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Reviews of Waldegraves Holiday Park, Mersea Island

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Review by Tina on 30th April, 2017

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Come camping 2 weeks ago it was like batasee dogs home you should have a site for dogs and a site for no dogs I have had dogs shiting by my tent and have 4 grandchildren that have to stand in it and the starf in the granary restaurant are very rude thanks but no thanks

Date visited: 2 weeks ago

Review by Derek on 14th February, 2017

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On the whole I am not a tenter but with 5 children we had a great time. The campsites are of a good size and the hedging between camp sites makes for a nice ' your own space' The heated swimming pool was a real treat. The campsite close proximity to the beach. The layout of the campsite in general is very spacious and the idea of the sites around a big open field is great as the children could safely play games there.

Date visited: 15/10/2016

Review by Jill on 29th June, 2016

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What a lovely site. A lot of money is obviously being invested in maintaining and cleaning the buildings and grounds. Everything is freshly painted, the camping area (we stayed there in our big old RV) is well maintained with little hedgerows to separate the plots. This gave us privacy and a little shade for our two dogs. Staff were lovely. The Granary restaurant was very reasonably priced and the food very tasty (and plentiful) Considering the facilities this site has it is definitely worth the prices charged. We will be returning, with our grandchildren next time! They will love it.

Date visited: June 2016

Review by mr smith on 13th October, 2014

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i thought that the staff was polite and welcoming there was a lovely man Paul who if we had any problems he would deal with them right away he made my holiday brilliant the site was clean and there was barely any noise late evening the club was great and the entertainment was brilliant i would defanately be back to visit thank you everyone who made us feel welcome

Date visited: august

Review by emma on 30th December, 2013

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my first impression was that it was a messy business site, you drive in to see all units thought i was in the wrong place. the staff .... yes very polite they have to be they take your money 10.00 for a barrier pass just to get to your pitch.i has a few complaints mainly noise rubbish showers and drunks at 3 in the morning. i met the owner of the park told him my concerns, he needs to go back to business school to learn how to talk to his customers rude yes caring no. i wouldn't go back i wouldn't recommend the site either unless the family care returns

Date visited: august 2013

Review by SKB on 3rd September, 2013

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We've been coming to Waldegraves for the past five years. We book the summer holidays and pitch our caravan on the main touring field. We won't be coming back next year. We're leaving next weekend, a week early. The site has expanded tremendously over the years, but nothing has been done to improve drainage. There is a lot of flooding after a heavy rainfall, which tends to take a long time to dry out. During the last four weeks, there has been no end of antisocial folk staying on the field. Music blaring from early morning until early morning. No respect for others at all. It's 11.20pm now. Noise curfew is 11pm. There are people running around outside, car doors slamming, music blaring, shouting/loud talking/laughter. Ok they're having a good time, but what about those of us with children who are trying to sleep? Would they behave this way at home? I'd like to think not. No sign of the night security guard(s), haven't seen them once since the day we arrived. The site no longer feels a safe place to be. The one road in and out has become a race track for the young drivers, who don't have a second thought for the children on foot or bicycles. Reception, restaurant and shop staff all polite and helpful. Clubhouse far too small and claustrophobic for the number of people it's expected to hold. Arcade machines are a complete rip-off, enticing children to collect 'points for prizes'; staff member in the arcade very unhelpful. Sorry Waldegraves, we're seeking pastures new.

Date visited: 20/7/13 -31/8/13

Review by SKB on 26th August, 2013

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We've been coming to Waldegraves for the past five years. We book the summer holidays and pitch our caravan on the main touring field. We won't be coming back next year. We're leaving next weekend, a week early. The site has expanded tremendously over the years, but nothing has been done to improve drainage. There is a lot of flooding after a heavy rainfall, which tends to take a long time to dry out. During the last four weeks, there has been no end of antisocial folk staying on the field. Music blaring from early morning until early morning. No respect for others at all. It's 11.20pm now. Noise curfew is 11pm. There are people running around outside, car doors slamming, music blaring, shouting/loud talking/laughter. Ok they're having a good time, but what about those of us with children who are trying to sleep? Would they behave this way at home? I'd like to think not. No sign of the night security guard(s), haven't seen them once since the day we arrived. The site no longer feels a safe place to be. The one road in and out has become a race track for the young drivers, who don't have a second thought for the children on foot or bicycles. Reception, restaurant and shop staff all polite and helpful. Clubhouse far too small and claustrophobic for the number of people it's expected to hold. Arcade machines are a complete rip-off, enticing children to collect 'points for prizes'; staff member in the arcade very unhelpful. Sorry Waldergraves, we're seeking pastures new.

