husband and I visited this charming restaurant for lunch. Not only were the staff friendly and efficient, the food was delicious. I must comment on Sarah's review... I can understand your frustration, but think comments of a personal nature should be kept to yourself.. oh and spelt correctly!!

Date visited: 1st Nov 2009

Review by Sarah on 18th August, 2009

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I use to like visiting here, but recently i have found that the quality has just gone down. I had a waitress named Bell and i found she was rude, she didnt care about her appearance, and she wasnt very helpful. I ordered a coffee, and she delivered me a hot chocolate! i was not impressed. I then ordered a cake and found it taste discusting! However, i thought this may be a one off. I then re-visited and found the same girl was working, but was to busy on her phone! and was acting as if she owned the place! the staff should consider firing her! She came over and took my order - and got it right this time .. however this time it came cold .. she was probably to busy on the phone to have gave it to me when it was warm! i would not recommend anyone to go here! .. its a waste of money and the staff are sloppy and rude!

Review by Neil Attwood on 2nd June, 2009

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What a lovely little place! Popped in to the Bekynton Brasserie for some morning tea, it is in a great setting right next to the cathedral which was convenient for me. I was happy to find they served green tea as that is my favourite drink and seems to be in short supply in most establishments. I was persuaded by my other half to try a cake and I wasn't disappointed with the selection available, all homemade, I was spoilt for choice, but opted for a cherry shortbread, which was lovely and moist. The waitress Carly was very friendly and helpful and there was a nice atmosphere inside, you can also sit outside and look across the market place. I would definately visit here again when I am in Wells next and would recommend it to anyone.

Date visited: 1/06/2009

Review by OLUFSEN Stuart on 2nd May, 2009

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As part of a well needed break, we visited Wells and booked a table for 2 on a Sunday evening. This as the result of reccomendations on the net and in brochures. When we arrived at 6pm all the staff bar 1 left. We ordered starters and main courses. When the starters arrived, we were disappointed as the salad was all dried out. The main course really was awful. The fish my wife ordered was acceptable, however the well done steak I ordered was burnt and was full of gristle. The vegetables were well overcooked, reheated and even then were cold, Rather than blame the only staff member. we ate what we could paid the bill and left. The additional percentage added to our our bill as we paid by credit card was the final insult. We would never visit here again. Stuart Olufsen

Date visited: 26-04-2009

Review by Billy Miller on 4th November, 2008

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Words cannot describe what wonderful restaurant The Bekynton Brasserie tuly is. Situated in the popular market place in Wells, the staff have outdone themselves to provide a quality service and and an even better product to their consumers. I have eaten there several times since my first visit and even a portion of something so humble as chips felt like a lighter and tastier alternative those sold at pubs or mainstream franchises. On my last visit I even had the pleasure of meeting the owners and they were everything the restaurant said they should be; polite (but not in a sarcastic way), amiable and considerate to my personal suggestions and opinions. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Date visited: 21st June 2008

Review by Belle Ridene on 19th September, 2007

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Mate this food is like fully lush! YOu should blaitently go there for food! =]

Date visited: 19.03.07

Review by Jane Hemp on 24th July, 2006

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Fairly unpretentious premises but the food's very good indeed. For the Starter we ordered the avacado and prawns but were told that they didn't have any avacados - would we be OK with "extra" prawns? The "extras" turned out to be a plateful of delicious prawns in a rather nice marie rose sauce garnished with a crisp green salad. For the Main Course we choose the Pork Masala. The pork medallions were smothered in a lovely sweet and creamy Masala sauce and the accompanying vegetables were plentiful and cooked to prefection. For Dessert we had the most scrumptious Creme Brulee I've ever tasted. Yummy! And all this feast cost us under £15 !!!!!!! Really good food for a reasonable cost - what a refreshing change. BTW, the waitress was phenomenal - she did everything from take orders, serve food, clear tables, tend bar and even stack the dishwasher! Worth her weight in gold!

Date visited: 20/07/06

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