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Somerset Reports

County Review by jayne on May 27th, 2007
i think sommerset is fantastic place with so much to see and do from exmoor to portlock to butlins with fantastic golf and great shops and fancy restaraunts

Ashcott, Somerset

Review of Ashcott by Stewart on June 18th, 2009
A new landlord just give him a couple of weeks to settle in, and it will be on a par with any local pub for food and drink. Previously kept the THE BARN at Nailsea where beer and company was always first class

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Brean, Somerset

Review of Brean by Tina Paisnel on May 15th, 2010
Went to what they called a market today Saturday 15th May, was shocked to see how many stalls were there according to website it is supposed to be a large market we were there approx 15 minutes about 15 stalls.We are going to bootsale tomorrow which according should have about 50 we will see

Review of Brean by kerry frowen on April 13th, 2009
we have had many happy camping short stays at northern farm, "with the dog", and have no complints at all. the fields are great, the people who run the place are fab, fields are well kept and maintained. showers are 50p and well worth the money. washing up facilities are also good. personally i have not been the the local pub entertaiment "the seagull" but daughter and her b/friend have and througly enjoyed themselves.

Review of Brean by Zabrina Einfelds on July 16th, 2006
My fiance and I stayed in Brean September 2005. We stayed at Northern Farm camping. We both had a fantastic time and even our labrador who was only a puppy at the time enjoyed herself lots. We couldn't get over how friendly pubs were with dogs, The Ocean Bar was fantastic, served lovely food, always had entertainment and the staff were amazingly friendly. Brean is a place for couples or for families of any ages, go, and have a great time.

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Compton Martin, Somerset

Review of Compton Martin by John Day on February 3rd, 2008
Lovely village. But what's happened to the Ring o' Bells food. Four of us had roasts today and the quality, particularly of the roast beef, was abysmal. Totally tasteless. I think I'll give it a while before going back. The restaurant was nearly empty and understandably so. What a pity!

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Dulverton, Somerset

Review of Dulverton by susan roberts on April 4th, 2007
Dulverton village is a beautiful unspoilt part of rural england. The deli and local shops are full of treasures, it's just a wonderful, magical place to relax and unwind and should you fancy hauling yourself up hill and down dale, something we regularly do, much to the alarm of a teenage son,thats available too. Nothing beats the magic of catching a stag unawares as the mist is leaving the moor in the early morning. But,Should you miss that rare spectacle then you can console yourself with a fantastically tasty meal at woods restaurant and when your waistband complains you can tell yourself its water retention and have another coffee. Be warned,if you visit Dulverton the once its in your heart forever.

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East Brent, Somerset

Review of East Brent by harding on April 7th, 2009

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Fitzhead, Somerset

Review of Fitzhead by frank barker on May 9th, 2008
nice village,dreadfull pub,with awfull food,and very unwellcoming atmostphere.

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Glastonbury, Somerset

Review of Glastonbury by Jim Channing on July 18th, 2007
I had been a regular visitor to Glastonbury for around 37 years, and now live in Street. That's about a mile and a half from Glastonbury. Glastonbury is a tremendous place to visit, but should NOT be taken too seriously! My views are not popular. Glastonbury without a doubt attracts many seriously disturbed and injured people. From a reliable source ie social workers etc, I have been told that when inmates of mental care units are due to be 'released' and allowed back onto the streets, they are often advised to relocate into there, they will 'fit in' better, and will be more accepted than most other places. So, in other words, we have many 'odd' people walikg about, on the dole etc, and generally acting in often pretty odd ways. I do not just mean the large amount of tramps, travellers, drunks etc. The real problem with this lovely 'acceptance' thing, is that many so called 'normal' people begin to get so used to a significant percentage of seriously mentally damaged / disturbed people as OK.....When, they are not OK, and even show signs of acting similarly to them! Then of course, we have the countless clairvoyants, healers etc. Do I believe in clairvoyance, healers etc.....Absolutely I do.....but NOT particularly in Glastonbury. If you wish to put my views to the test, go on then, but you'd better get ready to waste some serious money! The Glastonbury clairvoyants are virtually never right about anything...ever, however, they may succeed in making you feel that they were right. The healers virtually never cure anybody of anything of anything ever, however, they may succeed in making you feel that the 'cure' will work later. The 'aura' photography is simly a colorful, expensive meaningless waste of time. Also, Glastonbury has a massive feminist side to it. If you're not a lesbian, you should be. Don't believe me ? Go there and find out for yourself then. Confident men there are not popular, or sometimes even safe! there's a very real anti male contingent there. About a year ago, I cautiously picked up a young male hitch hiker on his way out of Glastonbury. I said, "I'm going to Street, any good", "yes, anywhere thanks". We drove off in silence. He looks a bit Glastonburied, I thought. "You OK", I cheerfully asked. "NO", he replied. "No ?, Why, what's up", I said...Long pause, "Why would those women want to hurt a young man like me", he said. My first thought was, oh no, not another nutter please! So, cautiously, I said, "what do you mean?", then it clicked...."Do you mean the Goddess lot", I said. "Yes", he replied. "Oh God , I thought, here we go. So, I said, "look, they can't actually hurt you or curse you or anything like that, they can only frighten you". "OH THEY CAN", he replied firmly. And so on and so on. These view of mine are nothing much, I'm not a revengful or spiteful Christian or Catholic or something, not a competing mystic.....nothing, just a bloke that sees this place for what it is..... It's a good enough and fun visit, but be careful, it's not what it seems !