Date visited: 25/7/2013-7/9/2013

Review by Julie on 20th August, 2013

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My husband & myself have been going camping for over four years. We usually go to camp sites where people stay for a weekend or maybe a week or two. But, as we weíre taking away two of our grandchildren age 4 & 7 for the weekend we decided to go to Waldergraves so they would have plenty to do. The pitch was well maintained & a good size, the park was clean & tidy. On the pitch next to ours was a touring caravan which stays there all season. On Friday night we were fast asleep to then be woken up at 12.50am by a very drunk lady from the caravan swearing & shouting. This went on until gone 1.30am, luckily our grandchildren slept through it. The following day I was in the shower block with them both, my husband overheard her telling one of her friends that a man had asked her to keep the noise down as they were trying to sleep, she told her friend that she told him to f**k off & stuck her middle finger up at him!! There was no disturbance on Saturday night. But, I went to the loo just after 4.00am and could hear people speaking very loudly in a season touring caravan on the row behind us at the very end! We was then woken at 6.50am by cars pulling up & the doors opening & shutting followed by loud talking & laughing by fisherman! The shower & toilet blocks were very clean but in desperate need of modernisation. The showers are all in one long row in the block with an open gutter running along behind them, when I took a shower on Friday morning I saw soapsuds with blood in floating past, not very nice. The washing up area backs onto the menís toilets which isnít very nice or hygienic when someone opens a window!! On the plus side, the three childrenís entertainers were great & work really well with the children. The bar staff were very efficient & polite. We will definitely stick to campsites that only allow people to stay short term and everyone has respect for each other.

Date visited: 16/08/13

Review by mrs taylor on 5th August, 2013

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upon our arrival we were warmly greeted by a friendly receptionist who gave us a site map telling us where go and a sheet with whats on at Waldergraves. our pitch was lovely with gorgeous views of the beach. first night there we went to get food for ourselves and 4 children and were astonished at prices and felt they were abit high specially if you have a large family. spent a fortune in the arcade area, thank god they only have the 1 arcade building. not much sleep due to noise on first night. second day beach was lovely, swimming pool although outdoors was lovely but very packed you need to get there early for a chair or sun lounger. in the clubhouse staff were great and very entertaining my youngest daughter loved the park mascots Sammie and Bonnie. last day we went back to arcades and the staff member was not very pleasant and we found him to be moody, rude and quite abrupt not how i wanted to end my otherwise enjoyable holiday. the shop on site is well stocked but again if you a large family it can be costly.we also felt the dance floor wasn't big enough for the amount of people trying to get on there would and maybe more changing rooms by the swimming pool. we come back again possibly as views were lovely and park itself nice.

Date visited: fri 2nd aug til mon 5th aug

Review by Gwen on 3rd August, 2013

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I have just got back from a week away at Waldegraves and have to say it has been one of the best holidays i've had. At 17, I'm stuck between being too old to be classed a "kid" and not being old enough to join in with adult games. However all of the Ents team - Lauren, Harley and Gary made an effort to talk to me and include me as much as possible which i thought was nice. My little sister (5) enjoyed all the kids club activites and i have to say they were well thought out and planned. The site in general was clean and tidy. We never had trouble with noisy neighbours or security as I would stay in the venue 'til closing and then say my goodbyes to the Ents team before calmly walking out with a "thanks" shared between me and the security. I'd highly recommend this holiday park to others and am hoping to go again!

Date visited: 27-07-13 to 03-08-13

Review by pete down on 15th July, 2013

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The site has gone downhill over the past 12 months. Lack of entertainment with the 3 amigos. We do not want karaoke ever night, we want variety. Whatís happened to the acts? Music is too loud, kids dancing on too late and can't hear yourself think. Remember to lock everything down unless you want it taken. New reception terrible and a nightmare, itís not going to be long until someone gets hurt and hit by a car. Expensive and the site/owners have lost the family feel. Try Fen Farm or Coopers.

Date visited: 12/07/2013

Review by Jane on 9th June, 2013

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Arrived at Reception, welcome was warm and friendly. We kind of had an idea were we where going. On arrival our pitch looked nothing like the map, there was no hedge row to surround the tent for some protection from the wind. Was right on road edge which was a dirt track and we was the only tent in the field. On arriving late we decided to hook up anyway as it was getting late. After we pitched decided to go to Granary for dinner, we was told they were full, and we could order take away, whilst waiting for our food two families strolled in which didn't have a booking and were sat straight away, it was clear the staff new there regulars and on questioning the staff member she told me I should have booked and there was no explanation on why the other families got sat. That night it was extremely loud, large crowd was partying all night and completely broke the 11pm noise ban. We felt the showers were clean enough if you went in st the crack of dawn, however the sinks in the ladies toilets were blocked with gunk which we then didn't want to use. Saturday was just as loud but contained to the club house, which was good as we didn't sleep that well Friday due to noise. Mersea was beautiful and instead of spending your money in there resturant go into the village and go to The Coast Inn, beautiful food with great service. Would we go back to Mersea but to Fenn Farm

Date visited: 07/06/13

Review by Jules on 27th May, 2013

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Booked here for 3 nights only lasted 2! Loud, inconsiderate campers at 4am asked to turn music down got told to f off and music turned up. Far too busy, dog crap everywhere and as a dog owner i thought this was disgusting! Toilets a mess as were the showers as per other reviews though this not staff fault. Kids picking up stones off the road throwing them at cars! No wifi you had to pay £7 a day if you want that. Crazy golf and the field with flags in they call a golf course also costs to play. Fishing £3.50 per child. Resturant and bar were actually really nice and their breakfasts really good. Lovely walks along the beach aswell. Kids spent a fortune in arcades. Be prepared to spend a lot if your not going off site! Appreciate that this was a bank holiday weekend but maybe they should limit the amount of people booking in rather than cramming them in. Would we return to this site.......definatly not!

Date visited: 24/05/13-27/05/13

Review by wendy miller on 7th May, 2013

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We have stayed at Waldergraves on a number of occasions now, and have loved staying at the park, however this time wasn't as happy as normal, lots of antisocial behaviour from other campers !!! lots of noise at night including a dog barking all night long !!! Music from other parties keeping everyone awake !! complaints made to park warden and reception but nothing done !!!!!! lots of dog Crap !!! irresponsible owners not clearing up after their dog. more dogs than normal !! 1 x aggressive dog, near toilet block no cold water in mens toilet block for the Friday, Saturday and sunday we have another booking for later in the summer, if this happens again we will not be coming back !!

Date visited: 03.05.2013 to 06.05.2013

Review by does it matter on 24th October, 2012

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on my first impression on going i did think omg what have i booked, for the money i paid the pitch was ok, there rules dont apply to anyone,music and parties all night, we took our children to the local family club house on a friday night, looked to me its just for the ones that are always there,no disco just them singing and asking for silly requests till 11pm at night, so yorn yorn how boring, so saturday night ,,,, the same thing, you know who the favorites are in there, the toilets where ok , dont think id go back sorry

Date visited: sept 2011

Review by Luisa on 24th May, 2012

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we stayed last year in one of their new caravans had fab time was all clean no dog crap loved it going back this year!

Date visited: july 2011

Review by paula on 17th August, 2011

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been visiting for years, though lots of facilities, its becoming like a council estate, dog mess, loud music through the early hours, commerical vehicles by tents and caravans. office staff are friendly and helpful,

Date visited: August 2011

Review by Mrs Wilson on 4th June, 2011

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Sorry Waldergraves, not me best camping week. Booked as a party of two pitches these were booked back in Febuary,my pitch was fine, but the party with me found another family on there pitch, this was through a name mix up in reception,they were offered a pitch on the other side of the site,it took till 8pm before my friend was able to set up. On the correct pitch. Dog mess had to be cleared up first. This is a big gripe for me. It states in there info sheet dogs must be keep on lead and owners to clear dog mess up. "But clearly some owner felt this did not mean them". To finish on that Do Not Walk on grass unless you would like to walk in.... We did venture to the Wheatsheaf, a family club/bar, on leaveing around 10pm large groups a teen youths hanging around the barrier area/ car park. On the brighter side, beach was lovely sea views fantastic,swimming pool great for kids.