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Goathurst, Somerset

Review of Goathurst by Lizzie on August 13th, 2009
Goathurst is a very pretty little village set in the foothills of the Quantocks, right in the heart of Somerset. It is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are many lovely walks from here and interesting places to see, including Halswell House and it's folly the Temple of Harmony. St Edwards Church (CofE) is in the centre of the village and contains the family tomb of Nicholas Halswell Tynte who commissioned the building of Halswell House. In Goathurst there is a little hamlet called Huntstile with Huntstile Organic Farm which is a lovely B&B with it's own stone circle at the top of a hill. There are also several delightful self-catering properties at the farm and also just along the road at Sherwood. The views from this area are open and panoramic - defintely worth a visit.

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Ilchester, Somerset

Review of Ilchester by John on February 23rd, 2006
Ilchester is a sleepy little Somerset village about 4 miles out of Yeovil and is host to 2 pubs and 2 hotels. Of the pubs my personal favourite is The Dolphin, and of the hotels The Ilchester Arms is a very pleasant watering hole too, the Arms having the advantage of being open all day. Ilchester is quite a useful base for visiting South Somerset but has its own unique history too, having been quite an important Roman garrison town. A popular local attraction is The Fleet Air Arm Museum just up the road at RNAS Yeovilton

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Minehead, Somerset

Review of Minehead by Rachel Scott on May 12th, 2013
Been to minehead for a 6 day "holiday". Not much of a holiday at all! Shopping was ok, bit old fashioned. If your aged between 18 and 30 avoid this place unless you have kids. Otherwise you have to drive anywhere interesting. Most good places are closed on the weekends and the locals who own these places look down on you and treat you like an outsider. Overall, if you come here, you feel alienated and disappointed.

What is your view of Minehead? Please give us your feedback

Montacute, Somerset

Review of Montacute by Penelope Crawford on June 16th, 2008
I visited Montacute on the way home from Cornwall to East Sussex recently and hope very much to call in again some day. Meanwhile though, can you please let me know whether the Parrot tapestry has been charted and is it possible to buy a kit or the chart, as I would very much like to be able to sew it myself. It is Victorian and affectionately known as 'Polly' by the curators there.

What is your view of Montacute? Please give us your feedback

Nether Stowey, Somerset

Review of Nether Stowey by Reg Youd on October 26th, 2006
A smashing village with some of the best people i have ever met.I was employed at the power station for a few years and eventually settled at the Rose & Crown pub,originally owned by Malcom & Gill but run superbly by Sarah along with Grace,Leonnie,Kev & co.Now owned by Sarah & Kev and still run by all the old crowd.This pub has all you could wish for,decent beer good accomodation and superb food cooked by either Molly or Sarah,with portions to suit the heartiest of appetites.The pub also contains two of the best dogs you could hope to fuss.All in all a fantastic village/area to visit for a few days or like me a few years!!!!!!

What is your view of Nether Stowey? Please give us your feedback

Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Review of Shepton Mallet by Fran Wulf on September 28th, 2006
I have lived in Shepton now for 4 years. I have also lived in a beautiful town, Lucerne, in Switzerland, for 10 years. I can't think of two more extreme experiences and yet they both provide me with something that I love in a place. Character, beautiful architecture, and lovely people. Unfortunately, Shepton has been neglected from a 'business' point of view. The town has sadly been deprived of proper funding and attention from the powers that be, and it is not at present a place that people are proud to be a part of or associated to. I have a business here and am needing to be involved in a lot of background work to lift the negative and depressed state of affairs. Thank goodness the tides are now turning and we welcome the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts who are giving new life to The Amulet. This, linked with Shepton 21 project, should start to turn things around, sooner rather than later if I can help it! I want to see Shepton growing more towards what I experienced in Lucerne, where people take a real pride in their town and show appreciation for the beauty that is there.