Date visited: 27 may 2011

Review by Michael on 6th April, 2011

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Visited Waldegraves for the weekend, yes there is some sort of business area as you drive into the park, however it looks beneficial to customers as there are storage units. We was greeted by very warm & friendly receptionists and as we got lost to find our caravan the cleaner drove us in a golf cadet to our caravan, very nice of him. The caravan was lovely, very warm and clean and had alot of useful essenstials, we was right near the facilities and could keep an eye on the children playing in the park area. We visited the on site restuarant and was greeted by what we believe is the general manager, the food was served within reasonable time and was a large amount - well worth the money, also it was delicious and nicely presented. We took the children into the entertainment bar and was also greeted by the entertainments team, they're great! My children loved Sammy The Seagull and persuaded me to buy the merchandises, I feel one of the female entertainers is very young and has an attitude on her shoulders as my little girl wanted to dance with her and she sort of gave her a filthy look and run into the music area, wasn't impressed. The other team were fantastic! After leaving the bar at closing time we noticed there was alot of noise around the park, there wasn't any security to reduce the volume of noise. The shop is well stocked and reasonably priced. Swimming pool is outdoor and wasn't open, however could imagine it being lovely in the summer. I'm a man who loves golf, yes I did play in the golfing range and it's great. Will we visit again? We booked on depature for another weekend in easter.

Date visited: 18th March

Review by c parker on 30th August, 2010

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had brilliant time at waldegraves and will definatly visit again, we went for the bank hol weekend with our young children and we all enjoyed ourselves , the caravan altho pricey was spotless and very tidy, 2 mins walk from everything, the kids loved the fishing lakes, parks, amusements , and swimming. the site has a very well equipped shop and reasonably priced. looking forward to our next visit

Date visited: 27/8/2010

Review by j baldwin on 27th August, 2010

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Arrived at the site after passing what appeared to be an industrial estate. The staff at reception were friendly and helpful. Our first night stay was very enjoyable apart from the rain!!!! However on the 2nd night, we had been out all day and returned to find that a huge tent had been erected about 6 foot away from ours, not a problem had the occupants been quiet but they had been to the clubhouse all night and were absolutely hammered and the language from both adults and small children was not pleasant to listen to at 1am in the morning. Surely as you have security on site they should patrol the site regularly to ensure the noise level is kept to a minimum. Camping is usually very family orientated and normally a very relaxing experience, the late night fiasco prompted us to get up and leave extra early as it spoilt our time away, we will not be visiting again.

Date visited: 25/27 Aug 2010

Review by a waldegrave review on 25th July, 2010

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waldegraves, well what can i say, i love it i read some of the other reviews and completely disagree but the only problem i have got it the silly security man who is so dam right rude, he walks around the site after closing time and tells people that they cant go to the toilet, now it might just be me but their is something wrong and all so false imprisonment, you are not allow to walk around site after the club closing with out be told to go back to your caravan or if you don't you get kick off even though you are not breaking no rules like no noise and causing trouble. now personally i feel like some one should report this to the police because it is outrageous and illegal!

Date visited: 25/07/2010

Review by j cherry on 27th April, 2010

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stayed at this site over easter but most if not all pitches were seasonal first thing we noticed were white vans and sign written transit vans everywhere there were even open back trucks and motorbikes all which are not allowed in there rules the fishing lakes have been altered and all the trees and plants have been taken out and is very bare and my husband had two small fish in four days the walk up to the beach was thick mud and there were diggers and dump trucks everywhere on the good side the food was good and the shop was well stocked most of the staff were very nice,would we go back to this site NO! very noisy well after 1am didnt like the transit vans all over the site and the lakes are not well stocked there more like a large pond and very bare!!

Date visited: april 2010

Review by alison barrans on 19th August, 2009

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what a waste of money! we arrived thinking there was a lovely beach, there wasn't! that there was a strict no noise policy after 11pm, there wasn't! that there would be loads to do, there wasn't! that the pool would be warm, it wasn't! that there would be no fighting, there was! that the dogs on site wouldn't crap everywhere, they did! i will never ever come this place again! high expectations were soon lost amid noise and boredom!!

Date visited: 14/08/2009

Review by Theresa Searle on 11th August, 2009

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Was quite impressed on arrival, lovely clean camp, friendly and helpful staff, quite reasonable prices, my only gripe about pricing is we pitched on the lake field without electric hook-up, but had to pay same price as electric hook-up, should have been a bit cheaper. Will visit again as we met lovely people on the lake field & plan to meet up again.

Date visited: 31st July 2009

Review by Karen Jones on 22nd June, 2009

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On arriving at site was disappointed that there was a lot of hidden extras, ie Extra money for pup tent, additional child, additional car just to name a few. Pitch sizes were a good size with water on ever pitch. Hedges trimed. Entertainment staff were good working very hard to cater for the children and adults, bar staff very friendly and efficient. Lovely outside swimming pool, slighly chilly, but was assured by the life guards it was heated. (Life guards on duty at all times) My main disapointment was the shower blocks which were closed most of Sunday.

Date visited: 19th June 2009

Review by Caroline on 1st June, 2009

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Our first impression was not a good one, it looked to us as if we had arrived at a 'travellers site'. We soon changed our minds once we realised a lot of the pitches are occupied by people who obviously site their touring vans for the season: swinging garden seats, loads of kids toys, full size trampolines, lawn mowers to name just a few 'home' comforts. The site is well laid out and is right on the beach. Some of the fishing lakes are in the process of redevelopement. The site is generally clean and the toilets and showers spotless. The only gripe was that on 2 of the days we were there only some of the showers were working. The shop is reasonably well stocked and not too expensive. It would have been nice if all the staff understood English. It seems a little unfair all the extras they charge for ie: awnings etc. Most of the rules aren't obeyed either. No open fires and No commercial vehicles in particular.

Date visited: May 2009

Review by Martin on 29th August, 2008

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Just got back from a nice break....We stay on the park every year and have enjoyed all of our visits in the past 10 years.Great site,very clean in general,electric and water on nearly every pitch, not too comercialized either...hope it dosnt go that way as it would ruin the site....plenty of room for your tent or caravan....quite strict on rules which is noise after 11pm...quite expensive...but they have invested quite alot improving the site, ok the shop isnt cheap but its not too expensive..the swimming pool is also nice with lifeguards.. The bad points : Anything extra they charge you for....pup tents,gazebos,awnings,cars,dogs,extra people etc....luckily we dont have anything extra....when pricing your holiday dont forget to allow for these as it can work out very expensive...shouldnt charge you for these as long as you stay within your pitch (pup tents and gazebos etc)...'in my opinion'and many others....was talking to quite a few people who wont be returing for that reason as it can cost between 35 - 45 pounds per night.We really like the place and will definately be returning this or next year...staff are really friendly and so are the majority of the people staying there...shame about the pricing structure...please feel free to contact me with any questions you may

Date visited: 27th August

Review by Jo on 22nd August, 2008

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Great site, shame about the attitude of the site owner and some of his staff. Very expensive as there is an extra charge for everything....even if someone visits you for a couple of hours they need to pay for a day pass!! Extra charge for Pup Tents even though they are on your pitch (that you have already paid for). Extra charge per dog, awning, extra car, name it there is an extra charge for it!! I agree with another 2p machines here, only 10p, 50p etc. I am renaming the site Greedygraves lol.

Date visited: 29th June 2008

Review by pete abbott on 22nd June, 2008

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This was the maiden voyage of my newly restored camper and took the three grandchildren. Very nice clean site and we had a very enjoyable stay. BUT it is a bit pricey. I built my van to be self sufficient, no hookups needed but the price included electric hookup. There are loads of vacant hedgerows without services and the choice would have been a bonus. Also most other sites we have stayed at the games arcade has 2p. machines and not only 10p 50p or pound......also very expensive for kids. Still a very good site and will definitely return, thankyou

Date visited: 20-06-08

Review by Joanne on 13th May, 2008

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Me and my family have been using Waldergraves for many years and have mostly enjoyed our stay there. However, I do agree with the lady in another review, to say that this park is by far the dearest I have stayed on. A year or two ago we stopped using Waldergraves and pitched on Seaview just along the road because Seaview was a third of the cost of Waldergraves. Unfortunately bit by bit Seaview have put their prices up and as they do not have the facilities that Waldergraves do it wasn't as much fun for the children. Nonetheless, we are back using Waldergraves now and still enjoy our time there. Lovely clean park, the staff are always working hard although I do think it is a ridiculous time to close the toilets at 8.00am for cleaning!! Just as most campers are getting up!! Still, we will continue to use this camp, even if it is for only one or two weekends a year. If they were to lower their prices to a reasonable amount we would probably go every weekend in the summer months.

Date visited: Various

Review by elizabeth knight on 29th November, 2007

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The granary restaurant at this park which also opens to the public, you don't have to be staying on site, has just hired a new chef. I went in for a meal on the friday evening, wow, it's lovely home cooked, well presented delicious food. Good portions, reasonably priced, i'd advise anyone to give it a try for a meal out, delicious, good menu choice for kids as well as adults!! Compliments to the chef and I hear that many people are now talking about it so the food must be consistently good!!