What is your view of Shepton Mallet? Please give us your feedback

Somerton, Somerset

Review of Somerton by elias on February 21st, 2006
a nice little town in great countryside and perfect for visiting glastonbury,wells etc etc

What is your view of Somerton? Please give us your feedback

Stoke St Michael, Somerset

Review of Stoke St Michael by karen gibbs on November 13th, 2006
great school

What is your view of Stoke St Michael? Please give us your feedback

Taunton, Somerset

Review of Taunton by D Brock on June 1st, 2013
Disappointing. No signage in the shopping area to help visitors. Tourist Information office not evident. Some shops very run down. Last, the return Park and Ride shelter had been taken over by the taxi drivers from the nearby taxi rank so we were not able to use the shelter. Probably won't return even though this is our county town. Exeter and Bath knock spots off Taunton.

Review of Taunton by Topaz Summerfield on December 2nd, 2007
Blorenge House was clearly overpriced. The 2007 Tourist Information pamphlet stated 39pppn for a single standard, the internet site stated 44, but when I phoned to confirm same I was informed it would be 48, and this WITHOUT ensuite and WITHOUT the use of the heated pool, it having become winter. Shouldn't hotels without outdoor leisure facilities REDUCE their rates after 30 September?? The toilet room had not been cleaned or vacuumed (don't ask me how I know!); the beds had noisy, lumpy springs in them, the duvet cover and curtains did not match, facilities were very basic. It was tacky. Breakfast was VERY basic. I believe that 48 was a complete rip-off, given that the pool could not be used (reduced facilities), and that bathroom facilities were shared. Despite its convenient location, I would caution prospective guests to look around for a better deal.

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Review of Taunton by Fenton on April 23rd, 2007
Taunton is a lovelly town ,but the road system is terrible and the local television news programmes seem to miss the town all together. I even tried out the bus system which I found expensive and only having the park and ride at one side of the town was not very good as all the hotels seem to be the other side??

What is your view of Taunton? Please give us your feedback

Wells, Somerset

Review of Wells by nick on February 2nd, 2006
we stopped briefly in wells whilst on a tour of the area and wished very much that we had had more time to expore. The cathedral alone deserves a day and there a couple of nice traditional hotels in the centre

What is your view of Wells? Please give us your feedback

Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

Review of Weston-Super-Mare by Cheesed Off Resident on April 3rd, 2009
I have lived on the outskirts of Weston Super Mare for 17 years and (given the current financial climate) if I could afford to move, I would. Weston has been slowly becoming more and more shabby. The main contributor to this is it's litter problem People just don't car about their surroundings and because the local council think it's more important to have irrelevant and useless features like the "carrot" rahter than to make an effort to keep the town clean, people think that because the place is already strewn with litter, a little bit more won't matter. In addition, many people here are rude and thoughtless and lead very selfish lives. There is a distinct lack of community spirit in the town.

What is your view of Weston-Super-Mare? Please give us your feedback

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Review of Weston-super-Mare by S. HALE on March 4th, 2008

What is your view of Weston-super-Mare? Please give us your feedback

Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Review of Wiveliscombe by Sharon on June 18th, 2009
Wiveliscombe is an ancient Market town positioned in the County of Somerset in the West Country, and is home to just over two and a half thousand people. It has an interesting history which dates far back in time and saw Saxons farm here, and the Iron Age settlers who built a Hill Fort, together with the Romans who encamped nearby; it was first granted its Market charter in 1285 by Edward I, and the colourful market continues today. The town prospered and grew over the years with cloth making, and agriculture playing a major role during the 17th and 18th Centuries. The town draws walkers in abundance with the West Deane Way journeying through it, and, as it is placed at the foot of the beautiful Brendon Hills and the gateway to the stunning Exmoor National Park it is hard to resist. Although with the really good choice of shops on offer there is always the option to stroll along the High street where the impressive Victorian architecture remains in abundance and Church Street where the remains of the archway entrance to the 15th Century Bishop's Palace which once stood here can also be found. There are comfortable places to stay, and a variety of pubs stocking tempting beers from the two breweries within the town.

What is your view of Wiveliscombe? Please give us your feedback

Yeovil, Somerset

Review of Yeovil by M Farmer on March 23rd, 2007
I am a resident of Yeovil who uses a specialist contractor to carry some weed control works for me. The other day when I bumped in to him in town (as he is also a resident and based in Yeovil), and asked him how business was going, I was shocked to hear that the South Somerset District Council had decided to remove their funding from the County in preference of carrying out the works themselves. I can only imagine that this decision is something to do with the recent debat about Somerset becoming a unitary authority. It however seems like madness that politics should dicate over matters such as service. This firm Complete Weed Control who I believe are carrying out the weed control works across all the other districts of Somerset in a different franchise area are using the latest equipment that actually spots the weeds by computer and sprays them. My question is, if it is all about local service then why is it that South Somerset are busy removing business from a local business, also he tells me that the district plan to walk the streets spraying the weeds. Is this surely not an out dated labour intensive, expensive method. I also do hope its not the same people used that spray around the things in the grass verges and along the edges as the workmanship is a disgrace. M. Farmer

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