Date visited: 021107

Review by Isaac Joseph on 26th September, 2007

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I have to say that I cannot agree that this is a good site. We took a tent and stayed for two nights. There are MANY hidden costs, including for pop-tent, awning, pets, cars, additional guests and what do you get in return? Glass banks being emptied early in the mornings (before 0630), very dirty wash areas, very poor water pressure and the staff in the cafeteria actually got tomato sauce muddled with strawberry sauce on a cheescake. It is a terible site, and I for one won't be back. When it was checking out time, and we actually wanted to complain, there was no site manager, and he couldn't be contacted either.

Date visited: 28 August

Review by Carolyn Hammond on 18th September, 2007

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We viseted waldegraves as a family over the weekend and had a fab time. our pitch was close to the fishing lakes, great for the boys who used them for most of the weekend! there was entertainment in the clubhouse on friday and saturday night and on sunday there was a mini rally on the site, lovely to do something different on the weekend! the swimming pool was also open, nice and warm. all the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful and the whole site was clean and tidy. really nice place, will be back!!

Date visited: 14/09/07

Review by mr hooper on 18th September, 2007

Add your review
what can I say, just enjoyed a glorious weekend at Waldegraves, the staff from reception through to the cleaners could not have been more helpful. We hired a luxury holiday home, on our arrival it was very clean, and well equipped.As it was my wifes birthday I had asked reception to arrange for some flowers and champagne to be waiting, what a lovely floral display greeted us and chilled champagne, my wife was delighted. I would definately recommend a break here the facilities, staff and amenities are outstanding

Date visited: 14/15/16sept

Review by Sam Knowles on 8th July, 2007

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We have read the reviews posted and can only imagine that we went to a different site. We paid £31 a night (the most expensive in 9 years of caravanning) and were put next to several hobby vans being towed by commercial vehicles (clearly stated as NOT ALLOWED in the rules!. The dog waste bins were not emptied all weekend, the chemical disposal point was disgusting and the waste water point was non existent. There were open sewers near the toilet block and the stench was foul. Bins were full to overflow and the items that had landed on the floor were too vulgar to mention but let me just say nappies and their contents!! Site shop was well stocked and well over priced. A bottle of R Whites lemonade was £2!!. We wrote and complained and were fobbed off with the usual run of the mill letter saying they would address the issues. Good luck if you dare to venture there.

Date visited: 25th May 2007

Review by Tracy on 3rd June, 2007

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Having never experienced camping life I was a little unsure of what to expect. Well I take back all those bad thoughts and would recommend it to anyone. The place was fabulous, clean tidy and well laid out. The facilities were brilliant and catered for everyone. Staff were friendly and available to answer any questions you may have. The camp shop had everything you needed. There are plenty of nice walks along the beach and the locals were friendly too. It was that good that we booked to stay an extra night and have planned to go back for another long weekend at the end of June.

Date visited: May 2007

Review by P Williams on 30th May, 2006

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I have to say that the site itself is exceedingly well set out and maintained to an exceptionally high standard. The newly redesigned and relicensed bar is superb. The staff are a credit to the site and are always ready to help. OK thats the good part. Now the bad. Our children come with us to the family bar. With the grounds outside safe and secure we are reasonably happy for them to play outside. This action has pointed out a rather alarming policy which the landlord (Mr Lord junior) has introduced. No longer is it possible to obtain glasses of free, fresh tap water at the bar. For a thirsty, hot and possibly dehydrating adult this could be bad but for a child it could be worse. The fact that there are no public use fresh water taps or fountains, as far as we are aware, makes the problem more acute. "Use the toilet taps"? maybe we could if they hadnt been replaced with fixed pre heated ones. This policy it seems is only relaxed when a visitor requests water from the bar to take medication. Mr Lords instructions - give them only enough water to take the tablet and no more. The young Mr Lord needs to take a closer look at how his father ran the site. A closer respect and treatment of the visitors is vastly more important than the raking in of every possible penny.

Date visited: various

Review by michelle on 5th September, 2005

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What can i say!! What a lovely place. Clean and tidy...Friendly staff and lots of facilities to keep old and young amused. There is an outdoor heated swimming pool, only downside to that they have a rota when its school holidays so you have to book up your session but that is ok. Beach is nice and within a stones throw from the campsite. Caravans and Tents were mixed in together which was nice and the pitches were big enough to fit a detached house on!! (well maybe not that big) The shower block and toilets were clean and there was plenty of toilet paper, didnt use mine once. The shop was well stocked and the entertainment sounded good although we didnt go to see it we heard it so if you are early to bed, take your earplugs.. I will go back definately!!

Date visited: 2nd Sept 2005

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